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How do I get to my Archives?

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How do I get to my Archives? Markraylv 10/18/09 9:06 AM
I've looked ALL OVER my mail account and can't find my archives HELP PLEASE!
Where do I go, what am I looking for, the word  "Archive" is no where to be found :(

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Re: How do I get to my Archives? bkc56 10/18/09 5:02 PM
When you Archive a message, all that's really doing is removing the Inbox label.  All your messages will be in All Mail (which might be under the More drop-down on the left side of the window).
Re: How do I get to my Archives? 1cyril1 1/12/10 3:52 PM
I can't identify my Archived mails within the "All Mail" listing.  Should there be an archived flag of some kind as I suspect they shouldn't just be inter-mixed with all of my hundreds of other labelled and unlabelled mails   .... surely not?  Maybe I'm missing something obvious?  Any help greatly appreciated!
P.S.  I watched Google's Help video on this and it gives impression that archived mail is all you get when you click on All Mail.  Previous posts on this topic are no more revealing, at least not so far!
Re: How do I get to my Archives? bkc56 1/12/10 9:12 PM
You're not getting it.  Archiving is not a place, it's an action.  All your mail is in All Mail, but sub-sets of it are viewable with other labels (Inbox, Sent Mail, Starred, etc).  When you archive a message all you are doing is removing the INbox label, but the message itself never moves.  It was, is, and will forever be (unless you delete it) in All Mail.
Re: How do I get to my Archives? 1cyril1 1/14/10 4:16 PM
Thanks bkc56.  Yeah, I've understood that all along.  I'm just expecting that when you archive a bunch of mails a special label is auto attached - why not?  Other labelled items are clearly identifiable in All Mail view and surely archived could be flagged similarly.  It may not be such a big deal as the mails haven't exactly 'gone away' but it would be a more consistent approach by Gmail?
Re: How do I get to my Archives? jb0730 2/17/11 5:58 PM
I agree with 1cyril1. They should be annotated as archived.  While checking off the emails I wanted to delete on my smartphone, I accidentally hit Archive which put the 50 or 60 emails that I had carefully selected and wanted to delete into the All Mail pile. Now I have to relook at all the newest 50 - 100 of them to ferret out the ones I wanted to delete in the first place!
Re: How do I get to my Archives? bkc56 2/17/11 6:18 PM
They should be annotated as archived.

Basically, the already are.  If it's a message you only archived, then it will be in All Mail and will have NO other labels attached.