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Can't Import Yahoo Mail into new Gmail Account

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Can't Import Yahoo Mail into new Gmail Account jkhou 11/22/11 9:43 PM
Explain your issue in full detail here:

I know there are a number of posts about this already, but I can't seem to find an answer, and was wondering if there was any updated information out there.

Yesterday I created a new gmail address.
I have a address and want to move all the mail from my address to my new gmail address.
I follow all the correct steps, but when I go to the part to add my address and password, Gmail is telling me it can't verify my username and password combination.
I am 100% sure the username (full email address) and password is correct.


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Re: Can't Import Yahoo Mail into new Gmail Account °ღ•Roshan°ღ• Ex TC 11/22/11 10:21 PM
Re: Can't Import Yahoo Mail into new Gmail Account wdurham 11/22/11 10:21 PM
Yahoo is picky about when - if ever - it will let GMail into your account to import messages, even when your username and password are correct. I can't import from my Yahoo account either, so you are not alone.

If your Yahoo account offers POP access then try Mailfetcher instead - see the link for how to set it up. Note that you may have to enable POP in Yahoo first. 

And for your Contacts, export them from Yahoo, and import them into GMail. See these links for how to do that. 

Alternatively, you may be able to use IMAP to download the contents of your Yahoo account to an email client like Thunderbird - Thunderbird will pre-populate all the settings for you, so it's just a matter of giving Thunderbird your Yahoo username and password. 

Once Thunderbrid has downloaded your Yahoo messages, then you can also set up your GMail account in Thunderbird - again, Thunderbird will use the correct settings, so just supply your username and password. 

See these links for how to do that:

One both accounts are showing in Thunderbird, you can copy mail from Yahoo folders to your GMail folders.