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How to move emails in bulk from inbox

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How to move emails in bulk from inbox tripathiaditya 7/3/10 8:11 PM
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I understand the labels functionality in gmail. What I want to understand is, in case I have e-mails in inbox which I want to label with some label and I don't want them to appear in inbox, how can I do that. For e.g. I can filter or search e-mails from a specific contact and I want to specifiy a label for the search or filter result. After applying the label it has two labels 1. Inbox 2. New Label. What I want it to omve from inbox so that it has only one label that is New Label. How can I remove Inbox label from e-mails in bulk.

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Re: How to move emails in bulk from inbox thisisMYusername:) 1/5/11 2:29 PM
You have probably figured this out by now, but in a Filter, I think you can do what you want by checking "Skip the Inbox".