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How to wrap text around embedded inline image?

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How to wrap text around embedded inline image? Emilio XTra 6/17/11 3:55 PM
Explain your issue in full detail here:
First, Gmail hides the feature that makes it possible to insert an inline image. You have to paste it in. There is no button or option in a menu to do this.

But, even after I paste an image like this, is there any way to have the text wrap around it?  Almost all other email programs can do that. Why can't Google do it?

This is a make or break issue for me.  I send out club information to a lot of people, and they are used to a certain format. Surely you don't want me to start using a much plainer email format and be foreed to explain that this is simply because Google is incapable of re-flowing text around an image.

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Re: How to wrap text around embedded inline image? hurdingkatz 6/17/11 7:20 PM
To insert (embed) an image in message text, enable the Inserting Images lab. (Chrome uses can cut-and-paste, and drag-and-drop.)

I haven't (yet) found a way to flow text around images in the Gmail web interface. If I had, my Signature would look a heck of a lot better.

Gmail's web interface is not a full-featured email program. In Standard View, it offers users Rich Formatting, which is intended for basic documents with a little pizzazz (a cut above plain text). (To compare, Outlook suggests using MS Word as a text editor for complex documents.)

The more features Gmail loads into the interface, the slower it gets, and there's greater likelihood that something could go wrong or interact badly.

You can still use Gmail to send the newsletter, and you can format it in the way in which its audience is accustomed. You simply won't be using the Gmail web interface to do that.

I produce e-newsletters and media releases.

I prepare documents using full-featured word-processing software with layout capability, or a graphics program, then output the files as HTML code. I paste the code into a browser with HTML-editing capability (for tweaks), and after testing, send stuff on its way.

Actually, I could send them straight out of the WP or graphics software (they interface with email), but that's the choice I've made. ( I like to insert my final graphics addresses for my online host manually, and I like to see the WYSIWYG of the final product in an email interface.)