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Thailand Siam 5/10/09 6:24 AM
Gmail not working right in Thailand. Can access account but nothing loads, cannot reply, etc...Been about 4 days.
Re: Thailand gravi_t 5/10/09 6:48 AM
Look at this thread, try the links there:
Re: Thailand Shirley 5/11/09 7:41 PM
Hi Siam,

We'd like to investigate the problems you've described, but need a bit more information.

Are you using TT&T as your Internet Service Provider?
Are you having this problem when accessing your account from a different computer?
Does accessing your account from result in the same issues that you're currently experiencing?
Did you make any changes to your account settings or system settings approximately 4 days ago?

Thanks in advance for providing us with this information -- it will help us further investigate the situation.

Re: Thailand Siam 5/11/09 8:19 PM
Hi, yes, I'm using TT&T. The link you offered has the same problem. When I hide my IP address it works fine but only in basic html mode.

No changes that I can recall.