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Controlling attachment size

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Controlling attachment size timlaborie 6/24/09 5:54 PM
Say I want to attach a photo that is 4 MB but I want to have it reduced in size when I send it.
Is there a way in Gmail to do this?
In Blogger (for instance) there is the option to upload a file as small/medium/large.
Can I do this in Gmail?
(I went through all the help screens).
Re: Controlling attachment size Janakadis 6/26/09 12:55 AM
I think you can use Picasa for this. Once you upload a picture to picasa you can email that picture with a lesser size.
Re: Controlling attachment size gxg 6/26/09 2:28 AM
You can also set up an offline client, such as Outlook or Lotus Notes, to send through your Gmail address. Outlook can resize the picture/s when you send them, but I don't think you have choices about the size.
Re: Controlling attachment size JohnW2 6/26/09 2:43 AM
Gmail itself does not have this ability.
You'd need to use some other application to do the reduction.

For information, Gmail allows attachments of up to 20MB. However, many mailboxes have a 4MB size limit, which is perhaps why you're looking to reduce picture size.
Re: Controlling attachment size timlaborie 7/9/09 8:06 PM
Thanks for all your replies. For my situation, I think I will try the upload to Picasa and try downloading from there.
[note to the Gmail developers] Maybe this is a feature that Gmail itself should have, especially now that camera file sizes are getting larger.
Re: Controlling attachment size thegardner 10/28/09 5:30 PM
Gmail is great, but they should look into having the option to reduce picture size - small medium, full.
Re: Controlling attachment size stephwithwings 2/21/10 4:04 PM
I agree! Please Gmail give us the option to reduce photo sizes. My Sympatico account is GREAT for that but I can't use that account everywhere I go.
Re: Controlling attachment size tomsatz 5/4/10 12:03 PM
I wish gmail would make sending photos as easy as Windows LIVE.
Re: Controlling attachment size JohnW2 5/4/10 4:37 PM
Just for the sake of completeness, can I add that once you have uploaded the picture into Gmail, if you click on its display then you can resize it within Gmail.
Re: Controlling attachment size mrbodacious 5/30/10 10:52 PM
Until two years ago I used Outlook Express, which always asked if I wanted it to downsize my attachments so they would load more quickly.  When I switched to Gmail, of course I had no such option.  I use Irfanview to edit all of my photo's.  The first time I reduced a photo attachment to the size I desired, and sent it, I found that Gmail expanded it by 30-40%!  So I tricked Gmail:  I reduced my attachment by about 35% of the size I actually wanted to send.  And voila!  Perfect.    
Re: Controlling attachment size Cherry34 6/14/10 7:50 AM
I, too, wish that g-mail would provide the option to reduce photos.  Will see if I can use another program for my e-mail.
Re: Controlling attachment size estatico 7/20/10 12:08 AM
 Gmail should have that option Large/Medium/Small Size. I got error in my pictures too(2mb),  they were being loaded but the last one didn't, so i got an error in all. I try like 3 times and did the same thing.
Re: Controlling attachment size rkinlv 7/24/10 10:53 AM
I found that changing the size from Original to Large, Medium or Small only changed the image size in the email but did not change the file size.

I checked this by uploading the file into a mail message then selecting Medium rather than Original and emailing it to myself. When I received it I downloaded the image and checked the file size -- it was exactly the same size as the original.
Re: Controlling attachment size JohnW2 7/25/10 9:27 AM
You could always try some other program - such as "MyImageResizer", which is freeware, but does the job extra-ordinarily well!!