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Gmail Account Disabled.

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Gmail Account Disabled. Michiko 9/3/09 5:05 AM
I oddly enough received a lovely message this morning (it is at the bottom of this post).
I'm unsure how my account could come to this? I strickly use email when I'm at work, never any attachments, just simple text emails back and forth to my best friend and boyfriend during quiet times of the day.  In this case here, yesterday when I left work at around 3pm EST the account worked fine.  I come back this morning, 16hrs later to find out it is now locked.  Filing a report on this of course just generates the same auto response at the bottom.
Is this typical of accounts just being locked for no specific reasons?  I've been using this account for over 6 months now and this is the first time I have ever seen this.  It's a bit disturbing, making it seem like I did something wrong but can't think of anything. 

I have tried to do a few of the suggestions, clearing cookies and whatnot but of course none of those work.  I don't use the gmail as a POP at all.
Would anyone have any other suggestions I could try?  Thank you.

Thanks for your report. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.
For your security, we may temporarily disable access to your account if
our system detects abnormal usage. It will take between one minute and 24
hours for you to regain access, depending on the behavior our system

Abnormal usage includes, but is not limited to:

- Receiving, deleting, or popping out large amounts of mail (via POP) in a
short period of time
- Sending a large number of undeliverable messages (messages that bounce
- Using third party file-sharing or storing software, or software that
automatically logs in to your account and that is not supported by Gmail
- Multiple instances of your Gmail account opened
- Browser-related issues. Please note that if you find your browser
continually reloading while attempting to access your inbox, it is likely
a browser issue, and it may be necessary to clear your browser's cache and

If you feel that access should not have been disabled, please visit for
troubleshooting tips.


The Google Team"
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. Love2rule 3/24/10 9:49 AM
My email setup account is disabled => when i try to sign in that it says your account is disabled
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. Sir.Quicken 5/20/10 10:30 AM
Yeah I have been disabled & no response to my query to why..
This is pisssing me off.   Goole betetr fix this & ban whoever sending mass emails.
THIS is why your disabled.. some moron decided to Flood your Email with pop requests or spam/email and caused the automation to disable your account.. GUESS  WHAT!!  its been over 24 hours mine not disabled.. I use my e-mail for talking to friends long distance 7 finding a damn job online & G-mail is screwing me over BAD...
SO Google mail You need ot get off your DUFF & fix this BS ASAP, I been with gmail for many years.. couple months after g-mail was started in fact.. So if anyone wishes to tell me a support E-mail to send them a person letetr please do.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. tatitosi 5/21/10 11:15 AM

I'm in Brazil, and my brother's have his account has disabled for any particular reason.

We already reset password, sent the form, in proof that he in himself.

He really needs this urgently to work with.

His username:

Please help me,

Kind regards,

Tatiana Tosi
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. melonie.marley 5/26/10 10:48 PM
My email is disabled for no apparent reason. I cannot log in at all. I have sent 4 querys to the contact link you listed but have not gotten a response It has been many days since I first discovered it was disabled...please help! I have a lot of important information stored in my email that I would like to get to ASAP.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. gecco 6/3/10 12:28 PM
Google them self had problems with Gmail. Because of that i could not attach files, and after several tries I got this error and my account was disabled. I really hope you idiots at Google fix this pretty damn quick. I've been using Gmail for many years no, and now you cut me off? Come on, if there is ONE got damn inconsistency in so many years you just disable it? That must be the most stupid filter I have ever seen. If this is not fixed soon, as I was about to send several important e-mails, you can be assured I will not use services provided by Google any more.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. lovehope2009 6/3/10 12:38 PM
My account has been disabled also.. I submitted the recovery form and they saying they cant let me have my account because they dont believe its mine! I've had the account for years. I dont recall the exact month or even yr I started the account.. They have the IP address and my old password. I dont know what else I can do to prove myself.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. ML123 6/3/10 3:49 PM
Something crazy is going on that all these people are having lock outs, including me today.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. lovehope2009 6/3/10 4:48 PM
My account has FINALLY opened after 7 days! I did the text and it finally went thru! Someone from BRAZIL accessed my account 7 days ago from a cellphone!
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. ML123 6/3/10 4:56 PM
Yeah, who keeps track of what month and year you signed up? And what labels you use? And how can you remember email addresses when you're locked out. 

How do you know someone from Brazil accessed your account? 
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. lovehope2009 6/3/10 5:00 PM
Gmail tracks the IP numbers of anyone logging in your account so I checked the history and I got an IP address from Brazil on the list the day I lost access to the account.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. ML123 6/3/10 5:01 PM
I guess that won't help me, I don't have access anymore so I can't check if someone was using my account. :(
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. lovehope2009 6/3/10 5:04 PM
Did you try the text message thing?
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. ML123 6/3/10 5:05 PM
Do you mean the mobile phone thing? I don't have a mobile phone. poooh!
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. lovehope2009 6/3/10 5:08 PM
oh damn that sucks cuz thats how i got my back. i had to borrow a friends phone actually.. maybe u can do that?
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. ML123 6/3/10 5:13 PM
I'll check into that, if I can find someone with a phone. Which is why I wondered why people with mobile phones get extra speedy service! Not fair at all. 
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. ML123 6/3/10 5:25 PM
OMGOMGOMG, I just got back in!!! I'll be backing up my info like crazy now! I can't believe it! What I did was to try one more time by going here: "If you believe your account has been disabled in error, please visit "

I immediately got an email from Google that said, "We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. The issue you described should now be resolved."

This will take me a couple days to recover physically and emotionally. My neck hurts, my head hurts, from the strain and stress of this disaster. But praise be, it's working again *keeping my fingers crossed*
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. thepainter 6/21/10 11:40 PM
Very frustrating, and at a critical time where I need access to my gmail and contact info. Just going in circles now and not getting anywhere. VERY FRUSTRATING.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. SheikYerbouti 6/23/10 10:30 AM
Hey, disabled here too!  I don't know why, and I don't feel like handing them my cell number; who knows what else they're going to do with it?

Also, how does a phone number help with security when it's entered after the fact?  If someone broke into my account and then got locked out, they could just put their OWN number in there to get a verification code.

Ha.  I checked "Email me when people reply", but of course I won't SEE the emails because I'm locked out.  Wheeee!
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. SheikYerbouti 6/23/10 11:16 AM
....and now I'm back in.  I got the email to my external address and was asked to change my password.

Odd that they did it that way.  What if somebody else had been messing with my account, had been locked out, and then had provided their own email address for verification?  Then *they* would be in gmail as me right now, and I'd still be wondering what had happened.  I'm not sure how this is secure.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. ziggynum1 6/23/10 3:15 PM
The last google email i got on my blackberry was at 2:22. Then i get an email at 4:53 from sprint.blackberry reporting that my google password doesnt work anymore. Google please tell me what happened. I use my email for work and my business. I need it back up and running ASAP. I know for a fact that I DID NOT violate and rules and regulations.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. svergason 6/23/10 3:28 PM
I have my email go to my phone and all of a sudden today when it was automatically checking it, it told me my password was wrong. I tried getting in on a computer and it told me my account as been disabled!!! I've tried reseting the password, however every time I do the part with the funny letters it tells me again, my account is disabled! This is so frustrating that there is no number that we can call.. How can they email when it is fixed or a new password if I can't get into my email!!!! 
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. uglyducker 7/28/10 3:18 AM
My account just got disabled yesterday. I've sent the a few messages to no avail until now.

I need the e-mail badly as I always use it for work related stuffs. This is very inconvenience. We did not break any terms and conditions. It just suddenly got disabled.

Gmail, I sure hope you'd look to this matter asap. Very disappointing.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. uglyducker 7/28/10 3:22 AM
How sweet..I just posted in here and within 5 mins it's accessible again!
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. ally99 7/29/10 5:55 AM
My account,, has also been disabled.  I have done NOTHING wrong and want my account to work again. I can find NOWHERE to report it.  Do you guys have a link to where you can report issues like this or some way to contact gmail?
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. mm43510 7/30/10 9:12 AM
The same thing has happened to me!  My account has been disabled and I have not done any of the things that could have disabled my account. I just started my gmail account and if this is any indication of what's to come I will be switching accounts again!'s very irritating!
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. skysongx 8/2/10 1:33 PM
My account has also been disabled for no apparent reason. My boss hasn't been able to contact me and I'm missing other really important emails. Does anyone have any idea how to get gmail's attention and fix this problem? Or does anyone know what I can try? I haven't been able to find the texting service that I've read about (perhaps that's only for locked accounts and not disabled accounts?) and have sent multiple messages to the "Contact Us if you think your account has been disabled in error" link. I called customer support, who repeated the line "All support is done through the web page" about 47 times before I gave up. Any advice is welcome and appreciated, thanks.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. runner22 8/6/10 12:09 PM
my account wouldnt let  me enter my password it kept on  throwing it out and showing me letters to type in but even that didnt work --i did everything on line that i was supposed to do --i need to talk to someone live not on mail!!! this is very frustrating-- not to be able to enter my password or even recover it-- help
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. M I C K I E 8/6/10 10:34 PM
my account also disbled/deleted & der was noting wrong  done by me  !!!

wats going on @T GMAIL ???

Re: Gmail Account Disabled. BrianRussell 8/9/10 3:07 PM
My account is disabled as well  Anyone from google read this? HELP!
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. dodidyer49 8/20/10 1:00 PM
My account was disabled yesterday and remains disabled.  Same reason "we may temporarily disable access to your account if our system detects abnormal usage"  They also said something about using a mobil access, which I don't.  I followed the link and went to contact - haven't heard a peep out of them.  If anyone knows what is going on or if there is a fix please let me know.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. micgall 9/1/10 9:48 AM
I am looking at the posting date and see most of the issues are recent.  Does anyone have a reason why the account was disabled and the best way to recover all the work therein?  I have a lot of my student assignments listed to the account ( and it seems quite difficult to get prompt customer service.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. luanex 9/3/10 11:25 AM
Hi, I'm in peru, and my another account has disabled for any particular reason.

i really need this urgently to work with pleaseee!!

my username:

Please help me,


Luana Martinez
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. hdtech91 9/3/10 8:45 PM
My account has been disabled and Google support is terrible in trying to help resolve this mistake. The last thing I did was email a job posting on Craigslist. My only guess is that its possible my account has been compromised to use for spam? This is completely absurd, I'm very upset with Google's corrective actions on false-positive situations. I entered my cell phone number to get the re-activation code, but this NEVER came even after trying more than 5 times. What the hell is Google's problem? Their internal systems are completely flawed. Thanks to Google, my business email account is no longer working. Thank you Google!

Re: Gmail Account Disabled. meer1130 9/15/10 12:10 AM
I had to make another account for school use. I did not use it for so long since school just started. It was working FINE this morning AT SCHOOL. Now I am home and I can't access it at all saying it's disabled for some reason I do not even KNOW OF. I sent them a message on how it is an error in disabling my account and also I filled out a form to just reset my password to see if that will work. I have to finish a group project by tonight and their accounts are in that email account of  mine. I can't even contact them! Now I am just waiting on email if they can reset my password or something or an email in which it was an error to disable my account! I couldn't even reset a password for it said it was disabled. I hope I get my account back in a few hours because I really need it! I had to use another account to reply to this also. It's so frustrating
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. attaloss 11/29/10 10:37 PM
Same here, my account the3rdjynx was disabled and I cannot get anything to work. It's been a week now. Very frustrating. I HAD planned on using it for business....too unreliable now.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. eban1915 12/27/10 1:30 PM
The Automatic Responses are circular. You are invited to fill out a ridiculous questionnaire, hit "send" and are sent an email inviting you to fill out the same questionnaire. Google needs an ombudsman to field complaints about the non-existent customer service. Too many engineers, too few employees able to think critically? If I get my account back I'm gong to investigate and write down all the answers to your inane questions. Who didn't use You Tube for months or years before it was acquired by Google? My guess of the day would be as accurate as my wild guess of the year, and You Tube is only four or five years old. Someone should start a forum: "How I Had My Account Enabled." I haven't a clue what to do next.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. eban1915 12/27/10 1:47 PM
I am filling out these forms using Google Chrome. I hit "Post reply" and the page becomes "unresponsive." If I "kill" the page the form is erased, so far I've been able to wait things out. In auto reply I'm offered,
 Invite Google Help to chat

What a great idea. I hereby invite someone, anyone, at Google Help to chat. I have no phone, chat is 
my best option. I have a webcam, you could webchat with me and I could show you my driver's license
and birth certificate. I have an honest face. At least I'd know someone is in your building, attending
to things. Five days, I don't know how to contact people to tell them not to write to me at my 
email address I've used for five-to-nine years, I don't have any idea how long.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 12/28/10 2:10 AM

Sorry that this thread has not been picked up before but the best advice I can give at the moment is to try the Captcha page and if this does not work refer to the advice in


Google does have a customer service hot line if you are a Gmail Premier customer but if you are using the free service you are a client or consumer since you are not paying.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. cmdr 12/29/10 3:14 PM
I've read the pleas for help and the suggested fixes to restore disabled accounts and tried them all. I've followed the instructions explicitly on the Account Recovery Page answering with all the pertinent information, including the URL of the original invitation to join (back when gmail was in beta). Twice I have received the happy letter below:

"Subject: Re: [#xxxxxxxxx] I can't access my account


Good news -- you’re just steps away from regaining access to your account! To reset your password and sign in, follow these steps:

Step 1:  Run a virus scan on all computers you use (you should do this on a regular basis). Do this before changing your password to make sure your computer doesn’t have any malicious programs trying to steal your password.

To view a list of available anti-virus software, visit

Step 2:  Reset your password:

1. Visit
2. Enter your Gmail username into the 'Email address' field.
3. Enter the verification word.
4. Select 'Email to ****@***.com', then click 'Continue'.
5. Follow the instructions on the following page to finish resetting your password.

Step 3:  Once you’ve changed your password, make sure your password recovery options are up-to-date by visiting

Step 4:  Secure your Google Account against unauthorized access by following our step-by-step instructions at In particular, check your Gmail settings (filters, forwarding, POP/IMAP) to make sure your mail isn’t being forwarded to an account you don’t recognize.

We’re glad to have you back as a Google Accounts user again.

The Google Account Recovery Team"

Well, that is all swell sounding but when I go through Step 2 and it looks like Google is going to enable my account and send a new password, it responds with:

"That account is disabled."

Well, duh. That's why I just went through all this. 

I've had this account since very early on in the gmail life cycle and have never had any problems. I never knew they didn't offer live support since I had no need of it. This is not a 'toy' account or one that can be easily tossed aside with all content lost without severe consequences. 

After reviewing all the various complaints by so many users who have had their accounts disabled without notice and no apparent human interaction for assistance, it seems Google could at least offer the option of paid technical support to help customers restore their accounts. I would not expect live tech support on a free account, but certainly would take advantage of being able to pay to have live assistance for account recovery. Upon reactivation, I will explore the Premier customer option.

Is there a chance any Google representatives ever review these forums for service improvement considerations? Hopefully so. 

At the least, posting a notice to the account owner that activity in violation of the the Terms of Service has been detected (likely a hacked account) and the account is about to disabled or terminated unless the account owner responds to a security process PRIOR to being disabled. 

So, I wait.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 12/29/10 4:56 PM

Thank you for that detailed report, escalating for you.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 12/29/10 5:40 PM

Can you add yourself to where somebody else has had the same problem.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. cmdr 12/30/10 11:36 AM
Yes, C Man, will do. Thanks.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 12/30/10 11:43 AM
Thank you.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. ripperup 1/4/11 3:33 PM

They disabled my account and I don't even use the damn thing except once or twice a month.


Re: Gmail Account Disabled. The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 1/4/11 3:39 PM

They disable accounts because there is suspicious activity, not for the fun of it and certainly not to encourage language such as yours so please delete you post and then if you would like to get it back please read and then come back if you need further help.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. cmdr 1/5/11 7:05 AM
The C Man,

A quick note to say I did receive another email from Google Account Recovery this morning (01/05/2011) with a new link to reset my password and IT WORKED!!! (Boy, do I have a lot of email to catch up on!)

I left this same note in the other thread to manny.b earlier along with a thank you to him as well.

My appreciation to you for helping get the info to the right folks inside Google so the issue could be addressed and corrected. Hopefully, the others who had similar challenges in regaining access to their accounts have similar good news to report.

Please pass along a 'thank you' to those at Google that were able to resolve the problem. 

Re: Gmail Account Disabled. The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 1/5/11 8:23 AM
I love getting thanked twice - Check the profiles for each - I have multiple personality disorder.

The C Man and manny.b
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. cmdr 1/5/11 8:29 AM
LOL. Thank goodness I thanked you 'both' and didn't diss one of you! :-)

Re: Gmail Account Disabled. The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 1/5/11 8:38 AM
We do get very jealous of each other and neither of us can stand living with the other five.

manny.b passed on your thanks to Guides.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. Donovan rea 1/30/11 10:20 PM
Same issue here.. Although mine may be slightly different since I tried accessing my account after moving to Japan for school . I can infer from the fact that I was able to access my account the day before my flight, that attempting to access from Japan is the likely reason for this "unusual activity". Furthermore, sms messaging is not an option because my phone doesnt work, and when i try to send the message to my moms phone in the U.S., it tells me that this country doesnt allow for sms messaging.,. or something along those lines..
I am hoping that somebody from google is reading this because so far the automated system has been useless, and I am in an environment where I rely greatly on access to my email. Sure I'm not paying for the service, but its not like google doesnt have the resources to give me some real freaking help.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 1/31/11 12:11 AM
If you do not have a phone that receives Text messages then it is possible to choose a terrestrial line and have a voice message delivered as far as I know. Other than this borrow a Japanese phone and do it from this.

Re: Gmail Account Disabled. Cadill 2/5/11 5:53 PM
I was just sending email from my gmail account to 1 person.  When I clicked send, I suddenly got "This account has been locked down due to unusual account activity. It may take up to 24 hours for you to regain access."

Now I'm locked out of my gmail account and I have no idea why.

None of the reasons given on the lockout page apply to me.  I'm not sending to a lot of people, I'm not sending spam, I'm not getting a lot of bounces, I'm not using POP, I don't have an issue with my browser reloading lots of times when trying to log in. 

I have no idea why I'm locked out but it's very disturbing.  Google, please help!

Re: Gmail Account Disabled. The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 2/5/11 6:32 PM
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. Cadill 2/5/11 6:33 PM
Thanks "The C Man".  I'll try. :)

Re: Gmail Account Disabled. Tricey 2/19/11 9:45 AM
I am having the exact same problem as cmdr did. Last evening, apparently someone attempted to hack into my email account. As as result, my email and my two blogs and has been disabled as well. At about 8:00pm last night I began receiving alerts on my cell phone asking me to re-enter my password, and I did so once. I did find it unusual though as the phone will only ask that of you if you have recently changed your password (on the computer) and have not done so as well on the phone. After I entered my password, I received the same message approximately every 15 minutes for about an hour, which I ignored. Upon my arrival at home I then decided to log onto my gmail account from my computer only to find out that my account has been disabled. I can assure you that any malfeasance or violation of google's policies with respect to this account was not my doing. I will greatly appreciate your assistance in helping me to get my email and blogs restored. I have tried filling out several reports to which they have either directed me to the help forum or they have just simply replied with a message saying that they cannot do anything since the account is disabled. I have also tried resetting my password to which I get the same response.

Please help. Thank You

Thank you for your assistance in this urgent matter.
Patrice Smith
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Re: Gmail Account Disabled. The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 2/19/11 9:54 AM

Please try the same advice as given to Cadill and come back if you cannot re-access your account.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. BoilerBri 2/19/11 11:18 AM
The C Man,

Please help,

I've been using gmail just fine this whole day and then tonight all of a sudden I can't log into my email.  It states that it has been disabled because I "violated the google terms of service"

I tried to do password recovery, but it wouldn't let me because it keeps going back to saying my account has been disabled.

The C Man, I read through your knoll blog and I have been submitting Account Recovery Forms over and over.  I get emails back saying:

Thank you for filling out the account recovery form. We know losing access to your account can be a frustrating experience and we want to help.

Unfortunately, we were unable to return your account because this account has been disabled. In most cases, accounts are disabled because of a perceived violation of either the 
GoogleTerms of Service ( or product-specific Terms of Service (links to product-specific help centers are available on each product’s homepage).

If you believe your account has been disabled in error, please visit and click “Contact us” to submit a report. Please note that we'll only reply if we can re-enable your account.

If your Google Account has been disabled and you would like to create another account, we recommend that you first read the Terms of Service.

The Google Account Recovery Team

Is this the standard email I get meaning that I should keep trying?  Is there no other way?  Please help, it literally would mean the world to me to get my account back. 

I then submitted a form at technical assistance and received this email:


Thanks for your report. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience.
For your security, we may temporarily disable access to your account if
our system detects abnormal usage. It will take between one minute and 24
hours for you to regain access, depending on the behavior our system

Abnormal usage includes, but is not limited to:

- Receiving, deleting, or popping out large amounts of mail (via POP) in a
short period of time
- Sending a large number of undeliverable messages (messages that bounce
- Using third party file-sharing or storing software, or software that
automatically logs in to your account and that is not supported by Gmail
- Multiple instances of your Gmail account opened
- Browser-related issues. Please note that if you find your browser
continually reloading while attempting to access your inbox, it is likely
a browser issue, and it may be necessary to clear your browser's cache and

If you feel that access should not have been disabled, please visit for
troubleshooting tips.


The Google Team

I'm really not sure what to do.
Please help.  Thanks.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. anyoneoutthere 2/27/11 8:01 PM
I concur with your comments. There is no way to communicate with a real person by email, voicemail, chat or phone.
I would happily pay for a live opportunity to know why my account was suddenly disabled. I have now spent 4.5 hours trying every possible solution google offers ---to no avail. All I want is my contacts and I will happily move to another service. In the last year, I have experienced unacceptable delays in sending emails, deleting emails and all other functions. It's like it was in the 90's - hit click and wait 3 minutes.
And their auto answers Do Not Cover Every Issue.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 2/27/11 8:08 PM
Google have been alerted.
Overall rating
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. mothramustardgas 2/27/11 8:23 PM
C Man, I am having the same issues as the last two posters in this thread. I even tried all the Knol steps and am unable because it says my account is disabled and not temporarily disabled. 
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. tjbunny 2/27/11 8:28 PM

Google Accounts: I'm getting a message that says 'Sorry, your account has been disabled.'

If you've been redirected to this page from the sign in page, it means that access to your Google Account has been disabled.

In most cases, accounts are disabled because of a perceived violation of either the Google Terms of Service or product-specific Terms of Service.

Google reserves the right to:

  • Suspend a Google Account from using a particular product or the entire Google Accounts system if the Terms of Service or product-specific policies are violated.
  • Terminate your account at any time, for any reason, with or without notice.

If your Google Account has been disabled, please review the relevant Terms of Service before attempting to create another account. For guidelines on a specific Google product, please visit the product homepage for a link to its Terms of Service.

If you believe your account was disabled in error, contact us.

I have done this and received no response.
I got notice that this happened when my android phone alerted me that my password wasn't working. I go to my PC and find this.
Again, I submit this form that it is wrongly disabled and received no response for hours.
I have had this account for more than 6 years and it is loaded with valuable important information. It has never been compromised before.
I just need my contacts and to backup my valuable information and my resumes and job applications! help.
Now my phone doesn't work right either since android phones insist upon google accounts.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. briamor 2/27/11 8:41 PM
I'm having the same problem as the last several posters on this thread too. I can't use my gtalk and keep being told that my gmail account has been disabled. I used gmail this morning around 11:15am 2/27/11 without any trouble. I was gone all day. Tried to access it tonight around 10:30pm and was told my account was disabled. I've never done anything to violate the service agreement, so I don't know what's going on. I'm getting more and more worried as I've read posts of people losing years of email and contracts. The gmail I cannot access is my primary email and method of communicating with people! This is really frustrating.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. tjbunny 2/27/11 8:51 PM
You are not alone:
150k gmail accounts disabled

Check status here:
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. anaooooo 2/27/11 10:49 PM
Hi there, I have the same problem. Account disabled. I have completed the form they required. I can't do any change of password or account recovery though - it doesn't work.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Re: Gmail Account Disabled. The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 2/28/11 2:45 AM

Your accounts are safe and protected by Google from harm.  It's a Google problem
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. micgall 2/28/11 6:35 AM
It's a Google Problem which started back in August 2010. I have no resolution since then. I am losing faith.
All possible interventions have been done. I do not believe for a moment that there was any issues at my end.  As the others have expressed "on one minute, dead the next".  Years of work and contacts lists gone. 
Disappointed... !  I keep checking to see if anything has changed... only see that more more people are becoming disatisfied, more people in the same situation as myself.  Remove the algorithm.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. KirasGram47 2/28/11 6:48 AM
I'm having the same problem -- -- Worked fine yesterday afternoon but disabled in the evening. I wasn't home in between. I'm sure I didn't do anything to violate the terms.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. uli777 2/28/11 7:06 AM
I accessed my account last night, checked mail, signed out and when I tried to sign back in it said:
Your account has been disabled.
I have not violated any privacy or google rules. This has been done in error, I did sent an done in error message.
I have had this account for 5-6 years and have never had a problem. Please can you assist me as soon as possible
Ullricke Meyer (uli777)
please help me, Its crucial I get this account back as its my main email account.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. bagwellk 2/28/11 8:10 AM

we may have a shred of hope....
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. sam.jain4u 2/28/11 8:30 AM
My google account got disabled. I login after 2 days today morning to find out the message: "Your account has been disabled".
I didnt do anything wrong with usage of my email.
Is my issue because of the technical problem of 150K users mentioned in news today?
Please help me resolve it.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. soupgirl23 2/28/11 11:04 AM
I got the same issue, I've sent mulitple reports and nothing, how are we suppose to know whether we're part of the 150K users that was disabled or whether it was a different problem; like linking to a new phone!
Gmail has only ever had a minuet thing in my past 6 years of service.  I've never done anythign differently, and never had any problems until this morning when all of a sudden I can't get in.  I have so much information stored within my gmail account, that to loose that information would be to loose those 6 years of my life, documents, dates, and contacts. 
I could understand temproarily disabling if they thought it was a spam account and you had to go through steps to validate the account, like facebook does, but just disabling services to users who like myself have such a substantial amount of information to loose just doesn't cut it Google!
Someone needs to find them a better solution to let their users know that their account is having difficulties and when it will be back and running.  That is just common sense in I.T.  and decent for customer service!
Google, this should be a wake up call!  If you keep having so many damn problems and have to keep shutting down your user's accounts without warning, then you need to take a serious look at what you are doing to your services with all the upgrading and figure it out or just give it a break!! Stop screwing with us!
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 2/28/11 11:17 AM

Do you mean your account has been disabled since last August?
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. rapoza.danielle 2/28/11 12:18 PM
bagwellk - thanks for posting that link. I would have never realized there was an issue going on.
Soupgirl23 - I'm wondering the same thing... how do we know if we are part of the 150K users?
I've been at it for hours now, and I'm starting to panic! I never realized how important my account was to me until I lost access to it. This is a good reminder for me to have a hard copy of everything.
Re: Gmail Account Disabled. Sarah 2/28/11 1:25 PM
Hi everyone,

There are some different problems in this thread, so I'm going to close it to minimize the confusion.

For the users who are affected by the service disruption, I'm very sorry. The service disruption began this weekend. We understand how important it is for you to access your data and we are working to resolve the service disruption as soon as possible. Many users' accounts have already been restored. I've attached some further threads on this issue below, and you can track the status of the problem here:

Please note that the service disruption is a new and different issue. For anyone who has been experiencing a problem for a longer period of time, or anyone whose problem is not resolved when the service disruption ends, please follow the help links when you try to sign into your account to file a ticket with our team.


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