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Activity from arhbkb 1/3/11 12:18 PM
Explain your issue in full detail here:

I got an alert in Gmail today my account was access from the IP address How can this even be possible? The 255/8 network is reserved by IANA for future use, and isn't even routable.

Is this a genuine alert? Should I change my pasword immediately?

Please Also Include:
Operating system (e.g. WinXP): Mac OS X 10.6
Program and version you use to access Gmail (e.g. Internet Explorer 7 or Outlook 2003): Chrome 8.0.552.231 
Your antivirus software (e.g. Norton 2007): None
Any extensions, toolbars or plug-ins: None
Re: Activity from bkc56 1/3/11 4:41 PM
See the following article about how to re-secure an account that was compromised:
Re: Activity from arhbkb 1/4/11 12:11 AM
Thanks bkc56. I already know those details about how to re-secure my account. My question is different. How did my account get access from an IP address which is not routed, and which is not even allocated by the IANA. Can someone from Google perhaps answer?
Re: Activity from bkc56 1/4/11 12:14 AM
It's not that hard to fake an IP address.  I wouldn't put that much weight on it (especially if it maps to something "impossible").  Your primary concern is re-securing your account and protecting your data.

Unfortunately, Google does not offer live support for the free Gmail product (see: