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What is a 'Yomi' name?

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What is a 'Yomi' name? nkliewer 1/3/10 1:43 PM
Explain your issue in full detail here:

When I export GMAIL address book via Google CSV, I see headers titled "Yomi"  
Any Idea what that is... and more importantly, how it translates to the gmail contacts list?  

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Re: What is a 'Yomi' name? Quintonian 1/16/10 6:50 PM
yeah, what is it?  What is a Yomi name?  ... some other language? ... Some acronym?
Re: What is a 'Yomi' name? MarwariLearner 3/23/10 10:59 PM
I don't know what Google means by it but Wikipedia says: Yomi (黄泉?), the Japanese word for the underworld in which horrible creatures guard the exits;....

So maybe this is something dealing with the afterlife or a game or something.
Re: What is a 'Yomi' name? tokoi 4/23/10 2:29 PM
"Yomi Name" means a Japanese reading aid. It is equivalent to "Furigana" ( see: )

Re: What is a 'Yomi' name? Gggirlgeek 6/10/10 12:56 AM
So your point is what?? Not helpful.
Re: What is a 'Yomi' name? pico55 6/21/10 6:55 AM
Re: What is a 'Yomi' name? magnus.roe 7/14/10 8:57 PM
Yomi is how the chinese characters in a name are read, usually this field is written with phonetics.
Re: What is a 'Yomi' name? Nick3193 8/21/10 9:25 PM