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Google Earth installing itself

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Google Earth installing itself FifteenHours 11/18/11 10:23 AM
I've noticed a few threads related to this issue, but did not want to hijack anyone's thread.

Today, my wife noticed that Google Earth was sitting on the desktop, and asked me why I had been using it.  I haven't used it in a very long time, and that was on previous rigs.  Upon further inspection I found that Google Earth installed itself "‎Yesterday, ‎November ‎17, ‎2011, ‏‎8:27:29 AM".  After checking my history and such, I found that it happened after I closed Chrome, and decided to go play some games.  I never received any sort of notification or anything.  It was just simply there suddenly.  When I try to uninstall it, Windows UAC asks if the following program can run: Windows\Installer\e1ec8.msi from an Unknown publisher.  Being wary I decided not to allow it any further access.

Overall I'm sure that it's purely benign, but I really don't feel comfortable messing with it without knowing for sure.  I have nothing against Google Earth personally, but I REALLY don't like the fact that it just decided to install itself without permission or even without notifying me that it would do so.

As a note I have the following Google software installed:
Google Apps
Google Chrome
Google Earth (once again, w/o permission)
Google Updater

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 if that helps at all.

Re: Google Earth installing itself barryhunter 11/18/11 10:38 AM
Are you saying that definitly you've never knowingly installed Gogole Earth on this computer? (even a long time ago)

Re: Google Earth installing itself barryhunter 11/18/11 10:44 AM
You mention having Google Chrome. Do you remember how it was installed?

Did you install the standalone version - ie just chrome. 

Or was it part of "Google Pack" - a suite of software from various providers - included both Chrome and Earth

Or even was it via the Google Earth site, which a bundle of GE and Chrome. 

(as you say there are a few threads, so something is going on, but to track it down, need to find a pattern) 

Re: Google Earth installing itself FifteenHours 11/18/11 11:19 AM
On this rig I did not install Google Earth separately.  Now, I do not 100% recall if Chrome was installed as part of a pack or not, but either way Google Earth was not on the rig before yesterday and it suddenly is now.  Plus I've had Chrome on here since day one of building my new rig, which was back in February.  Why Google Earth would suddenly choose now to install itself seems odd to me.

I honestly don't really mind too much about having Google Earth installed on my rig, I just am very uncomfortable with things installing themselves without my knowledge.

However, I now have a theory based on what you asked.  I'm curious if Google Earth "installing" itself, is just Google Earth updating itself.  If by some chance it was part of some pack, and I just missed it before, then it's just a series of unfortunate coincidences.  Say it was installed with Chrome back in February, and i just forgot to uncheck it on the install options list.  I would not know that I had installed it, which is my own fault.  However, then one cold November morning Google Earth decides to automatically update.  Perfectly fine and dandy, however since I didn't realize it was there before, and it's suddenly on my desktop, in the top section of my start menu, and is listed as being installed, accessed, and modified at the same exact date and time, when I'm not doing anything with said program, it looks extraordinarily suspicious.

I guess what I'm saying is that perhaps it is my own mistake and I simply forgot to uncheck a box.  In which case too perhaps that is what is happening to everyone else as well.  It just looks suspicious because it says it was "installed" as opposed to "updated".  I honestly am now left simply wondering if this is just user error on not only my part, but everyone else having this "issue", or if it is some legitimate problem.
Re: Google Earth installing itself Punchinello 11/19/11 6:04 AM
I'll post this in any related threads I find in an effort to help provide information for this problem...

I arrived home yesterday afternoon (11/18/2011) to find that Google Earth had installed itself on my Windows 7 64-bit system. I keep no application icons on my desktop and there was suddenly a Google Earth icon. Furthermore, Google Earth was showing as a newly installed application in my programs list.

Google Earth may have been previously installed on this PC at some point. I cannot recall for certain.
The version that installed itself is Install date is 11/18/2011.
This is a Windows domain member PC and the desktop was locked during the installation.

The following Google applications are installed by me on this PC:
Google Chrome as my default web browser.
Google Apps Migration
Google Apps Sync for Outlook
Google Chrome Frame
Google Talk Plugin.
I do not have Google Toolbar installed.
Re: Google Earth installing itself eRadicant 11/19/11 2:26 PM
Same thing happened to me. Google Earth installed itself. I am running Windows 7 64-bit and I noticed the desktop shortcut this morning.
I don't even have any other windows applications installed. I am hoping there is a good reason for this.
Re: Google Earth installing itself eRadicant 11/19/11 2:32 PM
I mean Google applications
Re: Google Earth installing itself Necstasy 11/20/11 7:08 PM
Just had the same thing happen today.  Google Earth installed itself on my Windows 7 64-bit machine.  I recently used Google Chrome as I was having some issues with a site in IE.  I probably had installed Earth a couple of years back but haven't used it and it's very scary to all of a sudden have it install new and place an icon on your desktop without any intervention. ??????
Re: Google Earth installing itself Snaxx 11/20/11 7:45 PM
Same thing just happened now. I woke my computer up from sleep, opened chrome, and something caught my eye on my desktop. Google Earth appeared on my very barren desktop out of the blue. I am really uncomfortable about this. I know PC privacy & control is gone these days but this is a bit blatant for my liking.
Re: Google Earth installing itself techzt 11/21/11 6:06 AM
Yeah this is pretty bad. I really hope Google has a formal explanation for this.
Re: Google Earth installing itself grezes71 11/21/11 10:50 AM
Same here.  Google Earth was installed on my laptop and desktop without my permission.  I use Chrome as my browser.  I guess Google Earth is vital component to Chrome now.  Anyway, uninstall and move on.
Re: Google Earth installing itself gdio 11/21/11 11:46 AM
Same thing happened to me.  It installed itself on 11/17.  Don't normally use Chrome but believe I did run it once or twice recently.  I probably did install Google Earth once a couple years ago but havent used it in almost as long.  I believe this same phenomenon - it installing itself - happened once before, about a year ago.  I uninstalled it no problem.
Re: Google Earth installing itself 'Geo Mark' 11/21/11 12:19 PM
Hi everyone,

For the sake of reaching everyone who has posted on this thread, I'm repeating a post on another thread addressing this problem:

After looking into this issue a bit more, it's likely that what you are experiencing is related to a recent bug fix -- allow me to clarify: 

Recent versions of Google Earth have been affected by a bug that prevented Google Earth from appearing on a user's desktop (or in the applications folder) after installation. A fix for this bug (which restores the icon and the shortcut) rolled out in the most recent release and auto-update for Google Earth.

If, in the past, someone has tried to install Google Earth on your machine (or you installed Google Pack), it is likely that the auto-updater pulled down the most recent version of Google Earth, complete with the aforementioned fix. This auto-update would make it appear Google Earth had just been magically auto-installed. To clarify, Google did NOT push an automatic installation out of the blue. The Google Earth icon appears if and only if someone has installed Google Earth at some point in the past, either via direct download or a software package.

Of course, we realize that many of you are don't like the idea of software auto-updating on your machines/networks. We completely understand this, and for that reason we provide installers which allow network admins to install Google Earth without the auto-update.

To remove Google Earth completely, please follow the un-install directions in the thread below. If, after un-installing, you would like to install a version of Google Earth that does not auto-update, please use the second link and click on the "advanced setup" option.

Our apologies for the confusion and frustration that has stemmed from this problem; we take security VERY seriously and we want you to fully understand what is happening here. 


Re: Google Earth installing itself Faldian 11/21/11 1:00 PM
"The Google Earth icon appears if and only if someone has installed Google Earth at some point in the past, either via direct download or a software package."

I'm 100% certain that I haven't tried to install Google Earth or Google Pack on this computer before but the icon was still on my desktop. Anyone else in a similar situation?
Re: Google Earth installing itself paintingthesun 11/21/11 1:57 PM
I restored my system to a few weeks back after I noticed this issue this morning. The 'bug fix' was reverted. What I'd like to know is why when I checked the properties it said it was created today? It showed up highlighted as a new installation. If it was essentially just an update why didn't it just say that? For the 'bug fix' to bypass my security asking me if I will allow access (even if Google Earth is set to auto update) seems suspicious to me. I don't recall having Google Earth on my machine prior to today but I can see in my programs it indeed says it was installed this past June.

I'm glad for your explanation Mark but feel something still doesn't seem right.
Re: Google Earth installing itself 'Geo Mark' 11/21/11 2:33 PM
To address paintingthesun,

If you restored your system to a few weeks back, you could experience the sudden reappearance of Google Earth again the next time the auto-updater checks with the server for updates. Even if you are skeptical of my explanation, I'd encourage you to completely uninstall Google Earth as described in the link above to avoid further recurrences.

Re: Google Earth installing itself MassimoG 11/22/11 7:04 AM
The same happened to me today. No Google app installed in my pc.. suddently I found Google Earth icon on my desktop :(
Re: Google Earth installing itself Goodman854 11/26/11 7:43 AM
Happened to me as well and I know why.

GoogleUpdate.exe which so lovingly likes to run in my processes decided to install google earth for no apparent reason with out me asking. Regardless I just uninstalled no big deal and I went in msconfig and turned off google update. Remember tho if you use firefox google has a plugin it adds to fire fox to make googleupdate.exe run again so go into Firefox Addons to disable that plugin. Thanks google -_-

Never force install software on my pc again thanks.
Re: Google Earth installing itself bbanks 11/30/11 6:28 AM
The only thing I have ever installed on this computer from Google was Google toolbar and Google Chrome, both seperately and neither were part of a pack.