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How to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook contacts?

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How to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook contacts? Owim 6/18/09 4:26 AM
Google has announced Google Calendar - Outlook Calendar sync app. (

However, how can I sync Gmail Contacts with Outlook contacts (not import/export, but true sync)?

Re: How to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook contacts? ed.k 6/19/09 8:00 AM
i am looking for the same!!!
Re: How to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook contacts? Owim 6/19/09 10:10 AM
There is an enterprise version that does it for money:

BTW, there is a problem with the new Google App to Contacts sync:

"Google has released a Contacts API as part of their existing GData feeds framework. The new Contacts Data API "allows client applications to view and update Contacts content in the form of Google Data API feeds. Your client application can request a list of a user's contacts, edit or delete content in an existing contact, and query the content in an existing contact." Contacts are shared among Google apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Reader and more. As one use-case, Google says this API allows web developers to import a user’s Google contacts into their apps, as well as export their app’s contacts into Google.

What's interesting is that the contacts are tied to a Google Account, not necessarily to a Gmail account, so Google could release a separate address book for those who don't use Gmail."

Re: How to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook contacts? midcastro 9/12/09 4:42 AM
So... if you don't pay for that company you won't be able to sync?
Re: How to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook contacts? JaysComputer 9/15/09 10:00 PM
I've been testing out a trial version of gsyncit on my two PCs to sync contacts and calendars between Outlook and Gmail. Its like $15 to buy. Sounds like what you are looking for if your still interested 3 months later.

As a further note -
I'm using a trial version of Spanning Sync ($65 to buy) on my Mac to sync to gmail as well. And I tied my iPhone in using Google Sync.(free)

Everything seems to play well together except for Gmail, which has no way to collect Prefixes and Suffixes (Dr., Mr.Sr., Jr.) as far as I can tell. Instead Gmail puts them altogether into one "Name" field. Which seems to propagate duplicates back and forth unless you don't use them or take the spaces out between them. Like Dr.Smith and Hyde-Jr.  (with a dash).  If I'm wrong about the gmail missing fields please feel free to post a correction.

Re: How to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook contacts? peterpa 9/25/09 8:10 AM
I'm using, but backup your contacts in both locations ... It's a beta product, but it's getting better.  At this point, I'm syncing over 1000 contacts, and the only thing that doesn't make it from Outlook to Gmail is Job Title ... all of my master contacts are in Outlook, so I blew away my google contacts (since they were a bit of a mess and based on an old Outlook import) before starting the process.
Re: How to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook contacts? ben1125 12/9/09 11:42 PM
Check out, after using it for a short while it appears to be a life saver.  So simple to use and it works well.  Don't bother with any others.  Nice job.
Re: How to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook contacts? keith.duff 12/19/09 5:39 AM

I would like to see a shared contact option set up just like shared calendars - where I can invite others to share a contact list (or group, I suppose) and give rights to just read or read/write.


I would use this in two ways:


1) I have a personal gmail account and a google apps account.  I have to manually keep both contact lists updated - I wish I could update one and it would auto update the other (or in this case, update one and that is the one both use)


2) In Google Apps, I have 6 people who all need access to the same contacts.  Just like above, when a change is made in one, I have to manually change the other 5.  Real pain.  In things like MS Exchange, this is considered a global address book. 


Possible Solutions



Re: How to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook contacts? oceanaut 1/7/10 1:57 AM
GO ContactSync does the trick nicely.
Open source. Beta though.
Get it at
Re: How to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook contacts? PDResponse 1/9/10 7:35 PM
Several great sync programs make it possible to keep your contacts organized.
Steve Slepcevic
Paramount Disaster Recovery, Inc.
Re: How to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook contacts? Meidas 3/9/10 6:31 AM
Use "Sync2" to sync google contacts with outlook. Super program :)
Re: How to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook contacts? hjgreenfield1 10/2/10 3:36 AM
I would like to sync my address book in outlook with my gmail address. how can I dod this?
Re: How to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook contacts? wlwoods 11/7/10 11:39 AM
I am trying to export my contacts from Outlook to Google Gmail. However, every time I try I get the following message: Oops. An unknown error occured while importing your contacts.

I am following the instructions on the Microsoft Office website and I am using Office 10. I noticed on item #6 of the instructions that it states to "Click Comma Separated Value (DOS)." Perhaps this should be Windows and not DOS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: How to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook contacts? avip2u 12/9/10 1:13 PM
I am having the same problem - - I need to automatically sync my contacts from GMAIL to OUTLOOK and/or the reverse.   I have a Motorola DROID 2 Global phone running on the Verizon network.  Furthermore I access GMAIL via the internet of course, from 3 of my own computers plus a work laptop.  By 'sync' I mean that I if I make a change from any of the above places including on the phone, both Outlook and Gmail should automaticaly and quickly each get the 'update', which could be a 'create', a 'delete', or a 'modify'.
So far I have found 3 "solutions"...  it would be great to have an unbiased review and comparison of these.
BEFORE STARTING - - I strongly recommend exporting backup CSV file(s) of your contacts !
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  
This is free but only "beta".  Download and install is very quick and simple.  It worked for me on the initial sync, and then stopped working.  The website states clearly that the "ongoing sync" functionality is not yet finished and for me this was correct.   Note I am posting this as of Dec 9, 2010 so perhaps at a later date this will be fixed. 
Anyway, worse... I also then began receiving a strange error about "Junk Email Lists" from Outlook, which crashes Outlook because you cannot "X" out of the error message so you have to kill the program.  Worse yet, this error persists after uninstalling the app, and I have yet to resolve the problem with my tech support rep !   I cannot have Outlook "down" for long so this is VERY BAD.   In fairness to this app/developer, I suppose there is a non-zero probability that this error coincidentally began appearing at the same time as I tried this app, and is unrelated.
Another problem I found is that the sync(s) created multiple copies of contacts.  Thankfully within Google/Contacts, there is a "Find Duplicates" and then "Merge".
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Costs $40 to purchase after a free 14 day trial, during which it appears you have full functionality.  Having downloaded/installed the trial version, I recommend reading the GUIDE before doing so as the install setup asks you non-obvious questions.  There are 4 sections of setup you might want to review:  Google Settings, Outlook Settings, Advanced Settings, and Auto-Sync (settings).  The setup went OK but the first sync (a button for which is available within the install/setup screen) FAILED - - the error message said something like "RPC server not available" and then the process would not cancel nor would the app/window close.  I had to Ctl-Alt-Del and then kill the both the "Application" and the "Process" from within the Task Manager.   P.S.  After I did what is listed below, I came back to the setup screen later and tried this 'sync now' button again - - still didn't work.
Next step after a reboot was to double click the Synchronize icon that had appeared on my desk top underneath the Setup icon.  The first dialog box that appeared was to open Outlook files (which very briefly appeared), then 2nd box was to read in Google Contacts... a side note, the green progress bar fills up to 100% upon reading 100 contacts, but I have >400 so it just sat there on full green while it retrieved the rest of them.  The 3rd box was to read in Outlook contacts... another side note that this time the green progress bar does not fill at all, it just stays at zero while the numeric counter increments.   Anyway, the sync continues retrieving calendars and tasks from both google and outlook, and finished (for me) successfully. 
Like I mentioned, read the guide and be careful about the set-up options you choose, since if you choose what amounts to "sync all", and then if you have multiple calendars on google, you will get ALL of them in Outlook.  Similarly, if you have more than one and/or shared calendar(s) in Outlook you get ALL of them on Google.   I chose to backtrack into SetUp and sync only those that I really need (for example, not syncing a personal calendar on google that I on did not want on outlook as work).  It might have been a better strategy to start by syncing those items one is SURE about, and if needed go back into setup and add more.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Costs $20, and for the trial version I quote from the website:  "You can use the unregistered version _before_ you purchase a license. The unregistered version is limited to synchronizing one Google and Outlook calendar, synchronizing 20 contacts/note/tasks entries and does not sync deletes for contacts/notes/tasks entries. Registration will remove these limitations and remove any registration/nag dialogs from the appliance."  
The limit of 20 is simply unacceptable for me,  but I gave it a shot anyway.   The download is fast, and the install, when it starts asks you to close Outlook. If you let it do so automatically, Windows 7 views this as "Outlook has stopped working" and then restarts it automatically.  I couldn't be certain if the install worked after that, so I finished the process and then re-ran install having first closed Outlook. The second time I saw no problems, and when it finished it offered to start Outlook for me. 
The end result of install was (1) no desktop icon (2) program listed under Start Menu --> All Programs.  Running the program from here results in nothing visible happening.  Clicking on the lower right place where active process icons are 'stored/hidden', I found an icon.  Upon right clicking this icon and choosing "Sync", nothing visible happens.  Choosing "Settings", I got a dialog box with a series of screens that will look normal to any Windows user.   However, I could find no place to enter my google account ID & password.  I have no idea if it was syncing or if so, how it would do so.  I was logged in to google at the time so maybe it "knew" this and didn't need to ask?  Sorry but if I was to pay $20 for something I want it to give me SOME indication that it worked.   On the plus side I detected no other errors beyond the closing of Outlook mentioned above.
OVERALL - - I liked COMPANION LINK the best.   But I do not know that I will fork over the $40 !
I have also read the comments about Google's solution which you must pay for and is only available for Apps Premier users, which I presume you must also pay for.  SO that would be a fourth option but it is one I cannot even try.
Re: How to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook contacts? shravanin4u 2/5/11 1:15 AM

You can quickly export your Gmail Contacts list into a CSV file. Here's how:

  1. Sign in to Gmail.
  2. Click Contacts along the side of any Gmail page.
  3. From the More actions drop-down menu, select Export....
  4. Choose whether to export all contacts or only one group.
  5. Select the format in which you'd like to export your contacts' information. Please note, some of these formats can lose some contact information.
    • To transfer contacts between Google accounts, use the Google CSV format. This is the recommended way to back up your Google Contacts.
    • To transfer contacts to Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, or various other apps, use the Outlook CSV format.
    • To transfer contacts to Apple Address Book, use the vCard format.
  6. Click Export.
  7. Choose Save to Disk then click OK.
  8. Select a location to save your file, and click OK.

Depending on the requirements of the program to which you're importing your contacts, you can easily edit the file to fit your needs.

Re: How to sync Gmail contacts with Outlook contacts? saller.flo 3/6/11 3:29 PM
See GO contact Sync Mod