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Why can't be an option to disable quoted text?

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Why can't be an option to disable quoted text? Metaskopia 11/2/11 9:45 PM
I've read almost six different threads about this issue (one of the from 2009!), and no google employe answer them.
I do my work and suggest this en the "Suggest a feature" section of this help. There I could see that the "disable auto-adding contacts" was a recently implemented suggestion. So WHY THIS BASIC AND SO ASKED OPTION HASN'T BEEN IMPLEMENTED?
If there is a reasonably reason, I would like some google employe or top contributor to inform me.

Many thanks
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Re: Why can't be an option to disable quoted text? wdurham 11/3/11 2:42 AM
Metaskopia - 

If you mean the feature which quotes all of a message you want to reply to, then that is set as default, and you don't have the option to turn it off. 

However, it's easy to select what you don't want to have quoted by highlighting it with your mouse/trackpad, and then just start typing - which will delete what you have selected.  

If you don't use a signature, you can do it even more easily by pressing Ctrl-A and starting to type...
Re: Why can't be an option to disable quoted text? Metaskopia 11/3/11 3:48 PM
Dingus and wdurham, thank you for your kind answers.

@Dingus. I know that I can turn off the conversation view mode in the settings. However that's not what I want. I really like the conversation view mode that gmail has, and I think is really nice. I just don't understand why google create such a complex and uncontrollable feature instead of doing it simple and straightforward, letting people to put whatever they want in their messages without worrying about what would be shown and what not... but maybe this is the kind of things you could only ask to larry page :)

@wdurham. I do use a signature. When I write a reply what I normally do is to delete the quoted text of the original message. I only leave my signature. But it always happens to me that when the the the message is sent, gmail incorrectly interprets the signature (and any fragment similar to another fragment in the original message) as quoted text (even though it wasn't within the quoted text when I was writing the message). For me it its kind of annoying and illogic.

I tried what you said, and it still puts the signature behind the quoted text (now called trimmed text) in the sent message. I would appreciate if you explain it better cause maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Many thanks.
Re: Why can't be an option to disable quoted text? Metaskopia 11/3/11 3:57 PM
Jejeje... Now I'm considering not using a signature anymore. I don't understand why gmail offers such a feature if it will be quoted all the time you make a reply???