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Signature Block Gabriel.Anthony 8/25/09 1:30 PM
I created a signature block and it works fine when creating a new message.  However, when I am in a conversation and replying to a previous e-mail, my signature block is placed at the bottom of the conversation instead of where I am actually typing.  I can cut and paste it back up towards the top but it is defeating the purpose of having a signature block.  It would be great if the block were to always begin a couple of lines below where I am going to type(at the top of the e-mail) but a couple of lines ahead of the last response.  Is there a way to do this or does Google need to make the change? 
Re: Signature Block Sareth 8/25/09 1:56 PM
Gabriel, click on settings top right, then on the labs tab. Now scroll down until you find Signature tweaks and enable it. Scroll down to the bottom and press Save. That's it, you're done.
Re: Signature Block Gabriel.Anthony 8/25/09 2:51 PM
Thank you... that should be perfect.  Hopefully this will be included as standard in the future.
Re: Signature Block Sareth 8/25/09 3:03 PM
You're welcome!
Re: Signature Block smwendell3 11/5/09 8:54 AM
That still is not working for me.  The signature block is not under my reply.  Am I doing something wrong?
Re: Signature Block JohnW2 11/5/09 9:04 AM
Then go to Settings, and scroll down to Signature, and enable it there. [It is NOT enabled by default.]
Re: Signature Block iMARKcomm 7/27/10 3:05 PM
I don't have a Labs tab in the settings.  My signature is enables but again still appears at the bottom of the conversation.  I am missing the labs tab (or do you mean labels tab)?
Re: Signature Block JohnW2 7/27/10 4:41 PM
No, I do mean the Labs tab!!
What browser are you using - that doesn't show the Labs tab?

If you can't see it through Settings, then you're going to need to get there the long way round.
Open a new tab in your browser and in the address bar type
When that page open, in to upper left hand corner of the Google screen, click on "more"- and then again on the next screen "even more". You should now have a screen full of Google Products. Look for the Labs in Explore and Innovate, and click on that green chemist's beaker icon.
However, unfortunately, the Signature Tweaks experiment isn't listed amongst that lot!! Quite why, I just don't know!!
Re: Signature Block claytonrcobbs 9/22/10 11:51 AM
This was driving me insane!  Thanks for the advice. :-)
Re: Signature Block pizzaazzip 11/6/10 2:22 PM
Every single signature I try to put in now is too big...I even tried typing one letter...any help?  It won't let me change any settings without "fixing" my signature.