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Gmail account recovery

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Gmail account recovery Jacob25 6/24/09 12:38 PM
Ok, heres my problem. Recently I found out I had a keylogger on my computer (Oh noez!) so I swiped my computer yesterday (Tuesday June 23) and this morning when I tried to log into gmail I found that it was telling me my password was incorrect. I am sure this is the correct password and username... So I go through all the security options and such and I wait 24 hours to reset my pass. I got to reset my pass and oh noez! again I forgot the answer to my security question.  All I want to do is reset my password for my email. I was going through my secondary email address and I found the email I got when I first made the account, along with the verification code.

PLEASE tell me how I can use this to reset the password on my GMAIL account.

PS: Seriously Google? get a friggin call station (Sorry if you have one and I missed it)
Re: Gmail account recovery MitchellK 6/24/09 1:47 PM
Good luck, they are frickin useless, I been trying for 8 days to recover a password.
Re: Gmail account recovery Jacob25 6/24/09 5:23 PM
Ugh...Still not the answer I wanted to hear =/
Re: Gmail account recovery ralph12 7/14/09 11:00 PM
From time to time I change my password. I forgot it this time, and my recovery code does not match my password. Google Help Center is no help to me. Why can't they just send me the password I used. I am still logged in my google account and gmail as this is done automatically each time I am on the internet. But I dare not switch off the computer as google will undoubtedly ask for verification next time. Can somebody help me? This must be a common phenomenon.
Re: Gmail account recovery darrylcunninghamsr 7/15/09 5:23 AM
My account messed up just like yours. I lost access to my original account which caused me not to be able to access some very important emails and addresses. my suggestion is  don't use this account for anything important because it is a strong possiblity that you might not have it anymore. It seems to be impossible to resolve these issues.
Re: Gmail account recovery syh 10/2/09 2:07 PM
I've just encountered similar problem Set up account for my wife to try. I inadvertently intially used password to another account and now can't get in, even with what I believe to be the correct password.. Unable to confirm password -- when we try get asked for answer to security question ((first teacher -- not sure why this was chosen if we had a choice. In any event, perhaps due to spelling error or maybe we original used Ms. or Miss ____, answer not accepted. No way to contact anyone for assistance Even called HQ and just got referred to this site, which I couldn't enter without signing in via my account. Anone with any ideas to resolve?
Re: Gmail account recovery lukminas.a 10/14/09 6:57 PM
hi, im recently lost my mailbox to. it was overtaken by someone else. help center is no good for helping me. they gives you 2 options to recover: 1. send recovery link to backup mailbox or 2.provides questions about your mailbox. now the backup email is gone along long time ago so there is only seond option available. When i come up to questions i was laughting trought my tears... The questions are so ridiculoust that there is no way to answer to them for me. etc. when your email whas created? sorry i really cant remember date that was in 3 or 4 YEARS! More questions more laughts... what is las 5 recipients in the contact list.. what contact list??? im nt using it! im using this email ONLY to receive emails, not to send them. in all that long long time that im using this mailbox ive send ~20 messages so how the heck i shud know who was the recipients??? theres more.. and more and more.. tried to gues 4 times already but no luck. i can tell what is my mothers mayden name, what is my birth city, what is my pets name, i even can tel what ips im using! so who with i shud talk to answer these questions not thiese stupid questions? Google you shud less inovate at this point of recovery or atleast make some NOT automatic system as an option to recover mailbox. i can provide any document or answer about my id about what emails are coming EVERY day in that mailbox, write these ips who was able to access mailbox from. As i can see there are lots of peaple like me, locked out becouse of this recovery system, so, Google, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Sorry for caps. if anyone knows the good way to help me get this damn mailbox working again i will wait for answers in my secondary mailbox
Re: Gmail account recovery rockerest 11/3/09 3:22 PM
Same problems as all above.  I registered for my email at least 5 years ago (I remember when the storage count was creeping slowly toward 2GB, so that was before 2005).  My secondary email address is LONG LONG LONG gone and my recovery question doesn't work (only three possible options, it doesn' accept any of them.  No possible cap/lower ambiguity....WTH?).  Anyway, long story short, I can't get into the account, and the recovery form is a ridiculous joke.  They want the month and day that I registered the account?  I can't even guarantee I know the year?!  I receive all my emails from websites to the account, so I never SEND any, so that question is out.  I have no idea what services I was using at one time or another or when I signed up for them if I did.  I'm extremely frustrated by this.

If I can't access this account, I have to sign up for new accounts on EVERY WEBSITE I'VE EVER REGISTERED FOR.  All my emails go to this account, so if, theoretically, I just wanted to change the email, I'd have to have access to my account to verify the change!

Gmail needs to get on this.  I have lost a TON of respect/happiness with this company recently.  I need some service or I'm out.  I REALLY need my account back.  Now.
Re: Gmail account recovery kashmiri 11/3/09 7:09 PM
Oh, so funny, you forgot YOUR password, and YOUR security question, and lost access to YOUR backup email? Come on, it's in your bloody interest to keep a track of all your data! Now don't take the time of google employees with problems that are with YOU not with google.

This forum is to sort out issues with Gmail, not with your memory.

Re: Gmail account recovery rockerest 11/4/09 2:40 PM
Thanks for that xkashmirix, so helpful.

I didn't forget MY password, I didn't forget MY security question, and i didn't LOSE access to MY backup email.  I know all of them.  My password was disabled, changed or compromised, my security question has 3 possible answers, none of which are accepted (probably changed by the same person who changed my password) and my backup email was an account with an ancient ISP that I no longer have service with.

With all due respect go f*ck yourself, you don't know my situation.  I need some real help, not arrogant assholes who think they're better than others.

Thanks, you can leave now.
Re: Gmail account recovery lukminas.a 11/15/09 3:48 PM
glad to hear that im not alone in this situation. im trying to find the way to directly contact to google support team if there is any.. so far no luck. tied to fill the recovery form now an Nth time... no luck. i even searched for a hacker to hack it back, all fake or just a stupid scams. Google, DO YOU EVER READ THE HELP FORUMS??? EVER??? sorry for caps. im losing much more. a few domains are registered with this email, about 300 registration infos are in there.. cheesh.. i can and i want to provide even my IDs for identification.. God damn you Google, are we talking with a WALL?
xkashmirix, dude, seriously you don't even know all the situation. I will laugh in to your face if you will lose personal data same as we  have lost.
Re: Gmail account recovery bkc56 11/15/09 6:32 PM
First, please watch the language on these forums.  I realize the frustration is high, but we can still keep the posts clean.

After watching these forums for a few months, I've made some significant changes to the way I use my account.  I no longer save messages that contain other account information.  That is, if someone hacks in, I don't want to give them the keys to other accounts.  I've also implemented a Gmail backup process so if my messages go missing I have everything saved and could restore it again.

Of course none of that does any of you the slightest good.

I can see Google's side to this also.  Live support isn't free.  And based on the number of posts in these forums it could easily take a couple full-time people to keep up.  Add all the other forums for all the other products and it becomes a big deal.  And again, based on the posts I see here, 50% of the questions could easily be solved by simply doing a search (which many people don't see to bother doing).  So you say, what about support just for the "hard" problems (like account recovery) but I don't know how you would practically implement that.

And on account recovery, here's some issue about why it's so hard to do: .  It's a big problem:  how to let the proper owners get their account, but not make it so easy that hackers can abuse the same system to steal accounts.

About the only advise I can offer the above posters is to keep trying the account recovery form.  People have posted success after as many as nine attempts.  But other than that about all I can do is empathize with the problem your dealing with.  Sorry.
Re: Gmail account recovery CarriesABigStick 11/23/09 10:02 AM
They need to implement a 4th way to recover your account and that is with the verification code that you get when you first create your account...

I've got that code but there is no where on this site that shows where I can use it to recover my account, all it says in the email is, "Please keep this email for your records, as it contains an important verification code that you may need should you ever encounter problems or forget your password."
Re: Gmail account recovery ashley.yasmine 12/19/09 12:25 PM
you see I am only 9 years oldand I'm nly in 4th grade but this might be helpful.So my dad's family is over and my uncle needs to use the computer,he has a gmail acount.My dad says he can go on my acount on the computer,so he goes strait to and logs in.When he's finished I go on,then when I tryed to go on my gmail acount it went strait to his. I found out just a little while later that the only way this could have happened,is that he clicked this thing that said stay on this acount with a box next to it.Hope this was use.

                        P.S:you see this just happened to me so I don't have a solution yet.
Re: Gmail account recovery bkc56 12/19/09 12:49 PM
Ashley, when you are logged in to his account, use the "Sign Out" link (top/right).  You'll be at the login screen and then you can log into your own account again.
Re: Gmail account recovery 14asun 3/2/10 12:37 PM
if all else fails, make another account...
Re: Gmail account recovery ritanaa 8/21/10 1:01 PM
whenever i tried to password recovery form i got "No account found with that email address. Please try again". when i tried to re-register "***** is not available, but the following usernames are:" when i submit recovery form i recieved "We've completed our investigation and cannot return your account at this time". but i had given all the accourate ans i can remeber. can anybody suggest any alternate option?
i really need to recover my account. please anybody help me.
Re: Gmail account recovery bkc56 8/21/10 1:47 PM
can anybody suggest any alternate option?

Sounds like the account was deleted ("no account found").  Account names can never be re-used, so you can't re-create it.  Your only option is the account recover form.  Keep trying.

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