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Gmail login snolan3 12/28/09 9:53 AM
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I am building a website for my class (grad student) and we all have gmail and wanted to see if there was a way to use our gmail as a login to the website so we dont have to create another username/password for something. I know there are privacy/protection things to worry about, but is there no encoded script that I could use? We used a google group for awhile, but we need more storage space and a forum for convenience. 

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Gmail login bardiroperward 1/12/10 12:52 AM
cannot access my account
Re: Gmail login Tito Dutta 1/12/10 1:08 AM
Well if you can not access account, follow this-
Re: Gmail login Devrishi 1/12/10 3:20 AM
Yes you can use google account login for any third party application.
Please reply with your application platform details
Re: Gmail login monday poaiti 4/19/10 4:18 PM
cannot access my account-gmail