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uninstall gmail notifier

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uninstall gmail notifier dmadland 7/8/09 9:30 AM
I want to uninstall gmail notifier or better yet disable it when I do not want to have email's popping up.  According to the doc I found you simply remove it by highlighting gmail notifier in the controll panel add remove program but I do not see this when I open add/remove.
Re: uninstall gmail notifier gravi_t 7/8/09 9:50 AM
To disable it (turn it off), right-click on the envelope icon bottom right and select "Exit". To uninstall it, go to Start --> Control Panel --> Add / Remove programs, scroll down to Gmail notifier, click on it, then click on the Remove button.
Re: uninstall gmail notifier dmadland 7/8/09 10:24 AM
Thanks for the reply but I have a couple issues.  My Add/Remove program does not have Gmail Notifier, the Google programs I have there are Google Chrome, Talk and Chat, no Gmail.  Also I have no envelope, at least not when I am in my Gmail Inbox....

Re: uninstall gmail notifier gravi_t 7/8/09 10:37 AM
It can also be listed as Google Gmail Notifier in Add/Remove. But if it isn't there and you don't have the envelope icon in the system tray either, what makes you think the Notifier is even installed? Do you get the popup notifications when you get a new email? Do you use Outlook or another email client?
Re: uninstall gmail notifier dmadland 7/8/09 10:46 AM
Yes I agree it seems strange.  I definitely have the gmail notifier, I see every gmail pop up.  I also have Outlook but it is not linked to Gmail and it pops up to but the two pop ups are obviously different.  I see gmail popups as soon as I power up my PC and get a network connection prior to even opening Outlook or a browser.
Re: uninstall gmail notifier Shahed Faisal 7/8/09 11:05 AM
You said you have Google Talk installed. Google Talk has integrated Gmail notifier in it. I never used Gtalk, so I don't know if its possible to disable this feature. But you can have a look in Gtalk options, you might find something to put it off.
Re: uninstall gmail notifier dmadland 7/9/09 11:21 AM
GOT IT!!! And it was so simple!!  I did not know that the notifier was bundled in Google Talk.  You simply right click on the Google Talk envelope in your system tray and select "Disable all notifications" and that is it!!!!  Thanks for the pointers.
Re: uninstall gmail notifier rmkpops 10/2/09 8:52 PM
I still have the same problem as dmadland, because I do NOT have Google Talk.  Any other ideas???  Pls help!
Re: uninstall gmail notifier Frogella 11/15/09 6:56 AM
DMADLAND:  This has been driving me nuts for months... Thanks to you and sEcond LiFe for the great conversation.  Really appreciate the help... Frogella.
Re: uninstall gmail notifier steff2009 11/24/09 5:14 AM
Hi, since when I installed Gmail Notifier I receive messages about missing dll files at system startup. The message usually says "Gmail Notifier.exe - Unable to locate component. This application failed to start because MSVCP90.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem". 

I un-installed and re-installed Gmail Notifier several times, but I keep receiving the message. Then I downloaded the specific dll file, but the message next time said "This application failed to start because MFC90U.dll was not found". This has been going on and on each time with a different .dll file.

Now I completely un-installed notifier and did not install again, but the error at system start-up still persists. Cannot find any program to be removed in the Control panel of my PC. 

What should I do?
Re: uninstall gmail notifier timberwo7ves 12/13/09 3:59 AM
@rmk - I didn't have Gtalk installed, nor could I see it in my Programs and Thingy. I searched Gmail in my start bar, right-clicked the notifier icon (in the results) and "opened containing folder". Inside there's the notifier.exe and an uninstall.exe.

The folder should be inside your Google folder, inside of your Program Files directory on your main drive. Hope it helps!
Re: uninstall gmail notifier Dashar 12/17/09 4:42 PM
I am having the same Problems as you all! But I do have the Gmail "Envelope Icon" in the Task-bar?

I have gone Cont/Add/Rem/ and nobody's Home?

I have tried Revo Uninstaller and again I cannot find the Gmail Notifier?

And I have tried My Comp / Drive:C /Programs / Google Folder/ and the only  there are (3) folder's there Called CrashReports, Picasa 3 and Common??  How can I turn off Gmail Notifier please Dasha
Re: uninstall gmail notifier suryava 3/19/10 4:49 AM
The one and only way to uninstall Gmail Notifier (as opposed to silencing it) is to go to the Start Button-->Program Files-->Gmail Notifier-->Uninstall and then follow the uninstallation instructions.
Re: uninstall gmail notifier gravi_t 3/19/10 10:20 PM
Exactly what I wrote in the very first reply in this discussion.
Re: uninstall gmail notifier saturnam 8/26/10 11:27 AM
I was using Google chrome and I tried gmail notifier. After I installed it, I was unable to login to my gmail account. I could see my emails using internet explorer, but not google chrome. I uninstalled gmail notifier, but it was still same.
Then I installed Windows > Dev-channel in
Now I can see my emails using google chrome.

Re: uninstall gmail notifier athiker 9/28/10 9:23 AM
I installed Gmail Notifier and it worked fine but then started using Google Talk which has a built-in gmail alert so no longer needed the Gmail Notifier.  I uninstalled via Start/Gmail Notifier/uninstall or Control Panel/Add/Remove programs...can't recall anymore as its been a while.

Anyway the program is no longer listed in either location but the little envelope is still in my system tray and I still get pop-ups from it.  Only now I get 2 pop-ups b/c Google Talk pops up also with a second or two delay after Gmail Notifier (and in a different part of the screen).  Very annoying.

When I right-click the "envelope" in my system tray area I do not get an "exit" option.  My options are:  Open Inbox, Compose, Check Now, Tell Me Again.

Please help this is driving me nuts.  How do I get rid of or disable this thing!  Does anyone know what this program is called under the Windows Task Manager "Processes" tab?  I don't see anything anywhere close to "Gmail Notifier".   I am using Windows XP.
Re: uninstall gmail notifier athiker 9/28/10 9:27 AM
This program is also not inside my Program Files/Google folder as far as I can see.  I also searched my hard drive for "notifier" and came up blank.
Re: uninstall gmail notifier athiker 9/28/10 9:58 AM
Sorry, it is evidently not Gmail Notifier.  I just reinstalled it to see if I could then uninstall cleanly and a new "envelope" appeared in my system tray that is completely different and does have the "exit" option.  I must have downloaded some other program that did not fully uninstall...very confused now....or maybe its just some setting somewhere in Gmail?

Anyway I uninstalled Gmal Notifier and I'm back to my original situation.  I get one gmail notification on the bottom left of my has a white envelope with red borders...and another on the bottom right of my screen that has a white envelope with blue borders.  aargh!  The one on the bottom right w/ the blue borders is evidently from Google Talk.  I exited Google Talk by right clicking on the separate Google Talk icon in my system tray and that notifier with the blue envelope borders no longer activates when new email arrives.  

The icon in my system tray has a white envelope with red borders corresponding to the email alert that pops up on the bottom left of my screen...also red borders.  I have no way of exiting or getting rid of this one.  Any help identifying what it is or getting rid of it appreciated.

Re: uninstall gmail notifier raymond2857 1/8/11 9:26 PM
i tried everything untill i uninstalled google talk, and problem solved