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How can I remove Chat?

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How can I remove Chat? lcedar 6/10/09 3:50 PM
I do not have gmail and do not use chat forums. I did not ask for the program on my desktop. HOW CAN I GET RID OF IT PERMANENTLY!!!!!
Frustrated with Google when they force things without permission.
Re: How can I remove Chat? JohnW2 6/10/09 4:05 PM
If you don't have a Gmail account, then you can't use Chat anyway.
Chat is a facility which is part of a Gmail account - it is built into Gmail, which is a web application. There is no software to install on your computer.
Also, Gmail Chat is not associated with Chatrooms - Gmail chat is a one-to-one experience, or one-to-a-group.

I simply don't understand how you've got the program on your desktop, because it doesn't have an icon.

Google has NEVER ever forced anyone to download anything onto their PC - and certainly not against their wishes.

To rid yourself of whatever it is, either go to Start > All Programs and find the offending program and use the uninstall, or go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, and if you genuinely have Chat installed, you have to remove it from there. 
Re: How can I remove Chat? lcedar 6/10/09 4:19 PM
Thanks JohnW2 but the program "Chat" or "Gmail" is not on my list of programs, nor is it listed in Control Panel > add/remove programs. Any other suggestions?
Re: How can I remove Chat? JohnW2 6/10/09 4:24 PM
If the program's not in either of those places, then it's not installed on your PC.
Simply click on the desktop icon for it, and delete it. Then its reference is gone.
But you still haven't said how it came to be on your desktop in the first place.
Re: How can I remove Chat? lcedar 6/10/09 4:50 PM

One day about a month ago it just appeared on my Google desktop. There is no icon just "Enable Chat" listed below my other pages on left side of screen.

If I click on it I get options to hide sign out help, etc. But it never goes away. Will I have to cancel my Google account and reopen a new one to get rid of this? It's frustrating; I thought I had more control over my computer. Could I have a Gmail account without knowing it?

Re: How can I remove Chat? JohnW2 6/11/09 8:25 AM
Ah! Now I'm with you!!!
The Chat you're talking about is a full part of Gmail (as I indicated in my first response). You cannot "remove" it - the only thing you can do is to 'Turn Off chat'.
Go to the bottom of your webmail page display, and there's a series of links (in pretty small type) which say "Google Mail view: standard | turn off chat | basic HTML  Learn more
If you click on that (to turn it off) that's as much as you can do. It won't bother you.

You MUST have a Gmail account to get to the webmail page, so that the Chat appears.
Re: How can I remove Chat? Kewe 7/7/09 10:51 AM
Anybody know how to write to Google directly to complain about Chat?
Re: How can I remove Chat? dutchman239 7/7/09 11:55 AM
Perhaps this is because I use Mac 10.4.11 or otherwise don't know. I don't want to
chat. I just like to email.
At the bottom of the gmail inbox page, where the "last activity" information displays,
is this line: 'Gmail view: standard | turn on chat | basic HTML  Learn more '
Notice where it says: turn on chat ? I do too. But something is strange about that because
chat is still turned on because every time my cursor glides over an address in my
inbox, or personal contact list, the chat dialog box appears. It disappears after I move my
cursor away from the address and chat dialog box, but then I have to very carefully navigate
the cursor between the addresses so as not to activate the chat dialog box from hiding the
information I need to look at.
How or where do I go to deactivate the chat dialog box or stop it from appearing?
Thanks in advance, dutchman239
Re: How can I remove Chat? Kewe 7/7/09 12:03 PM
Thank you, Dutchman.  The machine I use is a Wintel.  I've pretty much given up on getting rid of Chat after unsuccessfully trying a few things, including modifying the Google settings file.  Oh, well...
Re: How can I remove Chat? dpbaril 3/6/10 11:40 AM
Notwithstanding the correctness JohnW2's answer, it would be preferable if the the chat widget could be removed from the Gmail interface altogether as with any other application that the user does not want to use.  Why occupy valuable screen real estate with something that the user does not want?  It is annoying!
Re: How can I remove Chat? rascaljay 4/27/10 8:05 AM
I have found that if you go to the left side of the gmail page, look where it says chat (under your folders area). At the bottom of the chat box, it has a blue OPTIONS tab. Click the options tab and check the "Sign out of Chat" option. This will disable the chat feature until such a time when you check it to sign back in. It works well.
Re: How can I remove Chat? PsychicWebbah 6/11/10 3:44 PM
Fools, just because you sign out of chat doesn't mean it doesn't sign back in. Everytime I start up gmail, it opens the chat list (all greyed out) and complains when it can't connect to their servers. What a crock of shit.
Fuck you gmail chat!
Re: How can I remove Chat? lcedar 6/12/10 11:07 AM
I was unable to submit my "report abuse" message (I got an error message) in response to Psychis Webbah's answer. His use of obscene and vulgar words violates forum rules and is offensive. It shows a complete lack of respect and consideration for others. Perhaps he is too immature, or never learned, a vocabulary sufficient to express his displeasure or objections in a civilized manner. His vulgar language is an act of gross misconduct. Poor and pitiful! 
Re: How can I remove Chat? terri1986 9/12/10 8:10 AM
anybody know how to disable the video chat feature?
Re: How can I remove Chat? JohnW2 9/13/10 7:16 AM
"Video chat" would imply that you've installed the 'Voice & Video' application.
To remove, click on your 'Control Panel', select the "Add/Remove Programs" section and remove the relevant application there.
Re: How can I remove Chat? fandangothemovie 11/10/10 2:37 AM
Remove gmail chat.  I have not interest in gmail chat.  I do not want to see gmail chat.  I don't want to know about gmail chat.  I do not want to chat.  I am sick and tired of seeing gmail chat every time I check email  Again, remove gmail chat!
Re: How can I remove Chat? JohnW2 11/10/10 7:51 AM
You have the power to switch it off - on the Gmail page display.
Of course it requires you to look, but if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you'll see a line 
       Gmail view: standard | turn off chat | turn off buzz | older contact manager | basic HTML  Learn more
and if you click on the turn off chat, then the feature should be removed from your display display. You'll never be able to remove the code for it, but then that's not something any of us can get involved in!

But I'm not quite sure that a posting about turning chat off being made in a thread where people are asking how to turn it on would really be helping others.
Re: How can I remove Chat? Jorakae 12/23/10 11:46 AM
It isn't just turning it off. It still takes up space on my screen that makes me have a scroll bar at the bottom of my browser giving me the idea that there is something important there. The fact is, for people who don't want gmail chat, we don't want to see it on our screen - and that should be an option. Just turning it off doesn't remove it from our screens. We have to look at it all day every day even though we don't use it, taking up precious space on our screen. We just want to remove it completely, period.
Google, this is clearly a plea from many. It wasn't always like this. Please allow us to remove Google chat from our screens.
Re: How can I remove Chat? JohnW2 12/23/10 5:15 PM
If you turn chat off (on the "Gmail view" line as indicated above) then it won't take up any screen space, since the line it "disappears" to is there with other information (like the switch between Standard and basic html view).
You are expected to at least "read" the information we give and try it out.
And providing you with that switch is precisely to allow you to remove chat from your display - just as you asked!
Re: How can I remove Chat? Jorakae 12/23/10 5:59 PM

I appreciate the response, but I don't think you get it.

Here is a screen shot of what gmail looks like with chat off:

It takes up 1.5 inches of my 14" screen which is >10%. For what? A feature I don't want, I don't use, and I didn't ask for. I don't care about the line at the bottom with options at all. That is fine.

You don't think I've read the information I've been given? I have read every piece of information on the Internet available about getting this rid of this most annoying "feature" for at least a year. Apparently no one can turn it off and have it removed from their screen as a result of the update to gmail 3.

Again I make my pleas, please allow users to remove google chat from their screens.
Re: How can I remove Chat? Jorakae 12/23/10 6:04 PM
I take that back that people can't remove it from their screen. People have reported being able to remove it with Firefox, Greasemonkey, and a JS or CSS file. I'm sorry, but that is ridiculous. I don't want to have to run three different things to remove a feature that I should be able to remove natively.
Re: How can I remove Chat? PaulDube 12/31/10 6:32 AM
Click the Google Labs icon at the top of the page  and disable:

Right-side chat
by Emily C

Move the chat box to the right side of the inbox.

Send feedback

Re: How can I remove Chat? nematode 1/10/11 11:00 AM
On my gmail page I had chat turned off but it kept waking up and trying to connect (always unsuccesfully here at work).  It seemed to hang up gmail.  I am looking at gmail in html view now.  It's ugly but chat is gone and gmail doesn't keep balking like the standard view with the chat unable to connect.
Re: How can I remove Chat? laszy77 1/25/11 4:20 AM
I am having the same problem that nematode mentions above.  I have chat turned OFF and yet it keeps waking up and trying to connect to gmail, and then my gmail would start hanging and then stop loading altogether. If chat is turned off, why does it keep trying to connect?  It makes me think that off doesn't really mean off here.
Re: How can I remove Chat? cellninja 2/3/11 4:14 AM
EVERYONE I GOT THE Answer at the cost of gmail formatting i guess :) but its a sacrifice ill haf to live whit :)
At bottom of page in mail it should say view basic html version, it does not have all the junk including chat, its all gone!
Im not sure if it can be defaulted tought, so everytime one goes into gmail it uses basic html :x can anyone else figure out that
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