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make gmail default mail program windows 7

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make gmail default mail program windows 7 danrudy 4/14/10 3:38 PM
I have completely adopted the gmail platform form my domain name. I have also pretty much abandoned outlook in favor of the google platform. Recently, I successfully installed "send using gmail" as an extension in chrome. Here is the problem... I have PDF scanner that has as an option scan to email. It has outlook 2007 as its default but also has an option to choose another mail client (if there was one downloaded on my desktop). 
How do I set my Gmail as my default mail program in WIndows 7 (outside the chrome browser) so that when I scan a document to email it automatically opens up my gmail account with the file attached? Similarly, when I try to grab a file when browsing in my drive and select to "email file" it tries to open Outlook. Thus, I have to go into gmail and then attach the file in reverse. Is there a way to have my gmail open as the default when I try to send a file to email? 
Essentially, I am looking to use the functinality that comes with the extension "send using gmail" beyond the chrome browser and set it as a default for windows 7 and my scanner program.

I am using Windows 7 64.
I have recently adopted Chrome but can also use ie8 or Firefox if necessary. I migrated over to chrome no that extensions were opened up and my roboform became compatible.
I use Avast antivirus
Other relvenat gmail extensions I I use in Chrome is gmail checker which tells me how many unread email there are.

Thanks in advance...I  am not sure if this was the correct posting area.


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Re: make gmail default mail program windows 7 visick 7/6/10 7:48 AM
can you just remove outlook from pc??????
Re: make gmail default mail program windows 7 bigboy5871 7/16/10 3:58 PM
Oh wow.  This is so wrong.  "Lookout"???
Re: make gmail default mail program windows 7 JayMedina 8/10/10 4:02 PM
Ok, I know this thread is a little old, but thought I'd add something I found.  If you use Opera web browser and configure the built-in email client, you can set that as your default application for email in Windows 7.

Although I use Chrome and Gmail web client for my email, I use Opera for email client settings that need to open an actual application.  I then tie my Opera email settings to my Gmail account and there you go!  I use this myself and it works quite well.

Hope this helps!

Re: make gmail default mail program windows 7 StuartC 8/25/10 3:28 AM
Take a look at
Re: make gmail default mail program windows 7 danrudy 9/5/10 1:42 AM
Stuart C,

Awesome. Afixxa works great. Cool program.

Thanks very much
Re: make gmail default mail program windows 7 avip2u 12/20/10 5:26 PM
Affixa (which StuartC spelled wrong) is located here: