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Not receiving email from yahoo group

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Not receiving email from yahoo group theflyer 5/23/09 9:03 AM

I'm manage a number of yahoogroups and in one case this week, we added two gmail addresses to this group but messages are not being received.  From the Yahoo Group, I can send a direct message using the "send message" option and both gmail addresses will receive this message.  But, regardless of what email address is used to send a generic message to the list serv, these two new addresses are not receiving the email.  It is working fine for other gmail addresses in the yahoogroup.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  This one is perplexing me.  
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group smoothracy 5/23/09 12:36 PM
I am having a similar problem with groups mail.
I send using Outlook express.  It goes to the group, but it then my post doesn't come back to me. I have changed my email address on my yahoo groups accounts to the gmail account, used to use earthlink, and now I don't receive my own messages.  I get other member's messages/posts from the groups, though my gmail account on the web and Outlook, but not my own.

Is this a yahoo groups problem? Or is it Outlook/gmail?
I really need help with this, because I hate signing on to Groups to check for my own posts!

Thanks in advance!
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group soberlady52 7/7/09 12:26 PM
I am having the same problem of not getting my posts from yahoo groups. I get all the other posts to the group except mine. I read my gmail on the web. I have to check my sent acct. or go to the group website to see whether or not it has posted. VERY frustrating. Also frustrating that I am going in circles in the gmail help section.
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group CSniffen 7/7/09 2:41 PM
Well, ditto. Apparently this is a wide-spread problem, and it is not limited to Yahoo Groups. The same thing happens to me with other email lists using other list software. I think Gmail is actually filtering self-addressed messages where you are also the sender. They describe filtering these messages as part of their anti-spam strategy, but the missing messages are not landing in my SPAM folder at all.
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group kath42463 7/29/09 8:09 AM
I've been having this same problem for over a week now, this does appear to be gmail blocking self addressed mail. It doenst allow you to send mail to your own email, now it is apparently blocking group email the same way, this isnt gonna work Gmail...
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group kath42463 7/29/09 8:19 AM
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group go girl ready 10/16/09 9:49 AM
I'm having the same problem the previous posters have mentioned.  I send a message from my Gmail account to my Yahoo Group, (of which, of course, I am a member), but I never get that message delivered to my Gmail address.  THIS IS SO MADDENING!  Does anyone know how to get some help from Gmail to fix this???
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group kath424 10/16/09 10:36 AM
They put it in all mail for us, micro-managing our mail. Tis not cool, if I wanted my mail archived I would do it myself with a filter. IT is important we get group mail to know it went through, especially in moderated groups. I have not found a way to turn this off yet, I hope Google mail knocks it off soon. They have no right to decide what mail I get and what i dont
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group klin905 10/31/09 5:25 PM
I just started using gmail account two weeks ago, didn't notice this problem until a few nights ago, but somehow this "issue" went away by itself two nights ago after I had to reboot the laptop, then the "issue" returned again last night, and no amount of reboot has helped.
At least I now know why and it has nothing to do with YahooGroup or my Outlook mail client............
I suppose I should be "glad" that there is now an explanation as posted by kath42463, but what a pain!
But I sure don't understand why how this issue appears to be resolved two nights ago then returned on its' own????????
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group smoothracy 11/1/09 7:30 AM
The trick I have been doing to resolve this is, whenever I post a message to my groups, I include my email as a recipient.  Then I am guaranteed a copy of my post. I still don't know why Google does this, but think it is some kind of filter?  Sending a copy to myself is working great.  :o)
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group klin905 11/1/09 7:36 AM
Excellent trick, it worked!  But what a pain though........, I surmise that over the hundreds of thousands of gmail users means that Google can probably save a meaningful amount of server disk storage space by auto-archiving these "to self" email postings to user-groups.
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group kath424 11/1/09 8:01 AM
It works!, but, remembering to add yourself to every group reply is more annoying than not getting a message though. I am shocked that google is more and more deciding what we want to do with our mail and forcing it upon us.
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group kath424 11/1/09 8:02 AM
But this does not fix the problem. The reason I want the message sent by the group (not myself) is so I know it went through properly. Sending a copy to me, doesnt tell me that.
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group smoothracy 11/1/09 8:20 AM
Yes, your inconveniences were also experienced by myself.. so, I now use another email address for my groups. I have both emails synchronized in Outlook, so I get them all at the same time.  Only glitch there, is on new posts, using the correct email to SEND, since Yahoo kicks out the address that is not the default listed email account.  I caught on quickly and now keep this from happening.  It's not all 100% automatic, but it's close enough.

Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group SlyChuck 11/9/09 6:43 AM
I just noticed in the Filter section that you have the choice "Never sent to SPAM"  

I just created a filter with a key word of the subject line of my yahoo group. 
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group kath424 11/9/09 6:49 AM
Yeah its not going to SPAM folder its going to "all mail". And there isn't a "never archive" or "never send to ALL MAIL"
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group txgeekygirl 11/29/09 8:54 AM
This is a long time problem that I feel Google is doing nothing about. Smoothracy has the only known  "smooth" working solution-that is using a different email to post with. I also use Outlook and happen to use a popmail address that is from my daughter's website in order to post and see my post come back. Even if you use gMail- you still have an email address assigned to you by your server (as in
In Outlook there is an option that when you reply to a list post-you can have it automatically use the account/address to which it was sent.It doesn't matter if GMail is your default account in your settings. I have not really explored this option in OE.
The solution would be to have Google let you opt in to having your own address pass through by creating a rule for that. It should be a blanket/wildcard rule  as in any mail from ** be  sent on to your inbox,regardless of the sender.
This is obviously an easy fix. for as savvy as Google has been-I don't know why they cannot institute this as a feature
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group smoothracy 11/29/09 10:20 AM
Yes, using a different email is working great for me. I just have to remember on my initial post, to use the email assigned to those groups.  I also use Outlook Express 6, and it automatically uses the assigned email in my responses to the groups. 

I get several email addresses through my Outlook program (by synchronizing accounts).  I use the message rules to send the over-abundant mail accounts (such as groups) to special folders that I set up within Outlook, then I can view those separate from my personal emails.

One other problem I am noticing on top of all of this is, when I check the box in my account options for Outlook to delete mail from the server when deleted in Outlook, it doesn't delete on the server... so I have huge amounts of read and deleted mail still on Google.

I really don't want to have to use different email (again) as I DO like google, I just don't like all of the "adjustments" I have to do to make it work for ME.
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group Anthony Smith 12/22/09 1:30 AM
I think this is a bug, which Google have been doing nothing about for ages... It seems to happen because messages are indexed on the Message-ID, which stays the same when it goes through a mailing list, so Gmail treats it as being the same message and discards it. Probably they'd need to completely change the way Gmail works to fix the bug (so the help pages pretend it's a feature...)
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group boskovuk 2/24/10 10:28 PM
This should be fixed.
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group kath424 2/25/10 5:07 AM
It's not fixed. I still do not recieve my replies in 15+ yahoogroups I am in.
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group Anthony Smith 2/26/10 1:15 AM
I've noticed my posts to a Yahoo! group now appear in my Gmail as soon as I send them. But looking at the message header, the message hasn't been to Yahoo and back, so there's no confirmation that the message has actually been delivered to the list (rather than being held up for moderation, rejected, etc).
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group jjstoecker 6/28/10 2:16 PM
I have the same problem.

Does anyone at Gmail ever read any of these postings?  Has anyone ever seen an official resonse here?  Pardon the newbie questions -- just wondering if this is all a waste of time.

Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group txgeekygirl 6/28/10 3:10 PM
apparently not because people have been asking the same type questions concerning gmail and yahoogroups for ages and they never respond as well as they  never fix it.
My solution is that I have a different email to receive mail from  groups and set that account up in my mailbox. but I send from outlook using my gmail as my default.
this is the only solution that seems to work.
If you send something from gmail to yahoogroups from a gmail address it will pass back through the gnmail server and the logic is"you already have a copy in your sent" box why do you need another in your inbox? I guess there is no recognition by Google of how your missing comments can screw up a running thread/discussion.
 ITs a waste of time to try to get google to fix this. Just try the workaround I and others have found (like your server based email for the other one  whatever.
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group nilshoke 8/19/10 12:40 PM
I have exactly the same problem. Sometimes they do come back, but then the silence returns. I need to use gmail for both sending and receiving so I have not alternative address available to use. This is extremely frustration and Google's lack of willingness to address the problem is appalling and totally unacceptable.
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group Dennis07 8/29/10 9:51 AM
Another workaround is to change from POP3 to IMAP.  That gives you client-side access to the Gmail directory hierarchy, including the All Mail directory.  From there you can move your Yahoo group postings to wherever you like.  But I certainly agree that this very annoying "feature" should be made optional and turned off by default, if not eliminated altogether.
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group tartan465 8/29/10 11:38 AM
Dennis,  Thanks for your reply.

I would like to make this work with POP3 as I am familiar with it. Also, I can essentially do what you suggest by signing in to my Google gmail account and accessing the all mail folder there. That sort of defeats the purpose of having gmail download to my mail client where I have filters to direct the incoming mail to special folders. I see no logical reason why other mail is downloaded, even messages sent to myself or posted to g mail lists and posts made by others to yahoo lists, but not my own posts.

Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group txgeekygirl 8/29/10 5:52 PM
Please read my previous reply.
Nothing has changed.
To those who say they do not have any alt addie- you do. Who do you get your Net from? They give you at least one email address-for example I get my service from TW RR so I have an addie that is .
That is the address you should send from and receive in your email client for yahoogroups .
When setting up your mail, for that account-properties-first tab make sure you ahve it reply from the address it was sent to.
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group tartan465 8/30/10 5:50 AM

I do now, but the service I shall be using provides only Net access, no email service, so I have to use gmail for both sending and receiving. And I need to use gmail to receive mail in Thunderbird, my mail application.
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group Dennis07 8/30/10 7:35 AM
I agree.  Using an alternate address is a kludge.  IMAP is a more elegant solution.  IMAP is like POP3 but more powerful If you aren't familiar with it, you should read about it and at least consider it.
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group Jezebelle 10/16/10 8:58 AM

I use Gmail for my primary email. When I signed up to a yahoo group recently, I added my gmail account and assigned it as my "primary" - to which the yahoo groups emails are supposed to be sent. Unfortunately, I didn't get any of the yahoo groups emails. Reading through some of the threads on this topic, I figured it may be due to the fact that gmail was rejecting them because it was "coming from me" (maybe my yahoo groups name was too close to my gmail name.

I FOUND A SOLUTION THAT WAS SUCCESSFUL (A bit of work, but it did the trick):

I also happened to have a Hotmail account (which I know will forward to Gmail automatically, if you choose the right options in Hotmail).

So, I went to Yahoo Groups, and assigned the Hotmail account as my primary address.

I then went into my hotmail and changed the way my name appears, so that it's not exactly the same as my google name:

1. Sign into Hotmail. GO TO INBOX >> Options >> More Options>> Account Details(under "Managing Your Account"

2. Select to change your "name" (NOT your Windows LIVE ID). Choose something that doesn't match your name in your Gmail.

3. Go back to Options, under "Managing Your Account" and select MAIL FORWARDING

4. Select "forward your email to the following email accounts". Then type in your GMAIL address and click "done".

This worked for me. Hopefully it will work for others. Cheers.

Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group 2nilshoke 10/27/10 1:10 PM
Jezebelle, thanks for your suggestion. It is essentially identical to one I saw previously on the forum, which I did not try at the time because it involved setting up another email address on another service and I already had a number on yahoo and gmail. The Yahoo free version does not support forwarding and, of course, gmail has the problem. However, as a result of you message, I decided to give it another try and set up an email address on Hotmail using your instructions. In addition I set up the Hotmail address in Firefox, my mail client so I can post from there as well as collect my posts. It took a bit of work, but it works just fine.
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group Guindian1972 11/27/10 7:38 AM
I FOUND A FIX TO THIS NONSENSE.  I switched to Yahoo Mail and I get back every message I post to group mails.  Simple.  Try it.  It will definitely work for you too.
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group Guindian1972 11/27/10 7:39 AM
Fix for the bug "Not receiving email from yahoo group."  Switch to Yahoo Mail and you will get back every message you post to group mails.  Simple.
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group easouza 12/11/10 5:45 AM
I recently decided to change ISP providers so I thought I would use my Gmail account as "primary" to remain independent of my ISP.  So I unsubscribed all my mailing lists with my old address and subscribed with my Gmail address just to find myself in the situation eloquently expounded in this thread.  I selected Gmail because I was told it was the best of the "free" accounts.  This proves that statement wrong.  I need my postings to be returned to me so I will have to use the solutions suggested of using Yahoo or my ISP. 
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group ezmjz 12/30/10 11:03 PM
Google does have a solution..

Google chooses to Archive all List messages sent from yourself...yes..

All of those emails can be viewed in your "All Mail" folder of your Gmail account.

If you want your yahoogroup emails to appear in your Inbox or to receive by POP or IMAP mail clients here is what you do:

1.)Basically you open your "All Mail" folder located in the left hand column of Gmail somewhere under the "Compose" button (it might be under the More arrow)
2.)Then you tick the box next to the emails you want to receive and then click the button Move to Inbox.
After that all your yahoogroup posts should go to your Inbox, and your email client should be able to retrieve them.
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group 2nilshoke 1/1/11 6:05 AM

Thanks for your reply. However, I am confused about one thing. While I understand that moving the selected mail from the All Mail folder to the In box will result in those messages being downloaded to my mail client, how does this affect all mail being moved that I wish to download? In this case, it is the posts that I make to a yahoo mail list that I wish to see in my mail client and I would like that to happen automatically. With your solution, would I not have to go to gmail and move the desired messages each time?
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group jlsoaz 2/7/11 9:38 AM


When I move the messages from "Everything Else" in the archive to my inbox I am still unable to download them to my pop3 client.  They seem to be in my "priority inbox" under everything else.

This filter problem in google is really outrageous, has evidently persisted for years for many people and is evidently met by deaf ears on the part of google.  All they have to do is provide us with a simple clear OPTION to turn this off and they could stop needlessly and significantly screwing up our use of yahoo groups.
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group jlsoaz 2/7/11 7:55 PM
Ok, it seems clear enough trying to research this issue that google is simply unresponsive. 

I have created a address to use with yahoo groups and I guess for now I'll stop using gmail with yahoo groups which for me means I'll stop using it pretty much entirely.

Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group jlsoaz 2/8/11 3:31 PM

I'm not sure if (or for that matter) charge for pop3 access  If they do, this solution is a bit less attractive to some users. does not.  However, their filtering of key emails, and refusal to provide a solution on this point, make it impossible to use further, so I will stake with a non-free solution, whether it is or yahoo or some other mail provider, or one of my own domains.
Re: Not receiving email from yahoo group slothus 2/19/11 4:51 PM
18 months and nothing from Google.....Clearly they care about their users. Time to go elsewhere for me.
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