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way to completely get rid of "all mail" label.

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way to completely get rid of "all mail" label. nzajac23 12/8/10 8:16 PM
Explain your issue in full detail here: what is the purpose of the all mail label? is there a way to get rid of it? there are certain things i need deleted in my email and have to keep going in this all mail folder and deleting them again and its getting very annoying and if it cant get deleted i may have to change to another email

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Re: way to completely get rid of "all mail" label. bkc56 12/8/10 10:21 PM
Gmail doesn't have folders.  All your messages are saved in All Mail.  Everything else (Inbox, Sent Mail, Starred, labels, etc) are just "views" into a sub-set of the messages in All Mail.  And since there's only one copy of any message, if you delete it from any label, you're deleting the only copy, so it's gone from all of them.  If you delete a label you remove that "view", but the messages are still in All Mail.

You can go to Settings->Labels and Hide the All Mail label.