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How do I restore my gmail account?

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How do I restore my gmail account? Debusen614 12/19/09 3:31 AM
Please help,
There are two gmail accounts at this IP address.  Mine in 2002, that has worked great, and my tenet that I let use my computer to look for work which is a new account, and both worked fine for a few weeks.  I had a problem about a week ago signing in and I'm using the same username and password I signed up with Gmail.

When I got the error message "the username or password you used is incorrect ?"  I tried - I cannot access my account - Gmail help, sense I didn't forget my username or password, i did the restore and the next time I had the same problem I changed my password and that worked for a few days, now it doesn't.  I asked to have a typeo deleted in the drop down box thinking that was the problem because the typeo always loads even if I type the correct username. However the account was deleted.  Now when I click my bookmarked Gmail, I get my tenets Gmail.

Please help!

Re: How do I restore my gmail account? aseefulla 1/24/10 6:53 PM
i want to restore my inbox
Re: How do I restore my gmail account? aseefulla 1/24/10 6:55 PM
plz replay i want to restore my inbox,  i deleted all the mail before
Re: How do I restore my gmail account? bkc56 1/24/10 7:11 PM
It sounds like your account has been compromised (perhaps multiple times).  First, log out of the other account so you're back at the login page and try to sign into your account.  If you can't get it, then it's probably compromised again.

If a Password Reset (first link) isn't successful, then use the Account Recover Form (second link).  Keep trying the Account Recovery Form even if it's rejected.  You can also try only answering questions you are sure of (no guesses) a few times (someone once posted success doing that).  Google doesn't publish exactly how they use the information to return accounts, so keep trying.

This page will help you through the account recovery process:

For information about account recovery (includes a link to the Account Recovery Form) see: