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Why can't we set reminders for tasks?

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Why can't we set reminders for tasks? mcp111 9/30/09 8:10 PM
Without this capability the tasks option is useless!!!
Re: Why can't we set reminders for tasks? SN 10/4/09 6:09 PM
Well, tasks is itself the reminder, as a grocery list, a place to consistently look, and see if things are completed or not, and cross off/and or eventually delete completed. Personally, I use Gmail calender, to email me, or just look at calender to see what I have listed, for that month, week or day.

Let me read your feedback :)
Re: Why can't we set reminders for tasks? LLeeG 10/30/09 2:57 PM
I agree, it's useless if you can't set reminders.  Here is what you have to do: open your calandar and make an appointment, name it "check tasks", set it to repeat daily, set a time, set a reminder for the appointment to email you every day to remind you to check tasks. 
It's as big a nuisance as trying to set an email as a task to remember. You have to set it as an appointment.  I have 20 appointments on my calendar every day. I'd rather have a list of separate reminders. 
Who has time for this?  We want quick, simple, convenient. 
It's a huge nuisance to have to make a calendar appointment to remind myself of all my little "to do" items.  I may as well use post-its.
Re: Why can't we set reminders for tasks? vgeula 1/21/10 11:17 PM
I agree Google is very powerful but a lot of small and helpful features in other mail programs have not been paid attention to
Re: Why can't we set reminders for tasks? SN 1/22/10 9:16 AM
See references:
Re: Why can't we set reminders for tasks? Klaus Weidner 1/25/10 1:36 PM
I think the goal is to set a reminder for the future, but *not* have it visible until that future date is reached, so that the task list only shows those tasks that you're actively able to work on.

Ideally, a task should have two independent dates - a start date (don't show this before that date), and a due date (show overdue warning when approaching that date). For example, a "confirm my dentist appointment" reminder that only starts showing 24h before the due date. Personally, I'd also be ok with using the existing due date field for that purpose by offering a "don't show tasks before their due date" option, but that's less flexible.

This would help avoid cluttered task lists containing lots of items where you are waiting for someone else or can't work on for some other reason. For example, I'd like to be able to add an email thread to my task list as a reminder to follow up in case I don't get a response, and this would be much more helpful if I could tell Tasks to hide that reminder until next week.

Ideally, the UI should offer "defer until later" shortcuts, so that you can move the reminder start date to tomorrow/next Monday/next month if you need to revisit a task later.
Re: Why can't we set reminders for tasks? eydryan 4/21/10 11:46 PM
You should use a system to organize your tasks. 

I for example use tasks for to-do style things, such as ideas and various small unimportant matters. For important tasks, with deadlines and so on, I just set them on my phone's calendar as either meetings (if they have a clear deadline) or to dos. So I know that whenever I take the phone out of my pocket I can see the really important tasks and otherwise I can easily check whenever I have some free time what I can do to fill it. 

There's not much of a point of having a reminder in Google Tasks because that's not what they're for. I just look at them as a nice replacement for Google Notebook (which I can still use) and not much more. 
Re: Why can't we set reminders for tasks? loribug26 4/22/10 6:56 AM
I Just want Google tasks to work like outlook that too much to ask?? I have to keep my work stuff separate from personal stuff, so work is on outlook and personal is all Google now. But this reallllllly aggrivates me. I've looked for multiple task managers in market, and have even purchased a couple, just to decide they're not really what I'm needing. Outlook tasks is what I need.
I already do the "check tasks" appointment reminder every day.  But sometimes things just don't get done in order, and a "snooze" option like outlook would be the best thing ever!
Re: Why can't we set reminders for tasks? Ric Hansen 4/23/10 3:49 PM
Google shouldn't add new features unless it also makes a commitment to improve on them and add critical features.  The task list feature is a nice idea, but should have reminder feature as noted, plus a search feature to find certain tasks with a key word.   Also moving items from the calendar to tasks would be great.  Does anyone at google see this stuff or are we all just ranting to one another for no apparent reason. 
Re: Why can't we set reminders for tasks? Joey Daly 5/2/10 11:32 PM
The tasks in Gmail currently is shitting me. I agree with most the posts above, but currently this is not a 'Task List' it's just a stupid list with fields that do nothing!!!

Ideally, I'd like to set a task, be reminded of it, be notified that it's overdue, and bug me shit out of me till I action the task.
Re: Why can't we set reminders for tasks? Sandra448 8/11/10 2:36 PM
I concur with the request for a more robust standard google task list options. I'm currently trying to convert all my Microsoft Outlook features into Gmail/Calendar, etc. It would be nice to "not" have to look at different areas, but have a comprehensive list in 1 day view, etc.

There is a Remember The Milk (RTM) calendar add-in that I'm trying out. I can't recommend yes or no at this time. There is a 15 day free trial then you have an upgrade option to pro ($24) year if you want to continue sync with your mobile. Your tasks will show up on your calendar with a check box as an all day item. There are also reminder options in the settings for due times, lead times, etc. Looks like a good option to try out. I'm trying to see if this works for me with GTD. (note-I'm not affiliated with RTM)
Re: Why can't we set reminders for tasks? SN 8/11/10 11:16 PM
Hi Sandra448,

Search this Gmai help forum for [ remember the milk ] might help you decide whether you want to use it, as there have been previous related discussions.
Re: Why can't we set reminders for tasks? Sandra448 8/18/10 12:58 PM
Thanks @SN; I'll check it out.
Re: Why can't we set reminders for tasks? DonnaMaurillo 9/25/10 11:32 PM
I have to agree about the frustration with Google Tasks. They are completely useless. If I want just a to-do list, I can keep it on a post-it note on my monitor. I really miss Outlook Tasks... a simple and very effective way to track my progress on a variety of projects. Everyone knows that a project has more than one deadline, and that many people can be working on a project at the same time. The project manager needs reminders about each deadline so she can check with the responsible team members about their progress. With Outlook Tasks, I also could keep detailed progress notes, which is really helpful for projects that run for several months. When my boss asks for a status, he doesn't want me to say, "The deadline is next month, and it's moving along." I want to be able to open my Tasks, look at my progress notes, and say, "I called Joe Jones last week, and he said the print order would be delivered tomorrow. Sue Smith told me that the mailing list would be ready by the end of the week, but I'm having trouble getting the company mail room to commit to a hard date for mailing."

Google is an innovative company, but on this feature, they just fall on their collective faces. Is it that hard to create something as functional as Outlook Tasks?? I'm having a hard time tracking my projects now, so I may have to move elsewhere.
Re: Why can't we set reminders for tasks? ab56cc 10/6/10 11:20 AM
Re: Why can't we set reminders for tasks? SESchild 10/11/10 7:45 PM
Ric Hansen makes a good point that I don't see answered - is Google seeing this thread?  And everybody else is right on the mark as well - the functionality of Outlook tasks is priceless!  I'm a small business owner ready to move my company over to Google Apps, but not until Google can replicate Outlook tasks.  My company will most likely always use Outlook (at least for a very long time), but I'd love to operate it with Google Apps.  In other words, Google Apps and Outlook tasks need to be able to collaborate, just like the calendar feature.  Add-on apps (like RTM) are a nuisance (no offense, I'm sure it's a great product, though I've never seen it), we need simplicity and full functionality.  Key reminders at specific times are a necessity for business owners and project managers; and the diary feature is vital to long running projects.  Some of my projects last for 7 to 10 years - the diary feature in Outlook tasks makes me well organized.  Adding a reminder brings up my diary, which has the action item listed at the top - along with full project history.  It's a beautiful.  At any given time I have 50 projects running, which makes the task list very important to me.  "Waiting on someone else", "in progress", due dates, assigning to others, etc helps me organize my projects and keeps them moving along on time and within budget.  Without Outlook tasks, I'd be a much less efficient business.  The difference over the days before Outlook tasks is significant.  Come on Google, you guys are doing great, close the loop and collaborate with Outlook tasks.  Talk to us - is anything in the works?
Re: Why can't we set reminders for tasks? drarbib 1/5/11 2:21 AM
Well currently there are a few solutions:

- google GQueues with the GQueues Gmail Gadget does everything but only for Google Apps users with a paid subscription or free trial account. To any google employees reading this, too bad you don't offer a paid version of the GQueues Gmail Gadget to non google apps.
- there is RTM, which i can't vouch for yet, i'm trying it at the moment, but it seems like with the gadget version you can't seamlessly integrate email and tasks, i haven't tried the browser add-on version yet.
- there is also Active Inbox, which os a browser add-on Firefox or chrome (i need it for safari), but if i remember correctly the automatic reminder features are only in the paid PRO version.

Personally, I am content with the free Tasks (even though i agree it isn't really a task management system). It's kind of strange to me to whine about what a free application does and compare it to a paid software).
There are two basic features that would make it a good app:
1. backwards labeling of emails in the task list. it's great that it's possible to mark an email as a task, but why can't i see which email are marked as tasks. this can be simply solved with a "Tasks" label. just like "Inbox" is treated as a label.
2. like what everyone else said here, that putting a due date on a task, actually does something, like an email / sms reminder option. 
Re: Why can't we set reminders for tasks? Matt Oli 3/9/15 5:05 PM
Hello everyone!

I know I'm a extremely late to thread, but I thought I'd add some insight to those who have stumbled on it.

In Gmail, it is not possible to add a reminder to a tasks, however Google has released a new product called Inbox, that has a similar functionality. At the moment, Inbox is available by Invite only, so if you don't have it already, you can send Google an email at to request an Invite.

Attached, you'll find instructions for using Inbox and for setting reminders.

Best regards,