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Windows 7 Problems

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Windows 7 Problems paulv4 11/1/09 3:06 PM
Google Earth 5 runs correctly in DirectX mode using Windows 7 RC Ultimate.

When I install the purchased version of Windows 7  Professional, Google Earth will cause the screen to flash and go to a BSOD.  I did a fresh install of Windows 7, with no other software running, and the same problem occurred.

Since Windows 7 is so new, I wonder if anyone else has run into this.
Re: Windows 7 Problems ws2000 11/3/09 2:21 PM
I got the same results with GE 5.1 except it also blew away my logical D Drive.  I cannot access or format the partition in Disk manager.  Never see that happen before....just love new software.
Re: Windows 7 Problems kennyjimno 11/15/09 7:34 PM
Yup,  I have the same Issue W7 ultimate full release. My PC flashed three to for blank scrren have to restart everytime
Re: Windows 7 Problems paulv4 11/16/09 4:23 AM
Installed a new video card.  That took care of the problem.  My card was about 5 years old.
Re: Windows 7 Problems smarty8 11/16/09 9:57 AM
I got the same results with win7 Ultimate RTM and why i must change my old video card.  On Win7 RC i haven't  this problem.
Re: Windows 7 Problems Ritesh1001 11/16/09 10:24 AM
I guess the old cards are causing problems !!
Re: Windows 7 Problems tilsonpa 11/20/09 9:11 AM
Same problem. It ran correctly in DirectX mode using Windows 7 RC Ultimate, but with the purchased version of Windows 7  Professional, screen goes black and hangs. I have to power off and power on to restart. I noticed that Windows 7 has Directx version 11 installed, but when I run Google Earth, it says "do you want to run with Directx 9?". Maybe this is the problem, but I don't know how to notify anybody, and it probably wouldn't help. By the way, I thought Windows 7 wouldn't let anything hang my PC. Microsoft will never get it right.
Re: Windows 7 Problems swordie 11/23/09 10:38 PM
Edit I had nothing but grief with the latest beta build of google earth, it would become unstable and then cause the dreaded blue screen of death.
I got arond the problem by removing all traces of this build, and then installing a previous build.
I have been using that build with no problems what-so-ever, just do not upgrade to present build until google sort out a specfic build designed to run under 64 bit window 7.

The build I am currently using is 5.0.11733.9347
build date May5, 2009
Renderer DirectX9
I hope this will help
Re: Windows 7 Problems camppy 11/28/09 8:25 AM
Looks like most folks are having trouble RUNNING GE in W7...heck- I can't even INSTALL it! error code 0x80040508
Re: Windows 7 Problems Ritesh1001 11/29/09 7:34 AM
Do you have any firewalls or anti-spyware/anti-malware installed?
Re: Windows 7 Problems tilsonpa 12/6/09 4:53 AM
Thanks swordie. Your suggestion fixed my problem. For everyone else, when you go to the download for Google Earth, there is an option to download version 5.1 or 5.0. I selected 5.0 and it solved my problem.
Re: Windows 7 Problems downtick 12/21/09 6:56 PM
Yea swordie, i went down to 5.0 from the buggy 5.1 and all is good now..forget 5.1 if you have problems, just crashing is fixed, in open GL mode.
Re: Windows 7 Problems nugge 12/22/09 2:43 AM
Apparently this destroyed one of my drives in my Raid1 backup array. God dammit. Google. wtf.
Re: Windows 7 Problems drizzly 1/7/10 9:09 PM
I know how to make it work with directx! When Google Earth starts up, zoom in really quickly and make sure you don't zoom out to the point that you can see the whole globe. I would use it OpenGL, but it is very slow with my card for any reason.
Re: Windows 7 Problems expertlearner 2/9/10 4:58 PM
I'm following the Google Earth recomendation to download and install Directx 9.0c. Let see what happen...