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Account activity / login history Lost me 5/6/09 9:45 AM
I know that if I ever suspect my account has been compromised that I can change my password (and should do so periodically anyway); however, I want to know if it has been compromised BEFORE strange activity takes place. Also, if the account has been compromised for the sake of spying, the BEST indicator of a problem would be login activity as the person spying may never do anything more than just login to look around. One way to protect against this would be to look through my login history to view information such as the date/time of logins as well as the IP address it was logged in from. This would be similar to how Linux shows the last date/time and IP address that an account was secure shelled in from. I have had other email accounts with other providers (a few years ago now so I don't remember the names) that did have a way for me to access this kind of information regarding my account activity.

Does anybody know if there is a way to access this kind of account activity with Gmail?
Re: Account activity / login history gravi_t 8/30/09 1:44 AM

Re: Account activity / login history gravi_t 1/21/11 3:11 PM

As far as I can see, all the questions raised here have been answered.

To clarify: the last five IPs are what you get (this is still five more than with a lot of webmail services). If you want more, you need to request it via a legal process (see link in my first reply).
Re: Account activity / login history Joshua 5/6/09 9:54 AM
I think you are looking for the Last account activity link at the bottom of your inbox.

(And before you ask: no, it is not possible to get anything older than the last 5 logins.)
Re: Account activity / login history Lost me 5/6/09 10:33 AM
That's it (and yes, I would have asked about logins older than the last 5). Now, only if they offered a way to set notifications for each login so that you could have a longer record or have a setting to increase the number of login records.

Thanks much.
Re: Account activity / login history Malikzam 5/13/09 2:30 PM
I faced a very serious issue today ... its a big theft from my email ... i am searching for the activity of the full day but i could not get more than last 5 activities ... Please let me know if there is a way to get Log of the full day ... Thanks
Re: Account activity / login history test124 8/29/09 7:36 PM
Is there anyway to ask Google to record at least a full week of "Last Account Activity"? 5 logins is really not enough... people like me don't really notice until too late.
Re: Account activity / login history claire.widmark 10/19/09 10:25 AM
So what do I do if I need to get an activity acount log for the pat 24 hours? My dad has my travel lap top and it was stolen out of their car in italy yesterday.  I need to know if my account was accesed (beyond the 5 entries from today which are me) so that I can tell if any emails were downloaded and thus if my client files are safe.  Do I need a subpoena? for more than the past 5 accesses?
Re: Account activity / login history plantbroker 11/13/09 6:22 PM
Will gmail provide the IP for a stranger that accessed my account and reset my password?
Re: Account activity / login history kidneykorner 1/21/11 2:15 PM
Very good question. How come it was never answered? I agree that we should be able to see more than just a handful of IP's that have accessed our very own accounts! I was lucky I caught mine when I did! I noticed that one IP found the access to login (no idea how .. figured password cracking program) and then sold my login to someone in China who had since accessed twice before I noticed. yet today if I check it only shows the last login for the guy from China. I think it is important to find the hole by knowing the initial bad IP that accessed and time should not make that unattainable..