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SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous

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SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous HobbyFarming 4/21/09 4:16 PM
I have seen the discussions regarding Spam and filters and marking messages as spam over and over again, but the GMAIL Team needs to step it up and stop the spam, this is NOT a difficult thing to do.
It is getting seriously old having to deal with this considering the spam is hitting the inbox over and over 100s per day that is NOT an exaggeration and I am about ready to go back to Yahoo Mail because I now see why people get frustrated with GMAIL. And this is a NEW issue as things were never this bad until the last few weeks.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous JohnW2 4/21/09 4:33 PM
Are these messages not being labelled as Spam for you?
It is reckoned that over 95% of all traffic on the internet is Spam, so Gmail is not alone.
But from experience, Google's Spam detection is about the best there is.
Best advice I can give is "so long as it is being correctly diagnosed as Spam, then ignore it!" Sadly, you sure can't beat it.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous HobbyFarming 4/21/09 4:38 PM
No, these messages are going into my Inbox, as stated above......I have no problem with the spam folder getting all means, let that's sad that many valid emails get trapped there, but so be it.
The problem is that my INBOX is getting flooded with the SAME emails daily, and multiple emails of the same thing, every day over and over without stopping and again, clicking on them and sending them to spam does NOT do the trick this is something that has cropped up in the last 3 weeks and is pathetic. I, too, used to think Gmail's spam filter was the best, it has fallen to the bottom of my list and working in IT, I am familiar with many of these filtering systems.
This one is flooding my REAL Inbox to the point where I spend more time sifting through it DAILY, multiple times a day, having to 'Report Spam' and to me this means that GMail's filtering is working in the opposite direction because once I send it to spam......I get 100s of the same email.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous AlexisMH 4/21/09 5:19 PM
Oh, wow, I thought it was just me.  Yes, more spam has been slipping through to my inbox.  Prior to this week, GMail did a great job of catching it.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous yonyock 4/22/09 6:47 AM
G-mail was good for a long time, but recently more crap has been getting through.  In my case, until about November, there had never even been any Junk in the junk mail folder.  Now even my inbox is beginning to get spam.  My fear is that it will increase, and I'll end up changing e-mails again.

Does this happen to all web-mail providers?  After awhile their filters are overcome by hackers ?

Is anybody at G-mail paying attention?  Do they know ?
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous X_Ladytyghr_X 4/22/09 10:11 AM
This does indeed happen to all web-mail providers.  As spammers learn ways to get around the spam filters, there is a surge of spam making it into the inbox.  The techs who work on the spam filters need time to figure out how the spammers are getting around the filters and take steps to fix it.  Be patient and it should resolve itself soon.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Sarah 4/22/09 3:00 PM
Hi everyone, thanks for reporting this problem with our spam filters. We're looking into it as I type, and we'll get it corrected as soon as we can. In the meantime, please continue to mark any misclassified messages as "Spam." Not only will you get the messages out of your inbox -- you'll also be helping us to fix the problem!

Thanks for your patience,
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous BertRap 4/28/09 1:10 AM
I am experiencing the same problem.
I am used to GMail catching almost all my Spam, with at most one or two messages per day getting through to my Inbox. However, starting about a week or two ago, my Inbox is receiving ten to twenty "viagra" promotions per day (typically spelled something like "v.i'a'qra", of course), plus some Nigerian fortune scams, foreign language messages, and other obvious Spams. Is this due to a change in GMail, or are the Spam artists getting better, or am I just unlucky?
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous mode80 4/28/09 3:20 AM
I, too, am experiencing this problem. But as I do most of my emailing from my iPhone's built-in Mail client, it's common for me to Bin the Spam mail first from my iPhone and then, when I am back at a browser mark them as Spam from within the Bin. Does this still effectively mark the messages as Spam? Or does sending it to the Bin first not help the filter at all?

I did try using the iPhone-formatted Gmail page to mark the messages in my Inbox as Spam, but the 'Report As Spam' button on that page does nothing but repeatedly offer a drop-down list of actions.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous mgr1 5/2/09 11:14 AM

Can google send us some messages on progress they are making on this spam problem. Can you keep us updated?

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous rossraniere 5/2/09 11:13 PM
I have also been getting a "ridiculous" amount of Spam in recent weeks.  It isn't in the Inbox (yet), but it's really annoying to have only a few Spam emails a week, and over the last month or so, getting HUNDREDS a week.  This is absurd.  Something is obviously going on.  I signed in a couple hours after deleted a bunch, and already had SIXTEEN.  It's about two or three an hour.  What is going on?
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous rossraniere 5/2/09 11:17 PM
I even got a Spam email while writing my response!  Come ON!  This does not, and had never, happened on any other email account since my first one around 1995.  I haven't used this account to buy anything recently, or surf porn, or whatever.  The Spam is totally out of hand.  I am not using Gmail any longer for regular correspondence.  It's not worth it.  Sorry, you blew it.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Sarah 5/5/09 1:43 PM
Hi everyone, this problem should be better now. Let me know if you haven't seen any improvements.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous sara13 5/5/09 2:35 PM
Hi Sarah,
It was horrible about an hour ago and then seemed to get better. But now they're starting to trickle back in again. Less than before but still more than usual.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous HobbyFarming 5/5/09 3:20 PM
The problem is still happening. It is a bit slower than last week, but the SPAM folder is filling up fast anyway. Still many of the messages are hitting the Inbox.
I am not concerned about the SPAM folder, if it goes there, concern is the Inbox and having to constantly filter through all the spam, but I am continuing to check each one and click on 'Report Spam'.
I am hoping for an improvement, but if it doesn't happen by the end of May 2009, then I will feel it is worth paying Yahoo for the higher email package services and just use Yahoo instead.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous rossraniere 5/6/09 9:44 AM
After a day of the Spam slightly subsiding, it's back with a vengeance.  37 Spam in less than twenty-four hours, with one to FIVE every hour.  Yup, ridiculous.  I feel like downloading porn to justify this activity, because otherwise, there is no justification.  It's just silly at this point.  I didn't see anywhere near this much Spam, seriously, any time in the last 15 years in any email account I've ever had.  This is JMail: all Junk Mail.  Or Gmail: Garbage Mail.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous HobbyFarming 5/6/09 10:16 AM
Yep, as of today it has cranked up a notch or two.
I think the real issue that Google just doesn't want to acknowledge to everyone, which makes their spam filtering even more difficult for them to control, is the fact that Gmail was built with certain 'watch features' in place so that advertisements that the system THINKS pertain to your likes, dislikes, or simply your activity, are sent to you. This is a way Google gets funding through advertisers, etc and the spam is an offshoot problem that has arisen from the way their system is built. Sadly I think this was the only way Google could afford to offer such an extravagant FREE email storage space. Of course after looking at Yahoo again, $20 a YEAR for functions that we get with GMail WITHOUT the spam junk.........seems like a bargain now......especially when and if Spam comes to the Yahoo account, rest assured it is because of something I have done, not because of the way the company has setup their system.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous pamrae 5/7/09 11:50 AM
Oh my gosh!!! I totally agree that this spam situation is ridiculous! Yesterday i had over 1500 emails in spam, Today just deleted 250 and withing 5 minutes i had 7 spam emails. Hope they fix that fast.  Hmmmmmmmm what's the deal
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous pamrae 5/7/09 12:04 PM

Does anybody know if when you unsubscribe to a spam email and insert your email address and hit reply if that is the wrong thing to do? I worked on that for about a week and now suddenly I had 1500 spam emails just over the weekend. ugh!

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Joshua 5/7/09 12:23 PM
In general you should not be unsubscribing from spam. Most spammers just ignore unsubscribe requests, and some will use it as a confirmation that someone is really reading their mail and therefore send more.

A couple other notes:

1. If spam mail is going to your spam folder, then gmail is doing everything correctly. Gmail can't prevent spammers from sending to you. It can only keep spam out of your way by properly filtering it. If it is in the spam folder, you should just try to ignore it. 

2. This question is about cases where tons of spam goes to the Inbox. That is not normal, but it will usually go away after a while as gmail adjusts its filters in response to you reporting the mail as spam.

3. @HobbyFaming: Drop the conspiracy theories. Gmail does not and has never sold access to your inbox, except through the ads you see on the right hand side. Those ads are what pay for the service.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous kmjones 5/7/09 12:55 PM
Hi Sarah,
Thanks for working on it.  I too have noticed a significant increase in spam lately.  NOTHING like some have reported here, but five or so messages leaking through the filter this week.  This is unusual because my Gmail account has NEVER had anything leak through the spam filter before. 

I hope you guys can fix this soon.  That was one of my favorite features about Gmail. 
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous jess301 5/7/09 2:42 PM
I am having this issue as well, and it seems be worse with my gmail account.  None of my other accounts are like this.  My spam folder used to be empty, and now it's filling up to 200+ per day.  I delete them every day, and it fills up again.  "Seems" to overflow into my inbox as well and I have to report those as spam daily.  Can't you just have anything going into the spam folder automatically delete? Or give us the option to choose that?  I know I should 'try to ignore it', but it's annoying as hell.  I have several different spammer email addresses filling my spam inbox and don't know any of them. 
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous HobbyFarming 5/9/09 3:13 PM
Thank you, Joshua. While we all appreciate your help, let's focus on the fact that this topic IS about spam hitting the Inbox by the 100s each day and is something very recent to which we all continue to experience. While we all continue to report the spam, the issue gains momentum rather than slowing.
Also if you really knew what you were commenting on in regards to the lame conspiracy remark you would realize that you did no more than repeat what I stated about google getting funding from the companies that advertise. Let me be more specific in how this works as I NEVER stated that google sold our info. Here is the process by which 80 percent, if not more as I'm giving a lot of leeway here, of the spam hits all of us and why google had to launch their service with such extreme filtering measures:
1. Google sells advertising service to hundreds of companies.
2. Those ads constantly run in the GMail system even if the user changes their preferences not to display them on their screen.
3. The advertising companies end up with huge contact lists due to the cookie system that collects the data to which gmail users their ads were displayed.
4. Those companies then sell off their lists to third parties, and this IS a process that google knows is happening.
Please read up on how google has built their infrastructure before making more smart *** condescending remarks towards any one of the posters here.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Joshua 5/9/09 3:26 PM
@HobbyFarming: I agree that 100s of spam to the inbox is a serious problem. But again, google has no conflict of interest here and is not responsible for the spammers sending you mail. Your point number 3 is completely false. Advertisers cannot identify your email address from advertising cookies. For one thing, advertisers never even get to send you a cookie unless you click on the ads. More importantly, cookies do not reveal your email address.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous HobbyFarming 5/9/09 3:28 PM
Again, you will need to do your research, what people want here is help in understanding whether or not Google will continue to get the SPAM out of their far your responses patronize their failed efforts and haven't helped anyone here.
The fact that I started this thread requesting help was to show Google staff that other recent help requests of this same nature, which were closed out by Google as solved, have NOT been solved.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous ed1236 5/11/09 4:39 PM
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous jshuler 5/11/09 5:14 PM
Seriously, the spam is out of control. I have never gotten as much through to my inbox as I have been in the last couple weeks. How is it that an email with the word c*nt in the subject makes it in? Would any legitimate porn site even do that? Come on, the spams I've been having to flag should have been easy to catch!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous netcubed 5/12/09 6:32 PM
I was gone for a couple of days and didn't check my gmail.  Came back and had 371 spam messages.  I deleted them all this morning.  I now have 284 in my "spam" box.  Unbelievable.  This is out of control.  Google -- please fix this problem.  
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous YoYoMan 5/13/09 7:17 AM
This is typically what's getting past my filters, even through I've set one a filter that lists every profane word known to man. I have "porno" listed in the filter, but "POR NOSP AM" gets through. Evidentally, all one must do to bypass gmail's algorithm is type a space between a word. Come on, google. Certainly you've set up an algorithm to check the validity of a message by comparison with the English dictionary. "POR" is not a word, and I may have to check on this one, but I don't think "NOSP" is either. Doesn't seem to be that complex of an issue.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous el.tortugo 5/13/09 7:44 AM
yep, i just want to check in and say I am having this problem too!

before a few weeks ago I rarely got spam in my inbox.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous HBE 5/13/09 2:17 PM
All my domain accounts are being flooded with spam as well since the last couple of weeks.
Before, my users had almost no spam at all.

Hope Google can sort it out soon since it's generating lots of questions and complaints from my users.

btw.. my domain has Postini but that makes noooo difference what so ever.. appears like Postini's filters are kinda down as well.

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous ddfar 5/13/09 3:00 PM
Definitely an uptick for me 2. "Sarah" said the problem should have been better a week ago, but unfortunately I don't see any improvement. Before about a month ago Gmail did awesome at keeping this stuff out of the inbox.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous asm 5/15/09 8:28 AM
For about the last month the spam in my spam folder has increased to about 1 every 2 minutes!  This is ridiculous!  I have had my account since the fall of 2004 and never had any spam make it to my in box.  Now I get about 10 a day that make it into the inbox.  I use this email account purely for personal use and chat.  I don't ever give the email to companies or use it to sign up on websites.  I have a hotmail account that I use to sign up on websites like amazon, stores, etc and I get maybe 1 spam a week there and it always gets caught by the junk mail folder.  I am thinking of switching over to using that as my primary account if this spam doesn't stop!  I am very particular about my inbox being up to date and my spam folder being empty so this is a HUGE annoyance to have to clear it out so often!  Is gmail doing anything to fix this because I haven't seen any improvements.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Jchang504 5/15/09 8:47 AM
They are working on the issue, and even with the recent increase in spam I only get about 2 a week. Be careful what you sign up for with your email address on the internet. And definitely don't switch back to yahoo. Would you rather get a little spam mail or have all your mail stuck in spam (yahoo) so you have to dig through it?
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous JaysonElliot 5/15/09 11:21 AM
The same problem is happening to me. I have not changed my own behavior in any way, nor have I given out my email address in any new places - yet the number of spam emails getting into my regular inbox has gone from about one every couple of months to 10-15 per day.

Clearly Gmail has some catching up to do.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Gautam3 5/15/09 11:38 AM
Yeah, the Gmail team really need to work on this
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous smoogle 5/16/09 11:07 AM
I'm having the same experience as everyone else is mentioning -- it's been going on for about a month.  It happens everyday where it goes to my inbox and it is so obviously spam that I have to wonder how it gets past the filter... in fact, I get several daily on weekdays at around 8:30A EST -- they appear to be from the same source, so marking them as spam does nothing... I wish we could have a setting we opt for to automatically classify any email not from our contacts as spam...
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous lavasaniir 5/16/09 11:35 AM
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous JaysonElliot 5/16/09 11:37 AM
Does anyone know an email service that uses conversation threads like Gmail does, and has an actual working spam filter? I think it's time to stop using Gmail until this gets fixed. I'm getting very offended by the kind of obscenities that now appear several times a day in my email.

I seriously doubt Google is paying attention to this problem, or this thread.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous I2ose2558 5/19/09 2:19 AM
I am also tired of all the spam.....seriously thinking of going back to aol...................wasn't too bad i just deleted what was in my spam, but now I get it in my inbox too including porn.....this is ridiculous anymore and I don't see anything being done since I have had this going on for over 2 months now
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous GuiBRZ 5/21/09 2:08 PM
This makes me :(. I've always loved Gmail and (admittedly) boasted to other people about all the Spam I did NOT get because I used email. And I really really mean it. ZERO spam messages used to show up on my Inbox.

Than, starting a month or so ago, little by little, more and more Spam messages started popping up in my Inbox. And these are really (I mean REALLY!) spammy emails. It's not like the senders are using some trickery to make it look like a legitimate message. Even a moron in a hurry could tell those are obvious Spam messages, so I couldn't figure out why the Gmail Spam Filters couldn't...

It's a little refreshing (albeit depressing) to see that I'm not the only one affected. I'm going to suck it up for now and trust the Gmail Team is working on it. Gmail is just too awesome to give up that easily, but I do die a little inside every morning when I load my Inbox...
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous MarkInMd 5/21/09 7:27 PM
I think the thread is getting a little off topic. The original complaint was not about too much spam in general, it was about spam making it through the filter and into the inbox. I also agree that the Gmail spam filter has been compromised. I continue to receive approx 10 porn emails a day in my inbox. I mark each one as spam but there doesn't seem to be any improvement. They all have a very similar format as well for example:

PalePier cedAm ateur Suc kin gBigBla ck

That is the subject line of the most recent one that made it past the filter. It's the modus opperandi each time - putting spaces in the middle of words. Hopefully the Gmail team will get it fixed soon.

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous kvirago 5/22/09 9:37 PM
I started getting spam in my Inbox on 5/17, beginning with ones that said I had subscribed to "Eversave", and one for "Multi-Media Streams".  The senders are pretty much nonsense words, the subject lines are as others have indicated - words that should be blocked, but with spaces or special characters inserted.  Often the text at the beginning of the message is something that appears to be totally innocuous, not related to porn in any way.
I use my address to forward my mail to gmail.  Between the two, I have never gotten spam like this.  I have reported this issue to pobox as well, since I have no way of knowing whether this spam has been directed only to my gmail address, or whether it is sent to my pobox account and getting past BOTH detectors.
I would very much appreciate a regular update from gmail (coming to my inbox) on the progress of solving this.  If this issue is affecting multiple ISPs, it would be good to get a status report on the problem in general, not just how it is affecting gmail.  This might alleviate some of the user frustration and complaints.  I would hate to see users switching from the best email product out there, over something that more than one company is struggling to solve.
I also hope that everyone reading this will either cast curses upon these spammers (rembember curses will come back on you three-fold, which should be ok, since it will only stop you from ever becoming a spammer), or else pray for their salvation from sin and evil, whichever works for you.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous ceedeej 5/23/09 4:42 PM
I too have started getting spam in my in box that seems very obvious that it is spam and should go to the spam folder.  I read gmail is working on it but it seems to be getting worse.  Is it going to get fixed or do we need to change our address?  I would like to know if this is going to be corrected.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Tony_T 5/26/09 6:48 AM
I've also been getting a lot of messages making it through the spam filter.   It is pretty easy for me to classify them as spam and mark them every day (which I do), but it is really getting annoying now.

All the spam that seems to make it thought the filter for me looks the same.  They all have subjects that say "Cash Notice", "You're Approved", or "We have x dollars for you!".  I've been getting 20-25 of these through the spam filter every day, and every day I mark all of them as spam.  I thought google's spam filters were supposed to learn from the ones you mark as spam.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous asirota 5/26/09 7:09 AM
Is there a chance that Google can implement a feature to block my inbox with a "challenge/response" mechanism that many email providers use? This can be a feature that is turned on by default -- it works kind of like this:

1. all email addresses in your contacts database are automatically put into your inbox, since Gmail can assume you are ok to receive emails from folks on your contact list

2. any email address that is not on your contacts list will get a challenge email the first time they send an email to you

3. that challenge email has to be responded by the sender successfully before the email is delivered

4. if the challenge email is not responded to within a certain time limit the email is reported as spam and put into your spam folder

The form and format of the challenge email can take multiple forms including a special key word in the subject line or even a CAPTCHA mechanism that someone has to respond.

This may be annoying to folks sending you email, but this is one way to ensure your email inbox is (almost) spotless of spam.

Read more about this technique already implemented in the open-source Tagged message delivery agent (TDMA)

Google, would you consider this as an option?

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Irony 5/27/09 12:37 PM
This is just another "me too". I'm getting almost as much spam in my Inbox as in the Spam box. Not as bad as some people here, but more than two weeks ago, when it was working almost perfectly.

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous asirota 5/27/09 12:47 PM
Just posted this blog entry this morning

It's really crazy today -- 30 spams in my inbox at least... all to my @gmail address.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous ceedeej 5/27/09 2:02 PM
Seems like we are all having the same problem with spam.  Is there anyone from Gmail out there reading any of this or are we just sending these complaints to the spam mailers?
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous jamesjaie 5/27/09 7:56 PM
I am so frustrated with the increase of spam that has been getting through to my personal Gmail inbox. I never used to get spam in my inbox, zero, but now I am getting anywhere between 10-20 spams a day which are typically lottery or inheritance scams. I mark them as spam but it seems like it's getting worse by the day. My Google Apps accounts are safe for now, but if they suffer a similar fate I will be forced to move to an alternative.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous medleyrelay 5/31/09 3:58 AM
I thought it was just me also. It just started happening yesterday. What is worse is that these trigger my cell phone and that creates text messages. I never had the problem before yesterday. I hope it gets fixed or I am done with gmail.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous sasaquatch 5/31/09 9:27 AM
i have the same problem. I haven't had to deal with this for years. every once in a while, there would be an email that i have to report as spam but this is ridiculous, it' like when i was with hotmail! i'm tired of receiving junk saying that i have been selected for some crap or that i just won 10 million pounds in

google, please do something, or you'll have a lot of people closing their accounts, including me.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous cybermaven 5/31/09 11:10 AM
I have noticed the same thing this past week. It's annoying. I mark it as Spam and really, REALLY hope that Google is analyzing what gets parsed by all of us that do that. It really is not that difficult, especially if we are all sending Google this information.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous tmobileg 5/31/09 1:12 PM
I've been marking repeat email as spam but it returns again week after week and not being identified as SPAM. It's not working once I mark as such.

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous bookermom 5/31/09 2:06 PM
It is good to see someone posting as the Google team acknowledging the problem.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Lunachicky 5/31/09 4:42 PM
The last week or so about 10 spam messages per day are getting through the spam filters and hitting my Inbox.  I get hundreds of spam per day but they used to be appropriately filtered into the spam folder, which I dump weekly.  But now they are slipping by and getting to my Inbos.

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Lunachicky 5/31/09 4:42 PM
PS - Many of the spam messages making it past the spam filter claim to be from Google offering me money for nothing.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous loopygram 5/31/09 4:58 PM
My gmail is always downloaded into my email client and as of yesterday I started to get a lot of spam in my inbox also.  I've never had this problem until now and have had gmail for a very long time.  I hope this is fixed soon as it is a pain.  Thanks  gmail
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous risuchan 5/31/09 8:36 PM
I'm having the same problem. In the past 6 months I had maybe 5 spam messages get to my inbox. Now, in the past two days, I've had 20+. Very frustrating and annoying.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous TXtriathlete2009 5/31/09 9:28 PM
Very much like the user "risuchan", traditionally not much spam reaches my Inbox.
However, in the last week spam has been getting past the infamously fantastic Gmail filters.

For those reading, two of the biggest causes of spam are:
- recently signing up for an online social network,
- responding to a "free" contest,

I haven't changed anything in the last few weeks, yet I have seen an increase in spam getting through. Odd.
As a network software admin, I know how incredibly hard spam filtering is.

If the spam is getting out of control, and if there is a pattern (like most of them have to do with being a single, or unemployed) use GMail's Settings --> Filters, and filter options in the subject line.

Thanks Gmail for all the hard work you guys do!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous judycorona 5/31/09 9:44 PM
This is another me-too. It's gotten really bad in the last few days. I LOVED gmail and didn't care that they were just filtering spam instead of blocking it. But this is horrendous--especially on my Blackberry where deleting is a pain if you don't want to get rid of "all previous". Yikes!! Help us, Google team. We love you and an update would be encouraging. I have 4 gmail acc'ts and only my personal acc't is being hit. C'mon and let us know you're working on it.

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Ken Mitchell 5/31/09 10:55 PM
Just in the past week, the amount of SPAM that gets into my inbox has skyrocketed,  Used to be that I'd get about 100 spams per day, ALL in the spam folder. The spam filter was close to 100% accurate.

 Now I'm getting 30-40 spams a day in my inbox,  Either something in the spam filter has been broken, or the spammers have figured out how to bypass the spam recognition systems.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous kjmcq.yogi 6/1/09 1:11 AM
For several years I never recd any spam, all of a sudden I am getting thousands of them that the regular filter put into the spam pucka but now they are filtering into the in box. 

This looks like an epidemic and GMAIL needs to get with it soon or I will leave.. enough is enough
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous whiskey 6/1/09 2:06 AM
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous juliebug 6/1/09 2:10 AM
Have to chime in here. This is getting intolerable. In the last five hours, I've received 58 spam mails, over half of which ended up in my inbox instead of the spam folder. I am dutifully marking them all as spam but this has been out of control for the last 3-4 days. I guard my address fairly well, and haven't signed up anywhere new of late, so I don't think I'm at fault here.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous gravi_t 6/1/09 2:15 AM
Do you guys

- have any filters set up that have the action "Never send to spam" added?
- have POP or IMAP enabled?
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous fjarlq 6/1/09 2:35 AM
This issue was recently raised on Reddit, where several people have also complained. What is going on?
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous fjarlq 6/1/09 2:37 AM
Also note the recent complaints on Twitter about Google's poor spam filtering:
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous SpiralUp 6/1/09 3:02 AM
I've never had a spam issue with Gmail until this week, and now I"m being flooded. I trust google to find a way to fix this issue --- I love my Gmail --- but SARAH, please be aware, this iss ue is NOT fixed.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Gizzy Nubalo 6/1/09 3:40 AM
@ gravi_T,

No, I do not have filters set up like that.  I have one filter, and that's not part of it.  This is happening to every Gmail account in my house, incidentally.  Nor do any of us use POP or IMAP.  And since I have been a Network Administrator for several years, it's not something I'm likely to make a mistake over.  I've made no changes to the filtering or settings on any Gmail account we use... yet all of them are being flooded with spam in the inbox. 


There are dozens of threads popping up all over the help site about this issue.  Hundreds of people experiencing it.  And not a word from Google since May 5th when they (falsely) claimed it was resolved.  It isn't resolved... people continue to complain about the same issue, repeatedly, and Google stays silent. 

This is very disappointing.  Someone is dropping the ball. 
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous amylabb 6/1/09 3:44 AM
Does this excessive SPAM in the inbox correlate to the blackberry. I just installed the gmail app on my blackberry and suddenly SPAM is not being classified as SPAM...
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous wg100 6/1/09 3:48 AM
The annoying thing is that my e-mail application on my PC (Outlook) correctly identifies the SPAM and puts it in the Junk e-mail folder. However, the messages still appear in the GMail inbox in the web client and on my PDA. Why can Microsoft be getting it right and Google get it so wrong?!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous julecat 6/1/09 4:01 AM
I'm almost afraid to put it in writing but I've had no spam in the past 3 hours..... dare I say or think the problem is fixed? time will tell... Good night all

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous dmcutaia 6/1/09 4:49 AM
I am so glad someone else is noticing this other than me.  Don't be so harsh on Google - remember gmail is FREE.  I'm sure they will figure it out.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Endeavor 6/1/09 5:04 AM
I'm happy to hear Google's working on the problem and it's not just me experiencing it.  I was afraid my email got passed around somehow.. 

The spam filtering isn't better yet, still getting them flow through as I type this..

Google should provide a status update dashboard like they do for Google Apps customers, to let us know that there is a problem for sure and let us know when it will be fixed.  Or at least do a blog post or twitter update to let us know what's going on.


Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous ZeroGravity 6/1/09 6:16 AM
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous kesler83 6/1/09 6:23 AM
"Me too"  While I've always had much spam diverted to the spam folder, I am now receiving one to two handfuls a day in my inbox as well.  Obvious spam messages, not tricky ones.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous jmhurd 6/1/09 6:24 AM
It just started for me a few days ago.  Just adding my voice, because the more the better.  I am using Windows Live Mail (the program, NOT the service) to handle POP from Gmail.  Thus far, it has sorted this junk where it belongs for me.  I encourage anyone who is up to going POP to give it a try, if only in these troubled times.  My mail has been getting POPed and Archived for over 3 years, so if I ever do need to go back and find one, it is not a problem.  WLM is not the only option out there for POP services; it is just the one I prefer coupled with Windows 7.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Lunachicky 6/1/09 6:28 AM
The other thing is that although Gmail says that items in the spam folder will be deleted after 30 days that has stopped working as well.  In fact, I looked at my spam folder just before this problem began for me, and found over 10,000 spam messages, going back to January of this year!

However this is minor compared to the 15 spam messages in 8 hours that made it to my Inbox.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous nykema 6/1/09 6:30 AM
My Inbox is also being inundated with Spam. Up until 7 days I rarely had Spam reaching my Inbox. This morning after 6 hours I had 13 Spam messages in my Inbox. 

I do use IMAP on my iPhone. 
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous belov 6/1/09 6:39 AM
I just started having this problem yesterday May 31st - where more and more spam is coming directly to my inbox. 

Hope this problem gets resolved soon -

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous nanarose 6/1/09 6:40 AM
Since about 3 days ago my inbox is getting inundated too with Spam! All I can do is select these messages and click "Report spam", but my inbox continues receiving about 50 spam messages per day. I'm sick of that!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous leftie 6/1/09 6:43 AM
I hope the Sarah person is still paying attention and if you are, please know it is not better and must be not working entirely because I've had gmail since 2004ish and until yesterday have only had to use the Report Spam button in my inbox about 6 times.  In the past 12 hours I've had to do it over a dozen times.  Something is seriously broken.  I'm not one to pipe on on forums but,

Dear Google People,

I have been a faithful GMail user and am suddenly drowning in Inbox Spam.  It is extremely disruptive to daily GLife.  Please Help.

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Union Square 6/1/09 6:44 AM
I have used Gmail for years and have never had a problem with SPAM until this week.  This morning there were 30 SPAM messages in my in-box.  This has never happened before.  I do love Google and use Gmail for all my personal and business correspondence, in large part because my business could not figure out a reliable way to filter SPAM.  I am very thankful it is free, but it seems like the spammers have finally foiled the brilliant software folks at Google.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous kshusker 6/1/09 6:46 AM
It's gotten really bad -- in the past 72 hours

I thought the whole genius of gmail's spam system was that as millions of their users marked messages as spam, an intelligent algorithm built into the gmail service would adapt and start figuring out new tactics and subjects that were spam, and adjust itself accordingly. So much for that, gmail's been pwned by spammers...really obvious stuff fancy picture spam here, just subjects that would be obvious to even the most dimwitted human that the message is spam.

The good news is that if gmail's spam detection algorithm is the best out there, we don't have to worry about Skynet coming out of google!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Swanky Leah 6/1/09 6:53 AM
I just started having this problem yesterday. I get quite a lot of spam as it is, but Gmail was great about directing it to my spam folder. This morning I opened my e-mail and about 10 messages had slipped into my inbox.

I hope the Google team resolves this issue soon!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous WOWeee 6/1/09 6:56 AM
WOWeee this is getting terrible. Woke up to an inbox FULL of spam. Spent quite a while marking them. I used to get 2 or 3 in a week. This needs to be fixed!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous lvo9 6/1/09 6:59 AM
Yeah, this is getting pretty bad. I never had an issue with gmail's spam before. For the past few days my inbox has been flooded with spam mail.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous CleverMermaid 6/1/09 7:01 AM
I never had a problem with SPAM getting past the filters until about a week ago.  The past 2-3 days have been horrible and this morning I've already had to mark several SPAM messages.  I also have a Blackberry and this is getting really time-consuming, to delete them all from my BBrry.  Please work on this and fast, Google.  I love Gmail and would hate to change email providers, but if this keeps up at this pace, I will have to. 

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous malexander 6/1/09 7:01 AM
This is a very recent problem, not the normal spam that gmail has been successfully catching and filtering for years. However, very big problem since gmail is my central email aggregator for home and work.
The spam filters are defintitely breaking down. It began on Friday and has persisted throughout the weekend. Since I have gmail synced to my blackberry it is particularly annoying. Finally, I have started to manually add the spamming domains to my filter list with a command to delete upon arrival. Here are some of the offenders:
I found your post while looking for a way to contact gmail directly.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Buddy Z 6/1/09 7:02 AM
Also started having this problem on May 31 2009.

Before yesterday, only about 5 emails a year made it to my Inbox. Since yesterday I've gotten about 15. What's up Gmail?
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous marcviln 6/1/09 7:06 AM
Add me to the list of people who have seen a massive increase in spam arriving in my inbox.  Glad I'm not the only one.  I don't have any Spam Filter exceptions but I do use POP.  

FWIW I really do appreciate this FREE service and Google's products.  Keep up the good work, Google!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous under spamattack 6/1/09 7:19 AM
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous under spamattack 6/1/09 7:23 AM
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous amarrone 6/1/09 7:28 AM
I've been experiencing the same problem since about Saturday morning. I'm using the Mailplane app and pushing all mail to my BB, and the spam is appearing on both. This is completely frustrating, and it would be great if someone had any information on Google's efforts to resolve what appears to be a widespread issue.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous dorrie.williams 6/1/09 7:39 AM
Is it time to let Google know that they have a deadline to deal with this?  If we all shut down our accounts in one week..........

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous spammed 6/1/09 7:42 AM
I awoke to about 15 spam emails in my inbox this morning and it seems like I'm "reporting spam" every 10 minutes. I must say I'm thankful I'm not the only one so Google will hopefully remedy this soon.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous daizidog 6/1/09 7:44 AM
This situation has gotten out of control.  Within a week I've gone from no spam in my inbox (hundreds in my junk mail box) to 15+ every day.  This was never a problem with gmail in the past.  Something has gone terribly wrong and I see no signs of it improving.  Time to think seriously about parting ways with gmail.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous under spamattack 6/1/09 7:48 AM
whoever is behind this spam needs to go to jail
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous under spamattack 6/1/09 7:49 AM
why doesn't this show up under:

"Popular discussions in Reading and Receiving Messages"
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Lakeview 6/1/09 7:53 AM
Begining the last week of May Spam became an issue for me. It appears my name made it upon some list and was distibuted. I am receiving 80-100 Spam being filtered, perhaps 5 per day make it to my in-box. Previously being unscathed by this epidemic I was not aware of it's prevalence. Upon making my way over to these postings I was jolted by the enormity of the problem and I can see that I what I believed to be significant was not compared to many others.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Scoobyduder 6/1/09 8:11 AM
Spam has gotten a lot worse for me with junk messages coming in all day long, and heaviest over the weekend. This began several days ago.  I, too, sync my Gmail account with my Blackberry and this has become increasingly annoying.  Messages with words in the subject lines like "penis" and "meds" are making it through even though these should be flagged immediately as spam. Maybe Gmail should offer an option to only allow e-mail from your contact list to your inbox.  
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous gravi_t 6/1/09 8:23 AM
- Do you have POP turned on,
- Do you have any filters that have "never send to spam" in them
- Do you receive emails in Gmail that are forwarded there from another one of your accounts.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous julecat 6/1/09 8:24 AM
Well frustrated again in the last 4 1/2 hours 4 spam in my inbox, obvious spam and 153 spam in my spam folder.  I am about ready to leave gmail.  I've NEVER had this problem with any other email program and this is the 7th one I've used including 2 free ones that came with free ISP's.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous CrazyDriver84 6/1/09 8:26 AM
Same problem, looks to have started on Friday for me.

I have POP turned on, but I don't use it.
I do not have any "never send to SPAM" filters
I do forward all of my Gmail accounts to my main account.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous katieo 6/1/09 8:31 AM
- Acct settings say that "POP is enabled for all mail that has arrived since 4/9/04". I don't think I've ever touched this setting - I'm assuming that's the way my gmail was set up.
- No filters set up on my acct
- No other email accts forwarded to Gmail
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Jason R. Coleman 6/1/09 8:32 AM
Wow, I'm glad I'm not alone....I thought Gmail did a great job defeating spam until the last week or two. It has been ridiculously high volume lately. What happened to the laws that are supposed to prevent spammers in the first place. Shouldn't these companies be getting fined or shutdown due to this abuse...What gives?
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous jamierudy 6/1/09 8:36 AM
- Do you have POP turned on,=========== YES
- Do you have any filters that have "never send to spam" in them============ NO
- Do you receive emails in Gmail that are forwarded there from another one of your accounts. ===== NO
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous S.K. 6/1/09 8:38 AM
I am very wary about the fact all of the +300 spam mails I get a day they've all got my first and last name in them.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous jkdmanoj 6/1/09 8:39 AM
-Do you have POP turned on? -------------------------------------------------- YES
-Do you have an filters that have "never send to spam" in them ---- NO
-Do you receive emails in Gmail that are forwarded there from from another one of your accounts --- YES (school email which receives virtually NO spam)

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous jmutz 6/1/09 8:50 AM
SPAM hitting my inbox has gotten crazy just last night and today.  I get tons of spam in my spam folder so I'm glad that most of the filters are working, but come on!  This is why I left Hotmail.
Also, POP is turned on, I have no "never send to spam" filters, I do not have anything forwarded to this account from another e-mail address.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous jasonfen 6/1/09 8:52 AM
- Do you have POP turned on:  YES
- Do you have any filters that have "never send to spam" in them:  NO
- Do you receive emails in Gmail that are forwarded there from another one of your accounts:  YES, but spam emails are not originating from these forwards.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous simpson13 6/1/09 8:57 AM
What gives with all this SPAM slipping into my Inbox lately. Most of them are coming from Romania and contain only images.
Please help put a stop to this soon. I have already deleted at least 10-20 just this morning. The ones not from Romania usually contain my email address in the header, or are from "Google" as well as things that are very obviously spamy and should be caught.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous christiannen 6/1/09 9:09 AM
Same thing happening to me -- I never got spam in my inbox until this weekend. 

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous bluloo 6/1/09 9:11 AM
I too am seeing a tremendous increase in SPAM hitting my inbox. Most of it is normally caught by Google's excellent SPAM filter. For the past two weeks or so there's been a steady uptick in the quantity reaching my inbox. Normally, I see two or three each week make it to my inbox. Currently I'm seeing up to 30 per day hit my inbox. 

I'm glad Google is looking into it. Perhaps the Spammers have come up with a new workaround? If so, it will only be a matter of time until it's rectified. 
I also have POP turned on and have no filters.

IMO, people need to take a breather. It's only email. As long as support is aware of it, I'm confident we'll see a fix soon.

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous flygirl99 6/1/09 9:22 AM
I have NEVER had a problem with spam getting through the Gmail filters until about 3 days ago.  Now, I'm getting spam in my inbox every few minutes.  Since this is the account correlated to my Blackberry (has been for about six months), the messages are driving me crazy (and if the "cursor" is over the message, automatically opens it which is not helping the situation).  I hope someone from Google addresses this issue soon, as it's apparently getting worse, not better.  I have been extremely happy with Gmail until now and will have to change e-mail providers if this continues. 
Google -- PLEASE provide an update, recommendation, or something.  We need help.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous GFXR 6/1/09 9:41 AM
Sorry, but I just need to clarify something for all those complaining about the number of spam emails going into their Spam folder (not the spam making it in to your Inbox).

First...get over it! I know you think everyone else was put on the planet to make your life easier and all...but....yeah...get over it!

Second, this has nothing to do with Google (and you should be glad its all not going to your Inbox)

Third, the amount of spam you get is a result of YOUR actions (not Google's) regardless of the fact that you are in denial.

Spam comes from you either giving your email address out (people or sites), posting it in a public place for harvesting bots to collect, or from having a simple dictionary-able, or guessable, email address (watermelon@gmail, johnsmith@gmail, etc)

All it takes is for ONE wrong person to get your email address and you could suddenly be on 1000s of lists being sent 1000s of emails a day. This is the way it is. Yes, it sucks. It has nothing to do with Google. Get over it or get out.

Since everyone likes analogies:

Grrrrr...I put my car in reverse and backed over my child's bike that was left there. Stupid Dodge! No wonder they had to file for bankruptcy!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous GFXR 6/1/09 9:49 AM

Yeah, I too have been noticing a serious increase in spam making it to the Inbox the past few days. Im sure Google is working on it, though.

As for it making it thru to the BB...yeah...thats got to be a PITA!

One thing I do, which might work depending on the randomness of the emails you get/expect is to create a "white list" in the BIS settings for your Gmail account. I added the 50 or so email addresses of the people I want to get email from on my BB.....and everything else is blocked from the device. If I get an email on my BB...I know its from someone I want to hear from. Its SO much better that way!

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous ramsey.jl 6/1/09 10:05 AM
My Husband and I just started having a ton of SPAM the last week and never had any problems until the last week. A few pieces now and then, and then BOOM...A ton of SPAM... I have never had this much SPAM in my inbox through my gmail account. 

For those of you out there who are belittling us who are complaining about the recent increase of SPAM to our inboxes...Back Off... We have a legitimate reason to complain about the new amounts of SPAM to our accounts. Gmail has been one of the best SPAM collectors out there and I love using their email accounts vs hotmail or even yahoo, they offer more things to us, however, we all are just tired of all the recent overflowments of SPAM into our accounts.

GOOGLE.....Please find the problem soon....It is getting old quickly and it's getting annoying for those of us who have our accounts linked to our IPhones and/or Blackberry's.  Thanks...
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous tomasitokc 6/1/09 10:08 AM
I'm in the same boat. The spam in my inbox has been getting WAY out of hand in the past few weeks. Good luck figuring it out, Google!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous moxy86 6/1/09 10:16 AM
As of Friday I've been getting a butt load of spam as well. Hope this get fixed soon. It is driving me nuts. Google has us living the high life with such great service....and now this. Hope this gets better soon. 
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous y2krucj 6/1/09 10:51 AM
Please Please get this spams off all gmail acounts, this is crazy, or you will find all of us leaving your site!!!!
Thank You, 6/1/09
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous GFXR 6/1/09 10:59 AM

Go, tiger! You're really going to scare them into fixing it now!

I think we need a truckload of clues to pass around in here......


Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous gravi_t 6/1/09 11:34 AM
Hello guys,

Thanks a lot for answering the questions, new guys, please answer as well! As you can see I'm a top poster, not a Google employee, so I can't channel these directly to the engineers. But the Google employees can, so thanks again for putting all the info here.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous kshusker 6/1/09 11:36 AM
FYI, for the record:

- you have POP turned on,  : NO
- you have any filters that have "never send to spam" in them: YES (just for Facebook messages though)
- you receive emails in Gmail that are forwarded there from another one of your accounts.: YES

FWIW, incoming spam getting through the filters has skyrocketed only since this most recent Saturday (May 30) -- so either Google changed something, or suddenly spammers have new tactics that only started 3 days ago.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous ykand 6/1/09 11:51 AM
POP: Enabled
Forwards from another account: Yes (1)

Thanks for all of your hard work.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous gravi_t 6/1/09 12:04 PM
I looked around and it seems there is a general increase in spam, not just in Gmail. This doesn't help us much, but gives a bit of explanation.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous rjericho 6/1/09 12:08 PM
I've never had a G-Spam issue until this weekend.

Whatever tweaking was done has made things worse.

Best of luck - these spammers are learning....
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Michelle 6/1/09 12:37 PM
As of this post, the spam problem that was affecting a small number of you in the past couple of days should be resolved. We've fixed the cause. Thanks for hanging in there!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous GFXR 6/1/09 12:59 PM

Wow. Thanks for getting that resolved so quickly!

Plus, now you can even sleep comfortably tonight knowing that you prevented all those people from defecting to Hotmail/Yahoo.....hahaha </sarcasm>

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous GFXR 6/1/09 1:22 PM
Actually, it doesnt appear to be resolved (at least for me). I've got two in my Inbox in the past 15 mins. Prior to this weekend, I used to get maybe one a day.

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous adam.connolly 6/1/09 2:11 PM
I have been affected too and will discontinue my use of Gmail if this issue is not corrected soon.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous suef3 6/1/09 2:45 PM
This is definitely NOT resilved!! I almost NEVER get spam in GMAIL and today in just the last few minutes, I have received 4.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous suef3 6/1/09 2:48 PM
THIS IS NOW GETTING RIDICULOUS!!! Please make it stop!!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous GFXR 6/1/09 3:08 PM
Geezus. All you people that are threatening to stop using Gmail because of this issue need to just do it already. Take your narcissistic, self-entitlement attitudes and leave already!

The rest of us that arent owed anything by Google will then get to enjoy the extra bandwidth.

Contribute constructively....or shut up and go enjoy Hotmail!!!

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous ykand 6/1/09 5:12 PM
I haven't received a SPAM message since early this morning (EST). Thanks for all of your hard work Google Team.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Goatee Guy 6/1/09 6:48 PM
i was told to post the following information by gravi_t:  i do not have POP enabled, i have no other accounts which can possibly forward email to this one, and i have no filters that are set as 'never send to spam'. i still have the problem of spam getting through (the filter does catch a half to two thirds of the spam, but nothing ever got through before).
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous GFXR 6/1/09 7:40 PM
All has been quiet here for the past 4 hours or so.

And btw..

POP disabled
IMAP enabled (for BB)
Filters only apply labels and Mark as Read
Nothing forwarding to the account.

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous birdguy 6/1/09 10:13 PM
True, this service is free and Google owes us nothing. But keep in mind that our presence is what Google markets to advertisers.  Google knows it has to keep us happy or it loses a major revenue stream with our departure.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous birdguy 6/1/09 10:28 PM
gravi_t: ok, so you're not an employee and can't channel responses to Google engineers.  But why ask those 3 questions without an explanation of why you're asking?  IOW, how does that post help me tweak my system? 

Did you make "Top Contributor" by asking unexplained questions?  Don't be offended; I'm trying to make Top Contributor myself, hence the reason for my post :)
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous belov 6/1/09 11:19 PM
thanks google staff - my problem seems resolved - haven't had a spam in my inbox since about 930 AM . . . woo hoo - great job!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous i got spammed 6/2/09 2:59 AM
this problem is not fixed
still receiving as of 2 hours ago.  Google claims this is fixed in this USA Today article:
Also, I don't think this is a spam filter problem.  I have around 100 gmail addresses and only the one I am logged into the most has received these emails.  The other accounts simply are not being emailed the spam at all, not in the spam folder etc.  More disturbingly, this account is my personal account.  I don't give it out for email lists and questionable sites, I use gmail accounts specifically for spam.  Those accounts are not getting spam at all.  Somehow our information has been compromised. 
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous asirota 6/2/09 3:29 AM
This is probably a conicidence. Let me say that first off. I turned off the POP funtionality and kept IMAP on.  I don't use POP to retrieve my email anyways. As of this morning not one single piece of spam! Also my spam folder rolled over 11,111 pieces of spam yesterday. Gmail spam filters are doing the job again for now.

It's a war and Googlers are winning. Thank you Google for making my life easier.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous i got spammed 6/2/09 3:33 AM
A coincidence? 90+ gmail accounts and only ONE getting spammed.  That is not a coincidence!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous gravi_t 6/2/09 3:50 AM

The questions I asked help exclude other factors that may cause spam to go to the Inbox.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous webwiz 6/2/09 6:04 AM
Eeegads!  I thought it was just me.  Glad (sort of) to find out everyone's affected.  My uncaught inbox spam has skyrocketed in the past few days.  There seems to be no pattern in the sending domain or subject line.  But one thing I have noticed is that almost all of the messages contain *only* an image.  Unless this feature already exists and I'm unaware of it, it seems like it would make sense for Gmail to offer an "image only" filter.  That is, I could set up a filter that says, "If a message contains *only* an image, do X" (where 'X' could be anything - send directly to spam, trash it, etc.).  For me at least, a filter like that would probably catch 95% of the recent spam I've been getting.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous milo.velazquez 6/2/09 7:53 AM
In my specific case, all the "extra" spam that has been getting through (beyond the one or three phishing requests/per day) is all formatted with no text and only one graphic in the body of the email, or one graphic and a "Click here" link. I only get the link to the graphic because I do not automatically display graphics in any of my emails from unknown sources.

All of the sender email addresses are computer generated so there is no specific "sender" I can filter out. Perhaps Google engineers should check if an email has a computer generated sender address and only contains a graphic and mark that as spam. Some legitimate emails may get sent to the spam folder, but these can always be requested again with a more appropriate format and/or fished out of the spam folder if necessary.

Some examples of computer generated email addresses are:

My 2 ¢
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous jamesrdorn 6/2/09 8:00 AM
Then post there whether
- you have POP turned on,   ## IMAP is on, pop is disabled.
- you have any filters that have "never send to spam" in them   ## No, however I have a filter that marks all spam messages as read so the spam box hides the unread message count.
- you receive emails in Gmail that are forwarded there from another one of your accounts.  ## No forwarding setup.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous frustrated-user 6/2/09 9:08 AM
I thought I read that the spam problems was fixed yesterday.  I didn't get any spam for several hours but this morning found 6 since 8 am.  What's happening?  This is getting ridiculous.  I switched from yahoo to gmail because of too many spamming.  Now this.  I had to use gmail because my paid AT&T email has blocked certain business email from getting into my inbox eventhough I told them that those are legitimate correspondence and not spam.  I wish someone has an answer for this problem.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Lunachicky 6/2/09 9:09 AM
Fortunately, the problem appears to be fixed for me.  I don't know why it is fixed for me and not others, although that article from above is interesting - the one where Gmail says it affected only 1% of all gmail users...

Good luck folks, hope it gets resolved for you soon.

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous kherring1 6/2/09 9:17 AM
I have rarely gotten spam since I have had a Gmail account (over a year now I believe??). The past three days I have been getting slammed with spam. What gives?
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous spam fixed 6/2/09 9:19 AM
I'm curious.  The only thing I have done differently lately is I switched to OpenDNS
anyone else getting this gmail spam use OpenDNS?
  If you don't know what it is then you aren't using it.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous highsided 6/2/09 9:20 AM
Still recieving SPAMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Buddy Z 6/2/09 9:24 AM
No Michelle, the issue is still not fixed.

I'm used to about 2500 to 3000 spams per month going directly into my Spam folder, and on average less than 1 per month accidentally ending up in my Inbox.

As of two days ago, I'm getting one or more in my Inbox every hour, up to and including 30 minutes ago. So the problem is obviously not fixed for all users.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous FibroDame 6/2/09 12:22 PM
Yes, I'm still getting Spam in my inbox. It's not fixed yet. I hope it does get figured out soon, but I'm beginning to think it might take a brand new  programme for filtering Spam, as it seems obvious that the present one has been somehow comprised.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous birdguy 6/2/09 12:54 PM

Understood, but just asking questions doesn't help me to know how to tweak my system. 

For instance...

- Do you have POP turned on,
Are you saying I should have POP turned ON or OFF?

- Do you have any filters that have "never send to spam" in them
Again, should I have this turned ON or OFF?

- Do you receive emails in Gmail that are forwarded there from another one of your accounts.
I do, but how does this information help me?

Not everyone has your level of expertise, so a little explanation goes a long way.



Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous GFXR 6/2/09 5:34 PM
@i got spammed

Just because you think you are careful about who you give the address out to DOES NOT mean Gmail/your account was compromised. Most people dont understand how things work and just love to naively blame the wrong person/company/etc.

All it takes is for ONE person who has your email address to get a worm/trojan that grabs everything in their address book and...*POOF!*....loads and loads of spam for you at that address for years to come! Unless you live in a cave with no internet access, there's always a very good chance your email address will be had by some spammer eventually - regardless of how careful you THINK you are. I do network security. Trust will happen to everybody eventually and has nothing to do with Google.

If the other email address have never been used, and arent simple dictionary words, then you shouldnt be getting any spam on them. If you were, THEN you could cry "compromise!".

Try it. Create some random, non-guessable, account (like and wait and see.....

@spam fixed

The issue has nothing to do with OpenDNS.

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous tmobileg 6/2/09 5:41 PM
Yes it appears the spam email has let up some. We'll see in the near future.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous SimeonArgus 6/3/09 6:18 AM
In my case, it was getting very bad, but in the past 24 hours it has stopped again. Thank you Google for taking care of this issue! =)
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous FibroDame 6/3/09 8:06 AM
YES!!  I haven't experienced this problem since yesterday. It SEEMS to be back to normal!!!  Thanks to all the gmail staffers who helped with this problem. It's wonderful to have my mailbox back again.  (I even seem to be noticing less Spam in the Spam box as well!!)

Thanks again!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous iamanya 6/3/09 2:22 PM
I, too, continue to get spam in my INBOX daily. Most of it is about financial matters, for example, "Cash Now" or "Your Application has been approved!" I get about 20 per day and I do seem to get the same ones day after day. I have been religiously clicking "Report Spam," but it doesn't seem to help.

Clearly, it's just a few spammers that get through because my Spam folder is chock full of spam. (2,000 at the moment) So I know the filter is working in most cases. I live in hope it will be resolved.


Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous FibroDame 6/3/09 10:04 PM

Try setting up filters in gmail for the following domains. This seems to have helped me. It just takes a few minutes, and it can't hurt anything. These are the domains that the majority of the Spam that is leaking through to the inboxes is coming from. Even the amount of Spam in my Spam folder is hugely reduced since I set up these filters. I've only had a total of about 20 show up in my Spam folder all day today, and NONE in my inbox.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous FibroDame 6/3/09 10:07 PM
Oh, by the way, I set the filters up to say: Do this: Skip Inbox, Delete it. I'm thinking this is why my Spam folder is so much emptier.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous FibroDame 6/3/09 10:10 PM
One more I forgot to list to set up in your filters:
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous iamanya 6/3/09 11:24 PM
Thank you, FibroDame.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous FibroDame 6/4/09 1:22 AM
Let me know if it helped.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Bengan 6/4/09 1:51 AM
My problem is that I get Zero (0) spammail in the Spam folder (none in Inbox).
From the last week I think..
Have done none change.
Are other mail also dissapeard i wonder.
Strange with no spam
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Mulderng 6/4/09 9:20 AM
 ***********      GOOGLE PLEASE TAKE NOTE AND RESOLVE THIS ISSUE!  ******************
     I believe it is quite apparent that this is an ongoing issue with far too many of your clients for you not to take notice.  I am quite disapointed in your lack of action or response regarding this issue.  A sporatic post claiming that you are "looking into it" is insufficient and unacceptable customer service; however, I believe it is equally irresponsible to complain without offering any suggestions on how to iron out the problem:
- First and foremost:
     Create a thread, or something similar, that explains and updates your clients on the steps you are taking to fix the SPAM problem Gmail is experiencing, as well as the progress you are making. (An informed customer is less likely to become a disgruntled customer.)
- Second:
     In the interim, create something for us to work with such as an option to route all incoming mail from sources other than our contacts directly to SPAM or TRASH. (Hotmail offers this as a basic feature so it only makes sense to at least "keep up with the Joneses", as the old cliche goes.)
     Create a way for your consumers to contact you directly to discuss current issues with your product.  Making yourself more accessible to your clients will keep you informed on problems as they occur and potentially before they become full-blown epidemics, as well as enabling you to meet their needs more readily.  (If this option already exists, I cannot locate it; therefore, it may be beneficial for you to make it a bit more user friendly.)
     I hope that a Google representative will take note of this and take the appropriate action to satisfy a growing number of unhappy Gmail customers.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous FibroDame 6/4/09 7:34 PM
@Mulderng; This problem has been non-existent for me for the past 2 days. I have NOT had ANY Spam in my inbox for those past 2 days, which tells me they are working on it, possibly implementing it section by section. I have no doubt your problems will all be in the past within the next couple of days, as are mine. I DO know they are working on it, and I for one, thank them.  Please just have some patience.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Vsgotto 6/5/09 3:13 PM
Well, somebody stopped working on it today! I've been getting hit HARD all day long. At least 60 or 70 spam messages in the past 7 hours. There's something definitely wrong today.

Someone please look into this!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Vsgotto 6/5/09 3:18 PM
Correction...  60 or 70 messages that my spam filter failed to catch (and I had to manually mark as spam). Over 230 total spam messages today alone!!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous tmobileg 6/5/09 3:21 PM
My spam issue has cleared up a few days ago. Whatever Google staff has done has resolved this for me. Thank goodness! I can breath once again! 
Thanks G-Mail Team!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous theshrew 6/5/09 4:14 PM
I read that USA Today article and, you didn't fix it.  Not only am I getting masses of spam at my regular address, but another Gmail address I added just 2 weeks ago specifically for work I do with a charity, haven't given it to anyone yet except folks connected with that charity - it's already getting spam too.  So I'd be hard pressed to believe the issue "only affected 1% of users."  And also, did I mention it isn't fixed yet?  Maybe you found the issue that was affecting that 1%, but there's another issue you haven't found yet.  17 spam messages in my regular account since deleting them earlier today, most of them from "me" which is a huge concern because I can't even identify the spammer's address.  Please keep working on it, I've always been impressed at your spam efficiency compared to other servers, but I have to admit that now hotmail is doing better than you and I will go back to using that account if this continues, which means I won't be reading the advertising that pays for you to provide Gmail!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous dermonaghan 6/5/09 4:47 PM
NOt quite the thing, but my spam issue is that someone sends spam which comes up as to deidrehagukyp[at], and purports to come from a friend's genuine address. And it comes into my box. I can't spam it as i want to keep getting friend's other email. So far i filtered it into delete, but that is perhaps not a safe place to put an email that is definitely not an innocent communication. Who knows what it carries unseen? If my friend got a new email account, or if i got a new gmail account that might fix it, but that could be repetitive and tiresome.

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous dria 6/5/09 7:10 PM
i think my spam issue has been resolved for now ::knock on wood:: thanks gmail team!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous iamanya 6/5/09 11:16 PM
I am still receiving about 20 per day in my inbox.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Bengan 6/6/09 1:36 AM
1 email in the spamfolder which should be in the inbox.
When the spamfolder is soo empty I wonder if importen email is goone too
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous flordelaluan 6/6/09 8:48 AM
In the past week, one of my email accounts has been inundated with spam.  Today, I received even more spam in my inbox.  This problem definitely has not been fixed! 
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous sukh82 6/6/09 11:26 AM
Hi, I am using Gmail, at first it was o.k. but now I am getting too many spams in spam box. that's really harashing thing to look at them, If I do not log in to my account for 2-3 days, 200 to 400 spam email collect to my spam box..... And hard to sort out which one is useful.... Is there any way to prevent all these spams??
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous FibroDame 6/6/09 12:47 PM
I don't know what to tell you all. I have been fine for the past several days. All of the Spam is now in my Spam folder...and checking through, it is ONLY Spam, no 'real' mail there. I have not had ANY Spam in my inbox these past several days either. It seems to be fixed 'in my neck of the woods'. It's strange that it's fixed for some and not for others though.
@sukh82: The main reason you have so much Spam in your Spam folder is that so many computers have been compromised by 'bots', which use other people's computers and email accounts to send out Spam. As long as it's only in your Spam folder, don't worry about it. That's what the Spam folder is for. It's very easy to delete from the Spam folder, simply click on 'delete all Spam messages now', and poof, they're gone!
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Margaret Brown 6/8/09 9:04 AM
Keep on trying Sarah. Gmail must have been compromised because it was the best when I joined about 5 years ago.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous iamanya 6/8/09 11:51 AM
@Margaret Brown, Thanks. I've been with gmail from the beginning with excellent service. It seems to be getting worse. I hope they fix it. :)
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous wiermymail 6/9/09 11:19 AM
I am as unhappy as anybody else right now regarding this issue. The problem I am experiencing is receiving spam from a gmail user on my work email, which is Microsoft Outlook. I have tried everything possible to get Gmail to deal with the user's gmail address and they have done NOTHING. I have even tried calling Google but they provide NO phone support. I agree 100% with Mulderng-- this is unacceptable and I am actually thinking of switching my personal email to something else because of a lack of response from Google.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous flufferlicious 6/9/09 4:41 PM
Same here. I have been getting more and more spam by the's a really sick joke. I used to have "zero" spam, but now the numbers have shot right out. At least they haven't figured out my name yet...they've been calling me "Theron," and I know for sure it isn't my name. Hopefully this doesn't get too out of hand because I'm getting tired of manually deleting thousands of spam.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous moodyman 6/9/09 5:46 PM
@wiermymail, anyone with a mail program can 'spoof' any gmail user address, so there's really no point in trying to resolve this with Google. If it's only one user, why not just block and delete emails from that user?

I'm having a spam problem because of this spoofing. I'm getting a lot of spam from "me". I'm not sure where these people got my email address from, but I'm flooded with spam coming in with my own email address in "From:". This just started happening 2 days ago.

Also on the topic of spam, I noticed on a 'work-from-home' freelance site postings asking for people who would register hundreds of thousands of gmail account for someone who was willing to pay $5 for every thousand email accounts registered. I think spammers seem to prefer gmail, as I've seen spammers posting on Craigslist typically asking people to write to a different email address than the one they wrote from, and invariably it's a gmail account. I don't know if something can be done about this, but I just thought I'd bring it up. Maybe someone can direct me to any other discussion where this may have been brought up, if it has...
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous tmobileg 6/9/09 7:18 PM
My gmail is back to normal. Now, I don't get any email and that has concerned me that with the sudden surge in the spam folder number increasing I'm hoping legit email might be filling it up. After a few days I have almost 2,000 spam emails in that folder. 
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous iamanya 6/10/09 2:35 AM
Very strange the way the problem 'clears up' for some people (for a while?) and not for others. I continue to get emails from a group of spammers all dealing with financial incentives. I've thought about opening each and making a filter to filter out all those email addresses, but I'm worried that just opening the emails will somehow alert spammers that I am checking mail. Anyone have any advice on this? I'm not savvy enough to know if this is possible for them. Thanks.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous outraged 6/10/09 4:49 AM
I cancelled my Yahoo, Hotmail, and MSN accounts for a google account because people told me there was a lot less spam with gmail. I started g-mail, and a couple days later I have more than 30 spam messages an hour. Then we get this bullsh*t about having to sign up to write a message! How ridiculous is that? That's almost like saying you have to have a wal-mart card to visit their customer service desk. Give me a break! They should have a 'Help' link that allows you to go to their customer service, not one that simply offers you a link to continue the slowest "chat" I've ever seen in my life. I also had an e-mail account before that allowed you to decide how long to keep spam e-mails or even let you choose to delete them automatically so you never had to check your spam - this place doesn't even let you choose how long to save your spam! Why does it have to be 30 days?! Can you imagine how slow your account may take to open (and work) if you have thousands of spam messages bogging it down?! They need to offer new options for spam: they can be immediately deleted after they're received (so you never have to waste your time going through hundreds or even thousands of messages), or save them for as little as a few hours or a few days...get rid of this 30 day bullsh*t. Gmail is the worst e-mail account I've ever had.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Magritte 6/10/09 5:12 AM
Okay, I used to think the Gmail spam filters were great and went to considerable effort to get one of my Exchange accounts forwarded to Gmail since I think Outlook/Exchange spam filtering is awful.

What was nice about Gmail's spam filter is that it seemed to include a personal bayesean filter on top of the main spam filter so when you moved messages to Spam folder it seemed to learn relatively quickly what you consider spam and then act accordingly in the future.

This just doesn't seem to work at all any more. I keep sending the same spam messages to the spam folder - all with similar words, subjects, many attempting to spoof the form address by using my own address as the sender but with a different name, etc. Stuff that a bayesean filter is very good at detecting. Yet the same spam messages keep coming again and again to my inbox. In fact, the Spam folder for my main email accont is always empty! All spam goes to the inbox.

I do not have any personal filters dealing with spam. Nothing that marks any messages as never spam or attempts to delete messages automatically. If there is a personal bayesean filter it's much better to train it than try to use filters to deal with spam which are almost always pointless. The only filters I have look at various headers to skip the inbox and label a message according to the account they come from (I'm consolidating several e-mail addresses to my main Gmail account). This shouldn't affect the spam filter and hasn't in the past.

So has Gmail decided to remove the personal bayesean filter, was I wrong and this never existed, or is there just a serious bug in the spam filtering? Either way it doesn't work. I've seen the 2 main threads complaining of spam and claims that this is being looked into it or that there's nothing Google can do but after what appears to be months of complaining by some users, there does not appear to be any resolution. Clearly there is something that can be done which is the use of a bayesean spam filter on a per-account basis on top of whatever the main spam filter is doing. I was under the impression that this was the case. If it's broken, PLEASE FIX IT! If it's not there, PLEASE ADD IT!

This is making Gmail very unpleasant to use. If it continues much longer I'm going to have to look for alternatives.

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous Gizzy Nubalo 6/10/09 5:29 AM
After a few days of relief - it's started again.  This time from  I mean, seriously - this is getting ridiculous.  I could understand if these spammers were using dozens of domains...but they're not.  It's the same domains, the same patterns, over and over again, to thousands of your users who are reporting them as spam.  The problem isn't with the actual filters, the problem is with your automated system that adds a domain INTO the filters.  There is no human being sitting there counting how many times a domain is reported as a spammer - you've got it automated, and you've got a "cut off" somewhere.  1,000 reports or whatever, and the domain gets added to the filter dbase.  That's clearly NOT HAPPENING right now.  Which is why we're getting spammed again and again by the same domains, and why they're able to get through so many emails over the course of a few days - because the domain isn't being auto-dumped into the filtering dbase you've got.  This might not be your exact setup, but it's darn close. 

Your anti-spam system is awesome, it's efficient, and one of the best on the net.  But right now, it's borked - and whatever you've tried thus far HAS NOT WORKED.  The issue isn't with the filters, it's somewhere in the "add filter" process... either the number of reports has been changed from your original baseline to some infinite number, or something.  But someone needs to go check how your cron jobs are running, or whatever you're using to do the sweeps - because they're failing miserably. 

Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous FibroDame 6/10/09 6:14 AM
I'm keeping my fingers crossed since my Spam folder seems to be working as usual since the 2nd of the month. I have only had ONE Spam email show up in ANY of my (3) accounts since then. I mean in the inbox, of course. The others all seem to go to my Spam folders, and I do check them to make sure no 'real' emails end up there, and they haven't. In other words, my accounts are all working as they did before this problem began happening. As a matter of fact, I only had a problem for a week or so. I am thanking my lucky stars, and hope I'm not 'jinxing' myself by 'bragging' about it. I'm not REALLY 'bragging', simply reporting what's going on with me at the moment. I'm sorry that it hasn't cleared up for the rest of you. I'm wondering if it's working for me because I was one of their 'original' members, before they made it public?  I joined long ago when it was by invitation only. I doubt that could have anything to do with it, but thought I'd 'throw it out there'. How many of you joined by invitation, before they went public?  Just out of curiosity? I wish I had an answer for you. Just keep the faith. If they have 'fixed' it for some of us, they must be able to fix it for everyone someday soon.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous vdfromukraine 6/10/09 7:01 AM
I don't really know whether my issue is connected to this thread, but I still want to share it. The problem is that a few days ago I started receiving auto-replies from AOL Employees or from mail-bots to the emails that were "sent" from my Gmail account (I didn't send anything! I don't even have anyone on my list with "aol" domain!). It seems like getting worse. It started with "only" 36 returned emails and now I get about 100 of them.

It seems like a spam-bot has hacked my email account and now uses it to send spam.

Could you please fix that?
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous iamanya 6/10/09 8:55 AM
FibroDame, I joined when it was by invitation only. I am having the same problem as everyone else, and have for the last several months. However, I only get about 10-20 per day--not hundreds, as others have reported.
Re: SPAM in GMAIL getting ridiculous iamanya 6/10/09 1:02 PM
Interesting: I have 2 gmail accounts, both created when service was by invitation only. I really only use one of them, unless I need to receive confidential email. I just checked the 2nd account (which I haven't checked in months), and NO spam in the inbox.

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