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MAPI compatiblity

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MAPI compatiblity ounbbl 7/9/09 6:11 PM
Is google e-mail MAPI compatible?
If not, why not.
Re: MAPI compatiblity KeithR 7/10/09 4:10 AM
Because it isn't a desktop client.  No web based email manager can be MAPI compliant.
Re: MAPI compatiblity ounbbl 7/10/09 7:51 PM
What about AOL mail (newer version)? Isn't it comptable to MAPI?
Re: MAPI compatiblity Joshua 7/10/09 8:03 PM
This product can apparently bridge the gap between webmail and MAPI:
Re: MAPI compatiblity ounbbl 7/10/09 9:55 PM
I have downloaded Affixa and installed. But then what? It does not have any info how to use it and how to make it things work (sending files -  MS Word file or Winzip file to an e-mail address).
If there is any resources someher I would appreciate. (Some places landed through Q/A etc. suggest Registry editing to make it work. But all these must be for Windows XP, not Vista.)

Re: MAPI compatiblity KeithR 7/10/09 11:08 PM
There is a help section on the web site that Joshua gave you.  This is nothing to do with Gmail and people here will not be experts in Affixa.  The only help you can expect to find here is to get the configuration parameters for Gmail - server, ports, etc.
Re: MAPI compatiblity trunksy 7/27/10 12:14 PM
You can get MAPI for Outlook if you purchase Google Apps and use their Google Sync product. It creates a MAPI profile in Outlook.
Re: MAPI compatiblity KeithR 7/27/10 5:37 PM
@trunksy, you have contributed to a discussion that ended 8 months ago.  Are you sure you didn't mean IMAP?  They are different and Outlook is already compatible with both IMAP and MAPI without any additions.
Re: MAPI compatiblity trunksy 7/27/10 7:31 PM
Sorry, I was looking for an alternative to the "premium" Google Apps Sync. Yes, I know the difference between IMAP and MAPI. The MAPI interface is much better at handling synchronization of large batches of mail than IMAP. As far as I know, Outlook's compatible out-of-box MAPI only works with Exchange servers.

Any additional MAPI compliance will require third-party interfaces. Thus, it seems I've answered my own question. There is no alternative to paying for the "premium" version of Google Apps if you would like to use MAPI to connect with email but don't need nor want to maintain Exchange servers of you own.
Re: MAPI compatiblity KeithR 7/27/10 7:50 PM
As I recall it from an earlier project I developed, MAPI is the protocol for interfacing to an email client from other applications e.g. in the project I wrote, a telephone system.  I arranged for incoming calls to trigger an Access database procedure that in turn called for contact information from Outlook.

IMAP is a protocol for connecting an email client with an email server.  Outlook can certainly do that - I have used it.  IMAP will only synchronise email messages, not contacts.

Google Apps Sync provides Calendar and Contacts synchronisation as well for Outlook connected to a Google Apps domain.  It uses the MAPI protocol to interface to Outlook, so in a sense you are right - this plug-in for Outlook forms a MAPI interface to Gmail - if you have Outlook and Apps Premier.
Re: MAPI compatiblity Thimo Kraemer 1/11/11 5:23 AM
You could also try MAPI4Webmail: