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How can I unthread my message

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How can I unthread my message Hani Obaid 9/11/09 7:33 AM
Someone posted back in July saying that wasn't possible (turning off conversation view).
Is it still not possible ?


Re: How can I unthread my message erincj 9/11/09 9:58 AM
Yes, still not possible. And it's a big bone of contention. Make sure you register your complaint with Google.
Re: How can I unthread my message wowfables 11/15/09 1:54 PM
I have the same problem, and I have to say the lack of an unthread option in the mail browser is an epic failure.

My gmail account is the target for a voicemail-to-email bridge, and the subject lines are all the same so gmail is grouping completely unrelated calls into one giant (false) conversation. This bad UI has been directly responsible for missed calls leading to business disasters.

Expecting mail senders to choose conveniently unique subject lines in order to please gmail's braindead threading heuristic so that we get a sensible user experience when checking mail is a ridiculous position. Please add an option to globally disable threading in the inbox so that the people who hate this mail reader misfeature as much as myself can shut it off. I don't care if the option off by default, I just want a way to make gmail's inbox behave sanely and display messages like every other mail interface out there, rather than cramming gmail's threading philosophy down every user's throat whether they like it or not.

Re: How can I unthread my message MensaWoman 5/16/10 5:17 PM
From what I've read, there is no way to separate conversations bearing the same subject line; however, I have found a way around it [see below]:

Enter a unique character [number, symbol or alpha] before entering your subject, e.g.:

     #1 - Separating Conversations
     *** Separating Conversations

     XXX - Separating Conversations

Inserting a unique character before the subject line will make each subject line different; therefore, conversations will not be combined.

Be sure to tell the recipient of your email to enter a unique character before the subject line prior to sending his or her reply.

In case the recipient fails to enter a unique character before the subject line, you can control combined conversations to a series of two each by continuing to enter a unique character before the subject line when you reply.
Re: How can I unthread my message tiredmom 6/17/10 8:26 PM
Gmail - this is disappointing.  I needed an easy access, no advertisements email that I could utilize on the go for the volunteer work I do which requires frequent broadcast emails to multiple recipients... thus multiple response.  It is very cumbersome to have to weed through the whole chain -- and possibly miss something important.  I'm not going to be able to use this account after I painstakingly entered all my contacts from multiple other email accounts.  :( 
Please fix it!
Re: How can I unthread my message JayJay23 8/19/10 12:16 PM
For the most part I like threading, but there are some times where it is a major epic fail. I had gotten two emails from someone using the same subject, but I only read the first email because the second was waaaayyy below it. Somewhat my fault, but also somewhat Google's in the weird way in which threading can cause the emails to display. Also, when I label certain emails, it labels the whole thread! I don't want to label the whole thread just a single email! Having the option to "unthread" emails would be great, so that you can keep emails threaded for threads that work, and unthread those that don't. Also a universal "no threading" option should be available in Gmail settings.
Re: How can I unthread my message thundt 9/9/10 9:49 AM
I'm renting out an apartment and everybody's replying to my Craigslist ad with exactly the same subject line.  And surprisingly, most of them are NOT in one big messy thread, they are actually separate ones (which is correct; they all have different timestamps and sender addresses).  But a few of them are still intermingled, and I wouldn't mind being able to disentangle them... but there isn't a way to, that I can see.  :-(
Re: How can I unthread my message thundt 9/9/10 9:52 AM
Where, exactly, does one "register your complaint with Google"??  (I thought that's what THIS was for. Or is it like Craigslist, where they ignore their help forums.)
Re: How can I unthread my message deedeldee 10/26/10 11:04 AM
THANK YOU Google for allowing email messages to be unthreaded!
Go to Settings, Conversation View, choose Off.
Re: How can I unthread my message TheGhostRider 1/6/11 8:47 AM
And thank you for posting the solution
Re: How can I unthread my message alexrogan 2/11/11 11:50 AM
My gmail account does not have an option for Conversation View