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How to set up email rules

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How to set up email rules cindyre 8/25/09 7:56 AM
I'm a manager. I always need manual forward some email from somebody to a group of people work under me. How can I make it automatically?

It like of like setting mailing  rule for outlook.

For emails from A or subject include A will automatically forward to a group of people. Please help.

Re: How to set up email rules SwiftStriker00 8/25/09 8:33 AM
Well this can be done in a two step process.
1. Create a group in your contacts list. If you do this alot i am sure that you have already done so.
2. Create a filter that, when said person emails the email will be automatically forwarded to your contact group
Re: How to set up email rules raysurx2010 12/29/10 11:16 AM
Can you explain this with more step by step detail.  I'm used to Outlook, and Gmail is like in it's own complicated world. Why is it so complicated?  I want to setup a rule to forward any messages from both a certain user and with certain words in the subject line. Is this even possible?
Re: How to set up email rules wdurham 12/29/10 2:03 PM
You can do almost the same with GMail filters as you can with Outlook rules, and you can certainly select emails from a certain user, emails with certain words in the subject, and even emails with certain words in the body.

But automating the forwarding of certain selected incoming emails to a group of your contacts doesn't appear to be doable in GMail via a filter. If your group is small (under 20 members) - you could set up a separate filter to forward the selected emails to each member of the team. A fairly tedious one-off process to set it up, but automatic thereafter. 

Alternatively, you can do it manually in just a few seconds - put your team into a group in Contacts with their own specific group name first. Then open messages that need forwarding, click forward and enter the first couple of letters of the group name in the To box. GMail will drop down matching suggestions, so just pick your group and click Send. But that relies on you spotting the stuff that needs forwarding, which might not always be convenient at busy times.

I've seen it suggested that this is a good application for a Google Group - I am not familiar with the way Groups work, but you might like to check it out?