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Parse error GE Gango 7/8/09 4:34 AM

I have a 33 MB my places Google Earth KML file which I can not open
anymore since my Windows Vista Ultime 64 Bit OS went unexpectectly
into hibernation mode. I had to completely switch off the PC, even disconnect
it from power to make it come alive again. Apparently a known bug for this
"great" Microsoft OS as I learned afterwards!

The file has been renamed as myplaces.broken-30-6-2009 probably by GE.

When I fire up GE and try to load the above mentioned file following
error message appears:

Parse error at line 757235, column 0:

not well-formed (invalid token)

Can somebody help me / teach me how to fix this ??!!

In the meantime I managed to open the file with a text editor.

Now how do I find line 757235 and for what do I have to look for..??

Many thanks in advance!
Re: Parse error barryhunter 7/8/09 10:22 AM
Debugging things like this is rather an Art Form, so its kinda like asking someone you teach you to paint a portrait by email.

However can perhaps get you going (draw a stick figure???), if it something simple.

BEFORE you do any attempt at repairing the file - make a backup of it!

First see if you the text editor you have has a jump to line function, if you dont find it in the Edit or Search menu pretty quickly then guess not. Recommend - the trial version will do.

And use that to jump to line 757235, (eg press CTRL -G and enter the number) 

That should take you to a a block of XML text. It should look something like <Placemark><name> and see if anything jumps out at you. The tags should generally match. And there shouldnt be any non normal charactors (things like chinese looking chars are not really meant ot be there)

However it shoulds like the file might end there. If so, you might be out of luck and lost the rest of the file. Unless you have an older backup probably not a lot to be done.

Someone versed in KML might be able to help you, but they will need to actully see the file, but sending someone a 33Mb file is possibly not trivial (but there are plenty of filesharing apps that could be used)

(apologies if you are a painter! ;p )
Re: Parse error LuciaM 7/8/09 10:27 AM
Try posting the question in the kml developer's group:
That forum has the ability to accept file uploads in its 'File' section, but I do not know if there is a size limitation.
Maybe someone will take a look at it for you.
I use the java-based jedit to edit kml files; you can read about downloading it and the appropriate plugins here:
I don't use the 'validate as you go' feature because it sometimes reacts to styles issues which do not prevent files from loading but once you set it up correctly, it
will report fatal errors after you parse the file within jedit. It has a line number counter as well.
Re: Parse error GE Gango 7/10/09 9:33 AM
@ barryhunter

Thanks for your quick reply. Using the standard Microsoft Editor I was able to find the jump to line function. When I type in 757235 it gives me an error message: (Translated from German) line out of range.
I click ok and the jump to line function changes to a value of 34146. I tried it several times with the same result. It then jumps to the very end of the file (apparently 34146). So where the heck is 757235..???
The most recent back up file is only half the size with 16'383 KB - Interestingly one line in the myplaces kml file represents exactly 1 KB. For this file it shows 16379 Lines. 34146 for the one being 34'163 KB!
One more thing - when the file is opened with the Text Editor roughly 2/3 of the file is filled with codes and 1/3 is just empty space no matter how you resize it.
So how do we proceed from here? I do not necessarily want to send the file around.
Before I forget it - don't worry I am not a painter! ;-)