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Can I save a CC list as a group?

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Can I save a CC list as a group? gsquared 1/22/10 7:02 AM
If I receive an email that is CCed to a bunch of friends or co-workers, can I easily save the entire list as a group? It is tedious to add from a Cc list into contacts then create a group and add them all, it would be much better if I could make them a group easily. Any ideas? The same question applies if all the addresses are in the "to" field rather than the "CC" field.

I use Windows XP, Firefox, Symantec, no toolbars or addons.
Re: Can I save a CC list as a group? benjamin.g.pratt 2/1/10 11:42 AM
If you go back to the old version, you can cut and paste and list of emails when you make a group. As far as I can see, it's not possible in the new version. This is what i do everytime i make an email list of my new students in each class every semester. I wish google would incorporate this into the new version!

Re: Can I save a CC list as a group? gigagica 4/15/10 6:52 AM
it works perfect as you say benjamin! thank you!!! very, very helpfull and simple! and it would definetly be easier to do that in the new version!