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How do I color-code my inbox?

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How do I color-code my inbox? dwhite417 8/26/09 7:04 PM
I want to color-code the labels I apply to my mail, but I can't figure out how.  I have read the instructions online, saying to go to the settings page and click labels and then click the box for the color palette, but I don't have a little box or a color palette either in the settings page or on the labels drop-down menu.  Does anyone know why this might be and how I can fix it?

Re: How do I color-code my inbox? dwight.stegall 8/26/09 7:38 PM
i'm not certain but i think mozilla thunderbird allows that
Re: How do I color-code my inbox? SN 8/26/09 7:43 PM
Coloring labels feature is in Gmail 'newer version'. Click the little expansion box next to a 'shown' label name on left hand side (see reference) and in addition can enable labs feature: 'Custom Label Colors'. 
Cannot yet color code Gmail default labels e.g. 'inbox', 'spam' etc. 
Can submit suggestion at Gmail help>help recourses>suggest a feature: 'I have another idea' choose selection tabs: 'message organization' 'labels and filters' label functionality' then add your comment, below.