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Receiving phone scams from Gmail Phone (760-705-8888)

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Receiving phone scams from Gmail Phone (760-705-8888) fletch72 11/3/10 9:35 AM
Explain your issue in full detail here:

First off the customer support here is the worst on the planet.  I have been receiving phone calls from 760-705-8888 and the caller claims to be be from the Hydro Bill Collection Center and is calling demanding payment for delinquent hydro bills.  They are asking for a VISA number to avoid serious offense charges.

Obviously a scam, I know, but does anyone at gmail care about this or able to do something about it?  I know most spammers delete their accounts and move on daily to avoid being caught so I am not optimistic.  But, I am in Canada and the number is from Google Phone in California.  My number is also a land line and so I am assuming, but possibly wrong, that these phone calls are costing google money to make.  I don't know if google has included any way of tracking those who make the calls but just thought I would see if google is interested in doing anything about this.  It is a scam used through their services so I hope they would.  I am also sure I am not the only one.  The caller also gets very very threatening when confronted with the idea of being a scam.  The last one yesterday he threatened to "cut my F****** headoff" when I told him he was a scam.  I have three phone numbers they called from and the time each call was made.  If google cares about this then they know how to get ahold of me.

My computer specs don't matter as this is a phone related scam I am receiving.
Re: Receiving phone scams from Gmail Phone (760-705-8888) sparkmonkey 11/3/10 9:55 AM
You aren't the only one complaining... this was found online:
"In August, Google added a feature to Gmail that lets you make phone calls — for free, if you live in the US or Canada and you're calling someone in the US or Canada. When you make a call, your number shows up as 760-705-8888. Judging by the nine pages of complaints found here, the service is often being used to prank, harass and scam people."
Re: Receiving phone scams from Gmail Phone (760-705-8888) fletch72 11/3/10 10:10 AM
Interesting, Thanks.  It would be nice if google would step up to the plate and do something about this.  They had to know that a service like this is a prankster / scammers's dream come true.  And how many people would really use this for legitimate phone calls anyways.
Re: Receiving phone scams from Gmail Phone (760-705-8888) Tito Dutta 11/3/10 10:22 AM
If you think, you are being harassed/specially if you find a fraud over phone, then you can submit a complaint here-
Re: Receiving phone scams from Gmail Phone (760-705-8888) TeamTeal 11/17/10 1:53 PM
I received a call from this number also....I told "Sam" from Farmer's Insurance who wanted to have his "specialist" contact me so they could save me money, not to call me he calls one more time (3rd) and I decide to give him bogus information about my house and car and age and he said he'd have someone call me.  I did this because when I get mail in my mailbox or a phone call from someone wanting to quote me insurance rates on my 2005 Suburban (that I don't own)  I'll be able to provide better info to the FTC...until then, the FTC is not going to be able to do anything (in my opinion) until this gets to be a bigger problem.   I am on vacation at the moment and have checked my voicemail and have 2 messages from insurance of them is 21st Century (owned by Farmers).  Also, at the time these calls came in, I contacted Farmers Corporate in Southern Cal and am working with them directly.

Secondly, once a little more time has passed I will block this number on my phone...but I can't wait to get home and listen closely to these voicemails and call them back.
Re: Receiving phone scams from Gmail Phone (760-705-8888) fletch72 11/18/10 6:59 PM
So is this a legitimate insurance company calling you at home, or a scam claiming to be one?  Enjoy your vacation! 
Re: Receiving phone scams from Gmail Phone (760-705-8888) psmurphy 12/6/10 10:37 AM
Today, 12/6/10, I received a call from this # wherein the caller stated he was from "debt relief services" and when could he "set an appointment for another call from one of their credit-councilors?".
I asked where he got my #. He said it was from a grant-writing service that I had SIGNED UP FOR on the web.
Last week, I received 360-742-1886 informing me that I could have my education paid for, home-loan paid off, and/or all existing debts paid with the help of a GOVERNMENT GRANT which I would not have to repay. I was also told that I had "expressed interest" in this grant-writing-service while online and given my phone # and permission for them to call. When I told them that know better, that I would have no reason to request such services, that they had gotten my name and number elsewhere. She became indignant, SCOLDED ME for putting my name down for services when I don't want them then hung up on me.
Re: Receiving phone scams from Gmail Phone (760-705-8888) Tito Dutta 12/6/10 10:15 PM
I do not know any place to report a phone fraud to Google, that's why asked to report to FTC. [Reference already attached]
Re: Receiving phone scams from Gmail Phone (760-705-8888) Chunna 2/25/11 6:14 AM
I received multiple calls from 760-705-8888 on February 23 here in Montreal, Quebec. Someone by the name of Steve Holden (clearly had an Indian accent) was telling me that Bell Canada was going to reward me for being a loyal customer by giving me an IPOD and 2 free t-shirts. He then hung up and an automated service called back to give me a confirmation number. The guy then called again to re-confirm the confirmation number and said that I would receive my IPOD and t-shirts the next day. Obviously, it was a scam. I just doesn't understand what he would gain from getting my phone number and address which he already knew when he called me. I never gave him any new information. 
Re: Receiving phone scams from Gmail Phone (760-705-8888) RouterJockey 3/26/11 2:31 PM
hey Chunna, I got similar call telling me that he wants me to send ipod and t shirts as loyal customer. His name was same Steve Holden. He told me that I will get the confirmation code and I need to give him to stop calls from telemarketers. He gave his bell Agent ID as 1115.
Re: Receiving phone scams from Gmail Phone (760-705-8888) Tito Dutta 3/29/11 2:16 AM
Re: Receiving phone scams from Gmail Phone (760-705-8888) blakebaek 4/11/11 6:21 PM
this indian guy also called me from this number... this guys called me from my craglist ad and he told me to give him my house number and they gave me verification code and he told me to give it to him. so i did then he said the delivery guy would call me in 5 to 10 min to get my address to pick the item that i put on craiglist...then i figured something was odd then call this number back but its saying the call could not complete... Whats wrong with this scaming calls.. can u guys please help me what i should do ? they send me the verification code thing and i gave that away to him.. dont tell me im screwed..
Re: Receiving phone scams from Gmail Phone (760-705-8888) trots 4/21/11 9:06 PM
When they call you and have you wait for a call to enter a number, that's probably a Craigslist phone verification scam.  If you enter the number, you're verifying your number for use on their Craislist account.  Craigslist imits how many times you can post per account/phone number.  They're usually a heavy business user that's just bending the rules so they can essenually spam Craigslist by creating multiple accounts under other's phone numbers.