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Deleting an address from "autofill"

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Deleting an address from "autofill" jim.hofmann 8/21/09 7:17 AM
A contact recently changed his email address.  The change from the previous one (which is now deactivated) is such that it went from  to

Whenever I start to type his address into the gmail "TO" box it "autofills" to the old email address.  It's just a minor annoyance I know but I like to save time and just hit return after typing one or two letters in a contacts email address. 

Is there a way to edit out old email addresses from the "autofill" option?
Re: Deleting an address from "autofill" LMcKin51- G-Suite-Top Contributor 8/21/09 7:54 AM
did you delete it from the contact list?
Re: Deleting an address from "autofill" jim.hofmann 8/21/09 8:21 AM
Thanks.  I feel like a big dope.  That's what that contacts button is for.
Re: Deleting an address from "autofill" jrobinson 9/17/09 3:25 PM
What about folks that arent in your contact lists at all?  Google autofills the addresses that you have sent to before regardless of if they are in your contacts.  Can you please tell me how to delete autofilled emails from this dropdown list?
Re: Deleting an address from "autofill" carsonmatt 10/7/09 2:57 PM
Yup, I'm having the same issue. Did you find a fix?  I've changed the contact and it didn't make a difference. In outlook you can hit delete when the autofill suggestion comes up.
Re: Deleting an address from "autofill" pnollner 11/7/09 8:20 AM
john...i tried your suggestion, it did not work...i have now deleted the incorrect contact and have cleared all cookies and my cache...the old, incorrect email address continues to appear in the auto-fill during "compose"...any other ideas before i switch email providers?
Re: Deleting an address from "autofill" dustumbleweed 11/21/09 8:32 AM
I have found that sometimes I have multiple 'contact' addresses in my list. Try typing in the erroneous e-mail in search of your contact list and see if reveals itself. I found my worst occurance (my sister-in-law, who never e-mailed me back), deleted it, and then my autofill no longer popped that address in. Now it pulls up the correct address. Yay!
Re: Deleting an address from "autofill" Lisa3062 11/23/09 2:36 PM
I had the same problem.  Go to CONTACTS.  (Note that within CONTACTS, there is MY contacts and ALL contacts).  Go to ALL CONTACTS and delete away!  Hope this helps.
Re: Deleting an address from "autofill" arleneepting 12/18/09 8:57 AM
YAY! Thanks Lisa! It works. Just be careful, do NOT  "select"all in the middle top or you may delete all your contacts in that category. You must go 1/2 way down on the left side where it says "all contacts" and then "most contacted" and make sure to highlight "all contacts". You can hover over the names to figure which is the old one, check it, and then hit delete contact in the upper right. Thanks again. I have been annoyed with this for a long time.
Re: Deleting an address from "autofill" cindybecerra 5/25/10 9:14 AM
Thanks answer!.  Typing the erroneous email into the 'search' in Contacts brought up the contact and it did not show before I searched for it.  When I deleted the searched for email, it no longer showed in my auto fill.  Way to helpful thanks!
Re: Deleting an address from "autofill" mrcharts 7/22/10 12:34 PM
going to "all contacts" and then deleting that particular entry WORKED GREAT. THANKS
Re: Deleting an address from "autofill" NexWest 9/15/10 10:09 AM
Solved. Copy the address to your contacts using the Add to "My Contacts" button. Then using the More Actions button, Delete Contact.
Re: Deleting an address from "autofill" jdusti1 10/30/10 10:35 PM
I had the same problem and found that instead of "all contacts" these old email addresses were stored in "other contacts".  I deleted them from that group and it worked perfectly!!!!!!!!    :)