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What is your primary frequent flyer number mean?

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What is your primary frequent flyer number mean? monica6012 12/25/09 11:18 PM
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We were trying to reset our password? we get a reponce to enter the primary frequent flyer number  just wondering what the number is ???????

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Re: What is your primary frequent flyer number mean? bkc56 12/25/09 11:26 PM
A frequent flier number is an ID or membership number for a airline to trach the number of trips you have made.  If you fly a lot you can earn upgrades and bonuses.

The fact that you are being asked that question for a password reset implies (to me) that your account has been compromised and someone had changed your security question, and probably your secondary e-mail also.

That means a reset won't work for you and you'll need to use the account recovery form (the 2nd link below).

This page will help you through the account recovery process:

For information about account recovery (includes a link to the Account Recovery Form) see: