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Group lost numerous contacts

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Group lost numerous contacts Amanda in Tucson 1/13/14 7:46 AM
I just went into one of my contact groups this morning and about half of the contacts are no longer in the group. I've had to go back through all my contacts to recreate the complete group. Any idea what could have happened?
Re: Group lost numerous contacts wdurham 1/13/14 9:19 AM
Do you access your Google Contacts with any other device?  If so, please say what device you use and does that device sync to any other contact service or account, apart from your Google Contacts? 

Which Android OS are you using?  ICS/Jellybean/KitKat? Or earlier? 

If you do not, what browser are you using to access your account? And are you using MacOS, Windows?  Is your account a plain vanilla Gmail account or a Google Apps account?  

Do the apparently missing contacts still exist? Do you still see them in My Contacts? What about in Other Contacts? 
Re: Group lost numerous contacts Amanda in Tucson 1/13/14 9:38 AM
It syncs with a Samsung Galaxy S4 SCH-I545 / Android 4.3 for about a year with no issues noted in the past. It only syncs with Google accounts. I have 3 separate google accounts that sync with my device. No issues noted in those accounts as of yet. It syncs with my Calendar, Tasks, Drive, Gmail for this account. I have a Google Apps account (I believe). I occasionally sync with Outlook but not very often and not since this has happened.

I use Chrome and sometimes explorer. I access my Google accounts via Window 8 primarily but also access it from my iPad and a Mac (Lion).

The contacts are not "missing". They are just no longer labeled with the labels I created for them. Some contacts did retain the label and some didn't. They still appear in My Contacts. I didn't check ALL of them because I have hundreds but it appears that they are not in "Other".

Re: Group lost numerous contacts wdurham 1/15/14 5:15 AM
Ah - so what has actually happened is that your Contacts have lost their Group names? 

In that case, this is a known issue that the Gmail team are currently investigating

Please add your troubleshooting data to this main thread and watch it for further information: