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Can't sign on with an Google account?

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Can't sign on with an Google account? Vdles 12/16/11 4:33 PM
Hey there,

Just got my new Android phone today and I'm trying to access the marketplace. It askes me to fill in my Google account info which I do, but then tells me I don't have a GMail account and won't allow me to continue without creating one. My Google account is associated with my hotmail with my username when I sign on being, but for some reason my phone feels I need a gmail account though I've been told by friends and searches that signing on with my Google account is all I need.

Do I need to make a gmail account and associate it with my Google account just to be able to run it on my android? I'd rather not have to make another account.

Always include:

Device: Samsung Galazy Q
Carrier: Fido
Country / Language: Canada/English
OS / Browser / build number (if applicable): 2.2
Re: Can't sign on with an Google account? bigmak 12/19/11 5:09 AM
Yes, that's how you have to do it. Hotmail is not part of Google.