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What is Zorpia?

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What is Zorpia? wapsapay 8/29/11 2:30 PM
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one of my friends sent me an invite to a web site called zorpia. i didn't click on the link but posted a buzz asking if anyone knew who it was and all my friends said they had had embarrassing encounters with zorpia—it had sent invites to their english teacher, it was known to hack computers, etc. but i didn't get a real answer. what is zorpia and how can i prevent such spam?

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Re: What is Zorpia? Tito Dutta 8/30/11 7:20 AM
Have you found any reports in Google search?
Re: What is Zorpia? stef536 9/8/11 6:06 PM
Zorpia is a social networking website. It currently has more than 5.3 million members, 18.5 million photos stored and are receiving 2 million pageviews each day. It provides a community setting for users to share unlimited photos, post journal or forum entries, and customize personal profiles and skins. Their membership demographic is largely based in the United States. It is similiar to myspace, flickr, friendster, facebook, hi5, xanga and
Re: What is Zorpia? WindsorFox 9/9/11 2:46 PM
And anyone who had an "embarrassing incident" with invitations did what they all want you to do and they entered their email address and password and the system stole and spammed all of their contacts in that email account just like Facebook will if you enter the info.