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I cannot copy/paste...

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I cannot copy/paste... cramsubag 5/10/09 6:27 AM
I cannot copy information from my gmail email account then paste it onto my Microsoft Works Word document. I always get a message stating that the data exceeds the limits of the MWWP.doc even when I reduce the font size I still get the same problem. What to do?!!
Re: I cannot copy/paste... WindyJoyce 5/24/09 10:39 AM
I, too, have this problem.  Cannot copy and paste to another Gmail,etc.from Gmail to Works Document, etc.  Can copy and paste email addressews only.
Re: I cannot copy/paste... JohnW2 5/24/09 11:24 AM
When using Copy/Paste you're using the default Windoze clipboard/scratchpad - which does have a reasonable size limit. But that not a trivial amount!

I presume you're using the standard actions of highlight the text you want to copy, press Ctrl+c, switch to your other application and press Ctrl+v to paste it in.

I've previously transferred quite sizeable texts in that way from web pages to Word, and they've gone across without any problems.
So How big are these lumps of text you're trying to copy? Have you tried using Wordpad instead? That'll certainly take greater than 1MB of data (indeed, it was created by Micro$haft simply to overcome the poor function of Notepad in this respect!)
Re: I cannot copy/paste... WindyJoyce 5/24/09 2:04 PM
Dear John:  I still can "copy and paste" large amounts of Information to and from my Works document.
 I used to be able to "paste' sizeable data to email.  I would copy several pages and transfer to an email without problem.  My Works information  is not compatible to some others so the paste and copy, not Send, worked great for me.
Now, both Gmail and Broadband email will not accept any "Paste" commands and shut down.  Drving me crazy.
How do I use wordpad?  Thanks,  WindyJoyce   .
Re: I cannot copy/paste... JohnW2 5/24/09 6:07 PM
 I seem to remember that Wordpad is one of those programs that comes/came as part of Windoze post Win95/98SE.

 Use Google to search for "Wordpad.exe"   if you can't find it under Programs | Accessories.  Use it just like Notepad, only it's more of a 'word writer' than Notepad was, but not as much as Word is.

 If using Paste is causing your browser to crash, then you desperately need to clear your browser's cache!  Read the References added below.
Better still, stop using IE and use Chrome or Firefox 3.5 instead.
Re: I cannot copy/paste... WindyJoyce 5/24/09 6:28 PM
JohnW2 - Thanks.I will try what you suggest'
 Weird.  From your message in the message board I was able to"copy" from GOOGLE Email notification and  "paste" below AND it woked.-- Also it "pasted" to GmaI  EMAIL which I tried as an experiment.  For some reason "copy" from Works or Website still does not work. 
I had tIried Chrome -- AND Had troubvle with it.  Should I have deleted Internet Explorer?   I had to remove Chrome .. maybe that is when it messed me up.   Will try what you mentioned,  WindyJoyce
 me up with copy and paste ?

JohnW2 has posted an answer to the question "I cannot copy/paste...":

[1] Clearing your cache - Gmail Help (Help)
[2] Suspicious results and strange behavior : Strange behavior? Try ... (Help)
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Re: I cannot copy/paste... pharlem 7/17/09 1:56 PM
I have a problem that developed about a month or so ago - anytime I cut and/or paste in gmail, my internet browser crashes. I can't cut paste email addresses, plain text, nothing.  I am going to try to clear the cache and see if that helps. It only happens in gmail, not in internet explorer.  I have XP and I think IE is version 7.
Re: I cannot copy/paste... SN 7/17/09 3:31 PM
In compose Gmail if you select 'Plain text' then the paste should be accepted.

Re: I cannot copy/paste... Kauai 7/31/09 11:31 PM
The plain text works.  Thank you!! It has been driving me crazy too.
Re: I cannot copy/paste... Red Doodler 11/24/09 10:56 AM
I have a similar problem.  Using Windows XP and IE 7.0.5730.13 I have to shut down gmail to be able to paste from it.  In other words I will select and copy some text from a gmail letter  (getting copy from either right clicking or  from the pull down menu) and I will not be able to get a "paste" option in Word Pad, AbiWord, my blog, etc. until I close out gmail. Then the paste option appears and I can paste.  This started a couple months ago. I can't think of anything relevant that has changed on my system.   I am avoiding upgrading to IE8 because when I did that several months ago I had serious problems with my blog.
Re: I cannot copy/paste... SN 11/24/09 8:49 PM
Red Doodler, This is not a Gmail problem, rather a compatibility or bug problem of the word program caused by their update, that now is the culprit for conflicts. Some people have, e.g. removed the KB963027 update and their 'micorsoft works' word processor was then able to accept pasting, or e.g., another update will fix the problem. I would suggest you look for a solution at the microsoft web site or other places as a result from starting a Google search that will best answer your particular paste problem :-) Also, as a temporary workaround, pasting into a Gmail composed 'plain text' message and then copying that plain text into your 'word pad' might be accepted. Btw, IE7 is still ok, but IE8 is still finicky with Gmail, so be aware; you might want to try another fully compatible browser e.g. Chrome or Firefox (see references).
Re: I cannot copy/paste... Red Doodler 11/25/09 4:32 PM
Thanks SN.  I don't think this is a Word problem since, besides happening in Word Pad, it also happens in AbiWord, my blog, GrabIt,  and anywhere else I am trying to paste a message.  Trying your workaround, I  discovered I can cut & paste from one gmail message to another but I can't then take that clipboard item and paste it into another program.  Recopying the text from the new gmail message and trying to paste it somewhere else does not work either.  So far the only thing that works is shutting down gmail and then pasting. 
Re: I cannot copy/paste... SN 11/25/09 7:14 PM
Hi Red Doodler,

Let clarify, I am stating that to resolve your pasting problem, focus on that particular 3rd party web-site (preferably) or another tech web-site, discussing that particular program paste problem, be it 'word pad' 'abiword' 'my blog' 'grabit' or whatever, using Google search.

All this is based on my assumption, you have already, tried JohnW2's 5/24/09 reply advice above in 'references'; henceforth, 3rd party problem, is to me, the most likely reason and places, steps to take etc. in order to resolve the paste problem :-)

I will make a presumption: The problem in most cases, might be resolved from removing an update from particular program that causes the conflict, similar to my 'microsoft works' example that worked for some people who used that particular program.

If you still believe there is another reason, well yes, there might possibly be, and I concede that
Re: I cannot copy/paste... wichut 1/13/10 12:03 PM
The converting to plain text worked! thanks for the tip hope this bug can be sorted out soon as it is very annoying
Re: I cannot copy/paste... jennifer626 3/16/10 7:37 PM
This is a compatibility problem that exists with Microsoft Office Word 2007, and possibly the updated Microsoft Works as well.  An easy fix is to "forward" the gmail (without filling in a recipient).  You should then be able to scroll down in the email and cut and paste the text that you want.