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Facebook account created with my username (mine is

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Facebook account created with my username (mine is dvs8 6/4/09 10:03 AM
I am aware that supposedly and however today I received an email saying that a new account had been created with the address (I am

The email was legit and came from Facebook, and upon resetting the password (thus taking over the poor chap's account) I can see a profile beginning to be created, so it seems that:

- Gmail has allowed someone to sign up to an account that has the same username as my account (davenewbould)

Can someone shed any light on this? I *know* it's not /meant/ to be possible....

Sorry typo, the start should be: 

"I am aware that supposedly and are aliases"

.... :)
Re: Facebook account created with my username (mine is selika 7/21/09 5:19 PM
I'm having a similar problem, I keep getting emails "x has confirmed you as a friend on facebook" and similar, sent to, when my address is

As this is not my facebook account, and i was getting millions of those emails, i reported one of the facebook notifications sent to the as phishing (the facebook reporting link totally doesn't work), but now all the facebook emails sent to *my* account are going to spam too . . .

It seems to me to be highly likely that these *are* scam emails, because searching for the address on facebook brings up no-body, and also there was never a "confirm your email address to join facebook" email for that account coming into my gmail inbox.

Anyone else having this strange thing?
Re: Facebook account created with my username (mine is rchalk 8/5/09 10:09 AM
I actually got the "Facebook Account Confirmation" email sent to "me" at  However, the person's name was different from mine, so I will not confirm this account (i do have one under my own email address).  I am guessing that an account on Facebook can be started with any email address not already on file with them, and perhaps people are hoping that others will confirm them.
Re: Facebook account created with my username (mine is judes2004 8/5/09 5:40 PM
I had the same problem today--my email address is, and I got an e-mail from facebook asking me to confirm an account registered to  I reported the account to facebook, but is there any chance that this person has access to either my gmail or facebook accounts?
Re: Facebook account created with my username (mine is LMcKin51- G-Suite-Top Contributor 8/5/09 5:44 PM

No if the person does not know your password and as long you don`t have same password that you used else where. then your account be safe.someone may have mistype their address when create a facebook account. and may had one letter off.
Re: Facebook account created with my username (mine is canavaro 8/18/09 6:26 AM
if the person knows your e-mail
Re: Facebook account created with my username (mine is jamae 9/11/09 9:09 PM
 i dont know how to confirm  the code in my account facebook
Re: Facebook account created with my username (mine is barbara.salvadori 9/14/09 5:24 AM
HI there, my problem is slightly different but I think it is related. I have a friend who is in my contact list with a 'googlemail' account and who I am in touch with for many years.
When she opened a facebook account she wanted to send an invitation to me to and she told me that I wasn't in her list.
Also she told me that her email address was 'gmail" and not 'googlemail'.
Everytime she sends an email to me, from her gmail account I receive it as googlemail.
When I tried to send an invitation from facebook using the googlemail, it comes up an error saying that the invitation couldn't go through.
I also tried to send her and invitation using 'user name' and 'gmail' instead 'googlemail' and it didn't work.
I cannot believe that we cannot become friend on facebook because of some weird technical problems.
We tried to sort it out with facebook team but they didn't help.

I never understood why when I invited her to open a gmail account (at that time the gmail account were on invitation only) she got a googlemail and all the other friends I invited had a gmail.
 Any idea of the kind of problem? Solutions?

many thanks.

Re: Facebook account created with my username (mine is Sarah V 9/28/09 11:34 PM
Where is google support on this?!! I have the exact same problem as dave - and I would like google to cancel the gmail account of the guy who has my....@googlemail...
and judes2004 - I got a 'confirm to create facebook account message', didn't confirm, and the next message was telling me the account had been created...
so the googelmail guy must be getting his emails - does this mean the he is also getting my gmail emails??
google please give me some answers and fix this...
Re: Facebook account created with my username (mine is ginm 10/19/09 9:32 PM
I got the same problems...Can google provide some clue?
Re: Facebook account created with my username (mine is boban96 11/3/09 4:54 AM
I don't know how to confirm the Facebook account. . . . any help? thank you anyway. . .
Re: Facebook account created with my username (mine is Foobar1 11/13/09 1:26 PM
I just got hit with the same problem. The only difference between my account and the other guys is a "dot" after the first letter and the "" domain. I deactivated the facebook account and reported to facebook (I think).

I really would like to know why sending email to "" would be the same as ""??? I think that kind of aliasing should be disabled.
Re: Facebook account created with my username (mine is Hidayat 12/2/09 8:41 PM
I just had this problem myself... someone signed up in Facebook, and confirmed it there, and even added his friends too!

I disabled the account as it was registered under my email and swiftly changed my password just in case. Anyway, I tried logging in with my password and it works. So how are they doing it?
Re: Facebook account created with my username (mine is mcbriderick6 12/3/09 6:52 AM
i can not receive emails from facebook
Re: Facebook account created with my username (mine is ATHiker95 1/3/10 3:11 PM
I have the same problem. Someone signed up at Facebook using my Gmail address  Now I get notifications from all his friends who sign up. Any email I send to him or if I click on the "Send him a message", it comes right back to me.  I signed up as a friend of his under my wife's Facebook acct so that I could post a note on his wall about this.  I don't think he ever looks at his Facebook page (which is rather strange), as there has been no reply to this conspicuous wall post.  I noticed under this info tab that his email address is listed as my gmail address. I've tried writing Facebook - no luck.  I did get a message via Facebook asking me to confirm him as a friend once and I didn't , yet his acct was still created.

I did get a message from Google saying that an email address he had signed up for at Google was now associated with my gmail address as his secondary address (which he apparently is using at Facebook). How could Google let him do that??? 

I have changed the password on my Gmail (Google) account, although it didn't look like he was hacking anything of mine and nothing is being posted in my Facebook acct (probably because I used a completely different email address when I set that up - thank God!). 

What is the solution? 

Re: Facebook account created with my username (mine is LMcKin51- G-Suite-Top Contributor 1/3/10 3:56 PM

 You need to contact facebook to get the issue corrected.
Re: Facebook account created with my username (mine is barbara.salvadori 1/4/10 4:19 AM
Well, is the first thing I have done and they didn't bother to answer, and we tried in many ways to sort this out.

The main issue anyway is the existence of a "gmail" and "googlemail" belonging to the same person and merged in one single account. This means that when my friend sends me an email with I received as

Re: Facebook account created with my username (mine is juzzi 5/13/10 6:06 PM

I had this happen about four years ago, where my account
received confirmation emails (with passwords included) meant for another guy with the
email address
So that was an issue with the dot.

Today I got an email from FaceBook asking me to confirm a new account, and the email
address it has is which is the other guy's again.
It is also addressed to and not my own address.

In another case, I opened and later received emails
meant for someone else who owns
This time it's not a dots difference, but the gmail vs googlemail difference.

So apparently, (according to Google) whether your address is or it's all the same and they both belong to you right?
Well I don't buy it.
I also just read that (according to Google again) Google mail does not recognise dots
in an email address at all!  That is really something I can't get my head around too.
I noticed in the email from FaceBook, that when I click on 'show details' to see the header,
it says, TO: (Yes, this is you) Learn More.

So the address without the dot is actually mine too and I didn't ever know it!
When I clicked on 'Learn More' I read this at Google Help:
Go to:
Gmail>Help articles>Your Messages>spam>Receiveing someone else's mail

       Receiving someone else's mail

            There are three common reasons why Gmail users think they're receiving someone else's      mail. Please select the description that matches your situation below.

           Your address is similar but has more or fewer dots (.) or different capitalization?

    Sometimes you may receive a message sent to an address that looks like yours but has a different number or arrangement of periods. While we know it might be unnerving if you think someone else's mail is being routed to your account, don't worry: both of these addresses are yours.

    Gmail doesn't recognize dots as characters within usernames, you can add or remove the dots from a Gmail address without changing the actual destination address; they'll all go to your inbox, and only yours. In short:

    All these addresses belong to the same person. You can see this if you try to sign in with your username, but adding or removing a dot from it. You'll still go to your account.

    If you get mail that seems to be intended for someone else, it's likely that the sender entered the wrong address, just like if you've ever dialed a wrong phone number for someone. In these cases, we suggest contacting the original sender or website when possible to alert them to the mistake.

    One last thing: Google Apps does recognize dots. If you'd like to have a dot in your username, please ask your domain administrator to add your preferred username as a nickname.

My mind is officially Blown!  You would think that this stuff (especially by now) would be
common knowledge.

So in the end, the thing is that someone in Thailand has tried opening a FaceBook account
using my email address.
As for reason I got mail intended for someone who owns the version of the same
name as my address... well, someone enlighten me please.
Re: Facebook account created with my username (mine is KeithR 11/7/10 8:40 PM is the same account as  In some parts of the world, the word Gmail is owned by someone other than Google, so when you open a Google Mail account there you get the full name rather than the short name.  You can test this by getting friends to send you message to each of them separately.  You will get both messages.

Either of them should work OK with Facebook.
Re: Facebook account created with my username (mine is EBM123 11/8/10 12:21 AM
The problem is not with Gmail - it is with Facebook. Facebook does not check for variations such as first...@gmail, firs...@gmail, fir.s...@googlemail, etc. I have not tested whether Facebook even checks at all (I tested using gmail and googlemail). I have just put in a Suggestion that they do this on the Facebook Help Center under the topic of Profiles. Maybe when lots of people suggest this (complain), they will correct this problem. The link to the Help Center is above.