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Secure connection in Gmail becomes unsecure

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Secure connection in Gmail becomes unsecure emmanuelmalanda 4/17/10 1:53 AM
Explain your issue in full detail here:

I connect to Gmail using the my password is very long and has a mixture of letters,numbers and symbols.
I have noticed that the connection keeps getting unsecure after few minutes. this is clearly shown by a change of the padlock to an exclamation mark in a triangle. 
the message: however,this page includes other resources which are not secure. these resources can be viewed by other users while in transit ....

Whenever this happens i have to logout completely close Chrome and login again, an excercise which is becoming painful considering my password length.

Why does this keep happening?

Re: Secure connection in Gmail becomes unsecure Joshua 4/17/10 11:52 AM
The issue is that some of your mail messages contain references to insecure content (such as an embedded image from another site). Once gmail loads such a message, your browser will permanently mark the connection as insecure.

In reality, this isn't really dangerous, since only the image is insecure. The rest of the content is still secure. You can simply ignore the warning from your browser in this specific case. 
Re: Secure connection in Gmail becomes unsecure Steven 10/14/10 3:33 AM
I don't have any messages in my Gmail account because of the https: error symbol. I can fire up IE and I have no https: error on Gmail, but using Chrome shows the above described error. Always. Without fail.

Other https: sites work fine as well as other Google https: sites.