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Can't download Google Earth

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Can't download Google Earth MCG65 5/23/10 8:00 AM
I can't download Google Earth. I have tried the advanced download link (with the "Agree and Download" button) but that doesn't work either.

I am using Google Chrome
Re: Can't download Google Earth Noisette 5/24/10 1:23 PM
Did you uncheck "Allow Google Earth to automatically install recommended updates" on the advanced set up page?  What happens when you try to download?  Do you get an error message?  Try the link on this page instead:

Re: Can't download Google Earth MCG65 5/26/10 5:43 AM
Thanks for the links, at last I can download Google Earth!!

To answer your question, what was happening when I tried to download from the regular Download page was nothing at all. Clicking on the "Agree and Download" button did nothing whatsoever. And like I say - this was with Google Chrome.