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gmail reloading and reloading

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gmail reloading and reloading akrug 6/1/09 12:24 PM
I am on a pc running vista and IE8. I have gmail bookmarked. When I click on the bookmark IE8 attempts to load my gmail account, but the page just keeps reloading and reloading. If I click the gmail link on any other page I am taken directly to my gmail account and it loads with no problem. Any idea how to fix this?
Re: gmail reloading and reloading LMcKin51- G-Suite-Top Contributor 6/1/09 12:26 PM

see this link below.
Re: gmail reloading and reloading akrug 6/2/09 8:26 PM
Tried the solution mentioned on the page and got the same result. Anything else I can try?
Re: gmail reloading and reloading manny.b 6/3/09 10:49 AM
Not using IE8 as this has more bugs than the Amazonian Rain Forest. Try Firefox 3.5 beta, Firefox or Chrome.
Re: gmail reloading and reloading Vadim Maximov 4/20/10 5:17 AM
I use IE7. The problem was solved after clearing the browser's cache.
Re: gmail reloading and reloading larryallen506 5/2/10 1:50 PM
I have had this problem for a week and tried everything posted here and other places.
Believe it or not what solved the problem for me was removing  from my trusted sites.  It worked for me and finally I have normal Gmail back. 
In my case my gmail worked fine in "igoogle" but as soon as I clicked on the normal gmail button it would go into the reload loop. Hope this helps someone.
Re: gmail reloading and reloading docjenn1 6/22/10 11:31 AM
This started happening to me after I changed the settings: enabled some labs, and added remember the milk.  I just went and disabled everything and now it works fine.  Im not sure which gadget it is, but maybe one or more of them.
Re: gmail reloading and reloading Trinity3n1 6/24/10 2:18 PM
I'm still having this problem from time to time.  Using Firefox 5.0  Any ideas would be very much appreciated.
Re: gmail reloading and reloading MyTech 8/5/10 2:07 PM
Re: gmail reloading and reloading TheOriginalHLPer 10/11/10 9:40 AM
Here is a novel solution that I accidentally discovered.
I installed IE7 to fix the problem and it did.  But I wanted to run IE8.  So I went back to IE8 and my GMail no longer loaded and I just decided to give up on it.  Anyhow, I wanted the date yesterday and when I looked at the system clock (the little one on the status bar) it said it was October 31st.  Well that was obviously incorrect so I changed it to the correct date, and the next time I opened up IE8 my GMail worked.  This surprised me, and I thought about the fact that the only thing that had changed was the date.  So, I closed IE8, screwed up the date, and voila GMail is broken again.  Fixed the date again and GMail is fixed again, and this is unique to IE8 apparently. 

I wonder if this would impress people at parties?