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I can't read my messages

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I can't read my messages Victoriagirl 6/15/10 6:30 AM
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Is anyone else having problems opening emails in Gmail?  My e-mails load normally, I just can't open them.  It worked fine this afternoon but all of a sudden it quit working.  I tried signing in and out but they didn't help.  I can move emails, delete emails, tag emails, just can't open them to read.  What's going on?????
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Re: I can't read my messages pmcnurlin 6/17/10 7:38 AM
I'm having the same problem.
Re: I can't read my messages haggas42 6/24/10 12:10 PM
Sorry Victoriagirl my reply may not help, I'm only writing to clarify to whomever asked all the questions at the bottom of your post.

First I'm having the same problem, but only with 1 of my two G-mail accounts. This was solved by changing to Internet explorer, Nothing else on my computer was changed. I cannot access it via my work (WinXP, Firefox, Sophos Antivirus, no toolbars) or at home (Vista, Firefox, Avast and again no toolbars).

I understand this may be related to a labs feature, but I had the same problem of changing the settings as reading the messages; which was that the "Loading" note would appear at the top of the page and at that point I could do nothing more. I can switch between different locations, but can't access messages in any of those locations. Once I switched to IE, I seemed to be able to access what I could not have otherwise.

the problem has persisted for about 3 days. Not sure why, but firefox continues to not work, but again on only 1 of my accounts.

Re: I can't read my messages marcushersh 6/26/10 1:19 PM
Same problem. Started about 12 p.m. US central today, June 26 2010
Re: I can't read my messages amylynns 6/29/10 2:54 PM
I am experiencing the same "loading" issue as haggas42 and using Firefox 3.6 (on a Macbook OSX 10.5.8).  It just started last night.  I can see that the new e-mails are there, but cannot read them.  I can generally only delete and that is only when it's not frozen from "loading." 

Please help asap. 
Thank you.
Re: I can't read my messages ryhofer 6/29/10 3:35 PM
Same problem since last week. On Safari and Firefox so, not a browser prob
Re: I can't read my messages khoffman74 6/29/10 3:56 PM
I'm having the same issue.
Win XP SP 3
IE 8
Re: I can't read my messages khoffman74 6/29/10 3:59 PM
Just read another thread - it is the new version causing the issues. Scroll down to the bottom of Gmail's page and select "older version". It fixes whatever is broken in their new (current version).
Re: I can't read my messages khoffman74 7/1/10 6:09 AM
It appears to be fixed. I justed signed and everything works like it is supposed to.
Re: I can't read my messages Reasonability 7/2/10 7:12 PM

Google has been working out kinks in a bunch of its services lately. At work, we have encountered similarly annoying problems with Google Docs and Google spreadsheets that we use regularly. All of them seem to last a couple days at most, and then just go away.  

One of my e-mail accounts is working fine, the other is having the exact problem described in this thread. I attempted to follow Khoffman74's advice. No option appeared at the bottom of the page to switch to a different version, newer or older, of Gmail. I plan to wait a day or two, and see what happens. If all else fails, I will attempt to contact Google. 

Sigh. Life is just not the same without e-mail.

Re: I can't read my messages bob_d 7/3/10 11:01 AM
Yeah, I've been having exactly the same problem.  I tried three different browsers across two different operating systems. (Safari and Firefox under the latest MacOS, and Google Chrome under WinXP), all without success.  The problem also seems restricted to one particular gmail account, rather than gmail in general.

I've been able to access the account only by using the 'basic html view' and 'older version' options that can be found by following the links on the "Gmail Know Issues" page, under "Logging In" --> "

Re: I can't read my messages robfg 7/3/10 11:34 AM
This is ri-dic-u-lous! All these people are not answering in the "Help Forum" this is a "bitch session!" I am looking for answers and not getting them. This is a hint and a half for you Google... have some help available! 
There are a lot of free email options, if you cant help in about 2 days Im out and so should all of the rest of you. This is just plain stupid! I guess its free for a reason!?  
Re: I can't read my messages llamalori 7/4/10 7:32 AM
I'm having the same problem.  I also don't have a "newer or older version" button at the bottom of the page.  I can open my messages on my blackberry but not my computer using Explorer. 
Re: I can't read my messages bkc56 7/4/10 9:31 PM
Many others have reported similar problems but there seem to be multiple causes.

For some clearing the browser's cookies and cache and restarting fixes it.  Others have success switching to a different browser.

I've also seen one person report success by disabling Buzz in their account.

If that doesn't work, try switching to Basic HTML (below the Inbox) Version as a temporary fix.  Some people have success using one or the other of the following URLs to sign-in to the Basic version (it seems sometimes the links to switch versions don't appear):
When I tested it, I had to open a different browser (like Chrome) to get the links to actually enable the Basic Version.

Using the Basic Version isn't a fix, but as a workaround it lets people read their e-mail while we wait for Google to fix the root-cause.
Re: I can't read my messages Wediiii 7/5/10 7:51 AM
I'm having same problem since last week!!
Re: I can't read my messages missMolly200 7/5/10 8:06 AM
Switching browsers doesn't work. I switched browsers and operating systems. It is a Google problem.
Re: I can't read my messages nlobban 7/5/10 4:35 PM
I am having the same problem, switching browsers and computers (mac and PC) doesn't help. Is there any easy way to contact gmail to get help with this?
Re: I can't read my messages gravi_t 7/5/10 4:46 PM