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Contact list view... watersx5 1/14/14 8:59 PM
When looking at the 'my contacts' group in Gmail, it only shows some can I, if I can, modify what information is shown here?, job title, bday, etc...right now it shows name, email, one phone number, address and any groups that it is part of.

Thanks in advance!! :-)

Re: Contact list view... wdurham 1/14/14 9:09 PM
Unfortunately, the contact listing isn't user-modifiable - to see all a contact's info, you need to click on it and open the entry card.

Though you CAN get a full text-only listing on screen that you can scroll through if you choose Print from under the More button. 
Re: Contact list view... watersx5 1/15/14 6:37 AM
Thanks, wishful thinking! :-)