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Sync GMail contacts with Windows Live Mail?

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Sync GMail contacts with Windows Live Mail? levander 6/2/10 5:33 AM
Did a way to sync contacts between GMail and Windows Live Mail ever become available?  I've seen older posts in the forum that said the only thing available was an import.

Windows Live Mail has a much cleaner interface than Thunderbird.  Syncing contacts is the only thing holding me back from switching.  I bet a lot of people start using Windows Live Mail.  It's a nice little app.

I see something in the Windows Live Mail menus in the Contacts window about "Active Directory".  Doesn't GMail support something like this?  Does anyone know how to configure it?

I heard something about GCalDaemon, that reads your GMail contacts and makes them available as an LDAP server.  But, that sounds kind of sloppy.  Think I'd just rather use Thunderbird than mess with that.
Re: Sync GMail contacts with Windows Live Mail? Sean P. 12/13/10 9:22 AM
Hi levander, 

I'm less familiar with Windows Live Mail, but as far as I know there isn't a way to do this.

Gmail makes your contacts available for sync via the Contacts Data API and the Portable Contacts API.  Windows Live Hotmail actually uses the former to allow you to import your Gmail contacts into Hotmail, but as far as I know Windows Live Mail doesn't have the same feature.  And Gmail doesn't have an LDAP interface to contacts.

Gmail lets you sync your contacts to your mobile phone (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows, etc.), so if there's a way to sync your Windows Live Mail to your mobile phone, then you could *in theory* use your phone as the central sync hub and use Gmail Contacts and Hotmail Contacts as the two sync endpoints.  I haven't tried this though, and I can't recommend it because it's beyond the scope of what mobile phone sync is usually designed to handle, so there's a decent likelihood that you could get duplicated contacts.  So this method is only for the brave, and for those who have made plenty of backups ;-)  If someone tries this and it works, please post your results!
Re: Sync GMail contacts with Windows Live Mail? levander 12/14/10 6:03 AM
Sean, thanks for responding.  But, I'd check the dates on posts you respond to.  It's probably a better use of time to respond to questions that are younger than six months old.  I stopped using Windows Live Mail awhile back.  It was a real pain.

But, I've looked at this stuff way too much.  It does seem the easiest solution is to store all your contacts on Google Mail then use all the various little plugins and tools out there to synchronize them everywhere.   And, if you really need it easy, you could pay for a Schedule World account.  But, for personal use and it just being one more bill I have to remember to pay, that doesn't seem like a great solution for my personal needs.

Everything Google can do to make it easier to synchronize contacts would really be appreciated.  Why don't yall buy ScheduleWorld and make it a free (advertising supported) service??  Please inform the CEO of this wonderful idea.
Re: Sync GMail contacts with Windows Live Mail? Sean P. 12/14/10 10:56 AM
Yeah I almost skipped over this one on account of its being 5 months old ;-), but over 1700 people have viewed this topic so I figured it would be good to add a note for future visitors.  My apologies that it was too late for you though.  It's unfortunate that Windows Live Mail didn't work out for you, but I don't disagree with you that keeping all of your contacts in Google and then synchronizing them to the various endpoints is a good strategy.