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how do i delete a gmail account

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how do i delete a gmail account kadfly 2/17/11 1:49 PM

Please read this carefully 

You are trying to remove Gmail from your Google Account.

If you delete Gmail from your Google Account, then you will no longer be able to send, receive, or access email from your account using Gmail. You'll also be unable to reuse your Gmail username in the future.

Within two business days of your request, your mailbox ( will be closed and all its contents will be permanently deleted.

Are you sure you want to delete
 Yes, I want to permanently delete and remove it from my Google Account.

New email address 
This will become the email address with which you sign into your Google Account.
A user with the email you specified already exists [?]
WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?......................................and where will i look for my answer........E-mail?

Current password 
Please re-enter your desired password.

Re: how do i delete a gmail account ArchieW 2/17/11 2:12 PM
You're only deleting Gmail from your Google account - a Gmail account and a Google account are two seperate things, so it's asking you to enter a new e-mail address to associate with your Google account - that's what you need to do.

If you just want to delete your Google account entirely, then select that option
Re: how do i delete a gmail account Sez00 3/12/11 7:35 PM
Ok that makes sense but I have two Gmail addresses and i want to delete one and keep the other but it won't let me use the other as my new address. I don't understand why? If i just delete my Google account will it delete both email addresses?
Re: how do i delete a gmail account Marsha's Musings 4/2/11 4:27 PM
I need an answer to this as well.  It won't let me list my 2nd gmail account as the "new" address.  If I delete my Google account could delete everything - including my blog which would be disastrous.