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Debug icon on desktop...

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Debug icon on desktop... Deputy48 8/28/10 4:03 AM
Explain your issue in full detail here: I recently downloaded the gmail call app in IE8 using WinXP and Norton AV2010. I have windows live toolbar on IE8. Everytime I open gmail in a browser window, a Debug notepad icon appears on my desktop. WHY?

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Re: Debug icon on desktop... roddo35 8/28/10 5:41 AM
how do we eliminate this icon on desktop  I have xp
Re: Debug icon on desktop... WaterBaby 8/28/10 4:53 PM
I began experiencing this same issue after I installed the Google Talk Plug-in.  I fussed with it for a couple days ... then uninstalled the google talk plugin ... and no more "debug" icon shows on my desk top ...  Might help you ... might not ....
Re: Debug icon on desktop... Deputy48 8/28/10 5:24 PM
I just downloaded Firefox and the Google talk plug in works just fine with NO debug icon!
Re: Debug icon on desktop... Dougal 1 9/7/10 3:46 AM
Many thanks WaterBaby, as you advice I unistalled Google Talk Plug In. Problem solved.
Once again Thank You.
Dougal 1
Re: Debug icon on desktop... msachetta 10/4/10 11:34 AM
I found that all I had to do was make the debug file into a hidden file and it stopped reappearing everytime I opened igoogle or gmail. You can do this by right clicking on the debug file and going into "Properties." At the bottom of the dialog box, just check the box that says "Hidden" and then click "Apply". It may stay on your desktop for a few minutes as a transparent icon but it will disappear completely once the Desktop refreshes itself. This solution is definitely more convenient that having to un-install Google Talk...especially if you intended to continue using that feature. Hope this helps.
Re: Debug icon on desktop... Rygin 11/30/10 11:36 AM
If you right click the debug icon, and go down to properties and put a check mark in attributes to hidden then the icon will disappear and you won't see it again.  Once you close out your browser, you can delete the log and it wont appear again.
Re: Debug icon on desktop... Scorpiowandering 12/25/10 4:20 PM
I don't want to hidden debug I want it gone for good!