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Getting Error Message (0x8004DF0B), how do I fix it?

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Getting Error Message (0x8004DF0B), how do I fix it? luny 4/24/09 6:50 AM
Since yesterday I have continued to get this message when I try to recieve my messages using Outlook2003.  I have tried cleaning out my junk folder as one topic suggested.  I've also tried cleaning out my inbox just in case.  I've also made sure my settings were in accordance with the gmail instructions; all to no avail.  It started doing this imediately after downloading a bunch of headers with no actual emails.  Can anyone help me please?

Task 'Checking for new mail in subscribed folders on' reported error (0x8004DF0B) : 'Outlook is unable to download folder (null) from the IMAP e-mail server for account Error: The connection to the server is unavailable.  Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'
Re: Getting Error Message (0x8004DF0B), how do I fix it? wár17 § 4/24/09 11:29 AM
2. Check these important settings:
a. Change the server timeout time from 1 min to 5 min
b. IMAP SSL is selected.
c. IMAP port number is 993.
d. Login name is the full email address
e. Change the incoming server to

3. Do you have a firewall blocking the connection?  Email virus checking?  Antispyware? Temporarily disable them.

4. Update Outlook to latest configuration. Outlook 2002 should have SP3. Outlook 2003 should have SP2 or higher.

5. Download IMAP Troubleshooter for Windows
Re: Getting Error Message (0x8004DF0B), how do I fix it? novazm 1/25/11 1:47 AM
I have the same problem for about 1 week, finally fixed it just now, it is because of the network setting, we changed a wireless AP 1 week ago, I set it to "Public network" by mistake, while it should be "Working network", after I changed it to "Working network", and restart the Outlook, it works now!