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Imap error (authentication credentials) Code: 800cccd1

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Imap error (authentication credentials) Code: 800cccd1 84770guy 6/22/10 12:49 AM
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I am using Outlook Express on Windows XP MCE SP3.  I have multiple gmail accounts and they are all able to access and sync via IMAP with no problem, but one account keeps telling me to verify my user name and password.  I have logged in via the web interface, so the password is fine. I have disabled, then re-enabled IMAP, I have disabled and re-enabled POP access (was using POP but recently switched to IMAP). I've checked all client settings including SSL ports and unchecked SPA, tried with both fully qualified login name and unqualified (, still can't get it to work.  Can someone please tell me if there's a lock on the account?  Or is this related to a recent software rollout at google that I saw a post for?  Thanks in advance. Roland

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Re: Imap error (authentication credentials) Code: 800cccd1 AbraKadaWeb 12/4/10 8:51 PM

I got the same error when configuring IMAP account(Google Apps) with Windows Live Mail. The solution was in the username. When we login on Google Apps we only use the username (in my case SYLVIOLAJOIE) But when configuring the imap account I put all the adress that I use with Google Apps ( in my case SYLVIOLAJOIE @ ABRAKADAWEB.COM) and it was the solution.

Hope it can help someone


Sylvio ^) ^
Re: Imap error (authentication credentials) Code: 800cccd1 fdxnguyen 12/29/10 9:22 AM
Not really I use Windows Live Mail 2011 new version on the windows 7 Pro  which I got the same error code    Code: 800cccd1. (the fact I had four other gmail accounts the others config the same but only one of the account which had this error message once in awhile  But when I used Old version Windows Live Mail I have no problem to get to Imap server at all. If you config pop then only use your username but with the Imap you should put the to login the imap server. Still don't know why this error code caused from.