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received text message with "google verification code" x3 - hacker?

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received text message with "google verification code" x3 - hacker? nothacked 8/25/10 11:49 PM
Explain your issue in full detail here:
Tonight I received 3 text messages on my cell phone saying "Your google verivication code is ******" while I was watching a movie. My gmail account name is pretty weird - it seems unlikely that someone else out there thinks it's their account name and was honestly trying to regain access to their account.  Is there any other likely explanation other than that someone was trying to hack into my account?  Is there anything to be worried about in terms of someone succeeding?  To be on the safe side I just changed my password and my security question - what I had was pretty safe, but I just made it so obscure that no-one else on the planet would be able to answer it without torturing or seducing or mind-reading me.  I haven't received any email messages with password reset links or anything like that.  It seems a little weird that someone would go ahead with the text message option when they see that it's not their phone number.  

I guess the other possibility is that someone incorrectly entered my phone number on their account - would there be any way to determine that?  Does google allow two different accounts to have the same SMS phone number attached to them?

thanks for any advice/answers...

Please Also Include:
Operating system (e.g. WinXP): Vista
Program and version you use to access Gmail (e.g. Internet Explorer 7 or Outlook 2003):  Outlook 2007
Your antivirus software (e.g. Norton 2007): ESET Smart Security
Any extensions, toolbars or plug-ins:lots
Re: received text message with "google verification code" x3 - hacker? pdiamond 8/26/10 9:33 AM
This morning I received seven (7) text messages with verification codes - all apparently different. I have 3 gmail ids on one account, so I don't know if I need to be changing all of those, or just primary, or just ignore this, or...

Operation system(s) - vista, Mac OSX5
Programs used to get gmail - firefox, IE8, iphones
antivirus SW: Mcafee
extensions - lots
Re: received text message with "google verification code" x3 - hacker? cntclass1 12/18/10 9:18 PM
i just saw these posts as i was searching for why google is collecting cell phone numbers. No neither of you should have anything to worry about as far as account security gos. When you sign up for a new gmail account, at the end of the process Google "verifies" that you are a real person by sending you an sms message. if you dont have a cellular device I am guessing you are sol, but back to the subject at hand. the most likely reason you both got msgs from google is someone didnt want to give out their real number so they made one up. I would venture a guess that you two each were one of the two made up numbers.
Re: received text message with "google verification code" x3 - hacker? Rancloff 12/22/10 4:15 PM
They are collecting phone numbers for some reason. They've already had an issue with droid apps collecting data on users and now they are on a campaign to get everyone's cell phone number. If you sign up for a new account they want a cell number (they just started doing that) and now they are blocking people with older gmail accounts citing "suspiscious account activity". Once you surrender your phone number they let you back into your gmail account but never make any mention of the "suspiscious activity" that supposedly initiated the process. They want everyone's numbers for some reason and they are on a massive campaign to get them.